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Red Carpet Beauty Prep That Celebrities Swear By

Before these A-listers hit the red carpet, they go through a LOT of preparation to reach the level of jaw-dropping glam that has us seething with jealousy…

Of course, they have the best makeup artists in the world at their disposal! Want to know how the magic happens? We’ve put together a list of some top tips from our favourite celebrities on how to achieve that ‘red carpet ready’ look.

1. The HydraFacial

 Image Source: /Today Show

Having good skin is a ultimate must in prep for a glam night on the red carpet. Actresses Kate Winslet and Amy Poehler recommend the ‘HydraFacial’ for getting that perfect glow. According to dermatologist Arash Akhavan,

‘This treatment is a four-step process, which starts with a deep exfoliator to rd the face of full, dead skin cells. Following this, two light chemical peels are used followed by an extraction portion. The chemical peels help dry out any active acne, minimize pores, help skin discoloration, smooth fine lines, and more, while the extraction portion helps remove build up from past products from the pores to help you start fresh and clean!’

2. ‘Sweat Effect Transparent Jelly’ Over Classic Highlighter

Image Source: /Hello Magazine

Reality queen Kim Kardashian is best known for her signature ‘contoured’ look and highlighted features. Her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic shared the secret behind Kim’s striking glow.

Apparently, the artist uses a Beautyblender to tap ‘Sweat Effect Transparent Jelly’ by Kryolan over a classic highlighter. He said that this achieves:

‘the kind of glow that looks really beautiful on the red carpet and in photos, because it looks, truly, like it’s skin – there’s no chunkiness or glitters.’

3. Diaper rash cream to bring down redness and eye bags

Image Source: /The Knot News

This is a bit of weird one but model Hailey Bieber recommends an unusual way to keep your skin baby smooth…quite literally!

She says:

‘I have found that diaper rash cream is a great thing for bringing down redness and healing. If you think about what it’s actually used for, which is red, bumpy skin, it’s essentially the same thing. Diaper rash cream is great for under-eye bags, too.’

4. Hydrating lip mask

Image Source: /Instagram @rachelgoodwinmakeup

Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone shows the not so pretty side of red carpet prep. The things we women do to look good! One big no no when you’re in front of the paps is having terrible chapped lips.

Emma’s makeup artist and BFF Rachel Goodwin recommends the Korean skincare lip mask to get the lips smooth, hydrated and ready to smile at the cameras!

5. Urban Decay All Night Long-Lasting Setting Spray

Image Source: /HawtCelebs

Stars always have their trusty makeup artists on hand to touch-up their makeup when needed but the use of a mattifying setting spray helps increase the longevity of that fresh glow!

Keke Palmer’s makeup artist Eugene Williams recommends Urban Decay’s ‘All Night Long-Lasting Setting Spray’ to keep foundation looking smooth and banish creases.