‘Don’t f*** with the Peaky Blinders.’

The gritty historical drama set in Birmingham during the aftermath of World War 1 captures the essence of 1920s Britain in all its glory: Peaky Blinders explores the life of the Shelby crime family with Cillian Murphy starring as Tommy Shelby, the gang leader.

After gaining a violent reputation, the gang are investigated by Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (Sam Neill) who aims to rid the streets of criminals.

The cast are notorious for their iconic fashion choices and we’ve compiled a selection of some of the best 1920s’ looks. Who knows? Maybe the tweed caps will come back into style!

1. Tommy Shelby’s Tweed Suits

Tommy Shelby’s dapper look is always on point. He’s a big fan of tweed, usually rocking a three piece suit and waistcoat. The interesting thing about Tommy’s fashion sense is that it definitely doesn’t follow convention.

The costume designers mixed together heavier wool suits with single cuff, detachable collar suits commonly worn by businessmen. This underlined the fact that the gangsters didn’t want to fit in with the upper class but still used their looks to gain status.

Image Source: /Gentleman’s Gazette

2. Arthur Shelby’s Bow Tie

Tommy’s older brother Arthur sometimes like to replace a standard tie for a bright bow tie. Arthur reinforces the statement that ‘bow ties are cool’.

Image Source: /Gentleman’s Gazette

3. Polly Gray’s Fur-Edged Coats

The badass matriarch of the show – Polly Gray – always looks effortlessly chic. She likes to wear a good suit for her business trips, including her infamous pinstripe suit with the polka dot scarf. We are in love with her fur-edged coats and hat combo!

Image Source: /Pinterest

4. The Shelbys’ Wedding Suits

The Shelby men looked professional and slick in colour-co-ordinated navy suits. This time, they decide to follow convention and sport a smart tie.

Image Source: /Pinterest

5. Tommy’s Trench Coat

You know Tommy means business when he walks in wearing THE trench coat. It adds a dramatic flair to every entrance and we can’t help but get the chills every time we see it.

We get chills every time we see Cillian Murphy in general, let’s be honest…

Image Source: /Screenrant

6. Grace The Detective

Grace is already a typical English rose and natural beauty. Still, when she’s not dressed up in fancy gowns, she absolutely kills the undercover look. Her not so inconspicuous style with the brimmed hats and tweed coat make her look like a force to be reckoned with.

Image Source: /What’s On Tv

7. The Women Of Birmingham

The women in Peaky Blinders are just as tough (if not tougher) than the men and we absolutely love it! The girl power is strong with this lot as they fight for their rights. The trench coats and cloche hats epitomise fashion of the early 1900s.

Image Source: /Wordpress @jonrossiterblog

The Shelby gang will be back on our screens for a fifth season, premiering on BBC 1 on 25th August 9pm. Don’t miss it!