Holiday packing always starts out with the very best of intentions, yet it somehow always ends with you chucking in clothes you haven’t worn in years (and most likely never intend to). The outcome? Luggage that resembles one of Sports Direct’s ‘clearance sales’. In short: it’s utter chaos.

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Packing light is essential for any globetrotter committed to making life easier during the hectic times of travelling. With well-organised, light luggage, you can chase down that airport bus as it unapologetically leaves on time. You can squeeze in an overloaded train as it departs to the next village in Thailand.

By following these PhD-level packing steps, you can shed some size and weight – saving your spine (and your sanity)…

Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo

Is there anyone better to keep in mind when you’re packing than queen of all things organisation – Marie Kondo? Folding and rolling (in a Kondo style of way) will reduce your clothes to their smallest possible size.

Generally speaking, if your clothes take up more than a third of your space, you’re probably over-packing. Leave behind the rest. Tough decisions on your bedroom floor will pay off on the road.

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Remember The World Isn’t THAT Savage

No matter where you’re heading, it turns out that most cultures have got to grips with how to wash clothes. Whether it’s a local dry cleaners, a lady round the corner or the hotel’s laundry service, clean undies are just a couple of hours wait away.

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The Rule Of Three

Three tops. Three socks. Three undies. It’s a trilogy when it comes to packing the essentials. You wear one, while you wash one, while you dry one. Two pairs of pants, one shorts and a skirt should do.

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Don’t Play The ‘What If’ Game

The unknown of travelling makes us all want to bring a whole host of familiar items that’ll be handy, just in case. But on the very small chance you might need it, you’ll probably be able to buy it or borrow it – especially if you’re travelling on the continent.

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The Two Day Rule

One of the best techniques for preventing that HEAVY sticker getting slapped on your suitcase (and the hefty price tag that comes with it) is a cooling off period. Instead of packing your things the night before your flight, start two days before and revisit it the next day. You’ll realise that those 4 inch heels you bagged in the Topshop sale last year need to be shipped off to the charity shop, not the beach.

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