What Causes The Breakouts On Different Parts Of Your Face

Ever wonder if those spots that somehow always occur on the exact same position on your face are due to factors other than forgetting to take your foundation off the other night? Surely your skin can’t be that ruthless, can it?!

Well, according to the ancient art of face mapping, blemishes run more than just skin deep. The Chinese medicinal concept suggests that spot sufferers can identify the cause of their pimples by their position on their face.

Image Source/The Whoot

Essentially facial reflexology, in a similar way to feet and hands, face mapping proposes that different areas of our profile can lend us vital information about our internal health.

You know what this means, right?! No amount of cleansing, exfoliating, toning or moisturising will get rid of those stubborn chin spots. Great – we might as well give up now, right?

Not exactly. With face mapping, we can work out what’s going wrong in our bodies and causing us to breakout – and (hopefully) fix it…

So, let’s get decoding those pimples. One spot at a time…

Spots On The Chin

Dealing with periods can be bad enough, so the spotty aftermath can feel like metaphorically rubbing salt in your wounds; it’s super annoying.

But chin up (so to speak), there are very few women who don’t get a pimple (or five!) when it comes to their time of the month.

Image Source/Cosmo

It’s not good news, ladies. While patience is key (basically there’s nothing you can do about it…), we can’t promise they won’t come back again next month. Grrr…

Spots On The Forehead

Feel like your forehead is set to explode with pimples the day after a big night out? Apparently, alcohol (one too many Jägerbombs), red meat (that post-night doner kebab) and saturated fats (your hangover binge) could be the cause of your pesky pimples.