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When you first hold your little one, you have no idea how you will ever take care of them but eventually, after lots of testing moments, you get the hang of this whole parenting thing. Woooo!

Then before you know it, they’re six months old and they’re ready to start eating actual human food and you have no idea what to give them without harming them and the whole cycle of worry starts again. Not so woooo…

There is so much information on the internet it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is actually good for your child. We have scoured the internet and have discovered what the best foods are for weaning your baby…

A baby in a highchair eat food with its fingersImage Source/ GoodtoKnow

Everyone has an opinion about what is best for young children – even that lady on the bus whose input you didn’t ask for – but it’s important to remember that every child is different. Something will work for one and not another, one child will like *insert food* whereas another will scream at the sight of it.

It does not mean that you are a bad parent:

You simply need to discover what is right for YOUR child.

It might take a little longer than you want – like getting out of the house each morning – but you’ll get there eventually.

Foods to wean your child:

Mashed root vegetables

Vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and sweet potatoes cooked in non-salted water until soft are a good starting block for your child.

They can be mashed into a pur̩e or even eaten as finger food Рtry both and see which your child prefers!

an array of root vegetables

Image Source/ Sunkissed Kitchen

Fromage frais

The rule of no cow, goat or sheep milk as a baby’s main drink until their first birthday still stands. However, a baby still needs a full range of vitamins and nutrients so certain dairy products can benefit your child.

Just remember to get the no added sugar options.

A bowl of fromage frais

Image Source/ Healthy Food Guide

Soft fruits

Apples, pears, peaches, bananas and melons are perfect for babies. If the fruit seems a bit hard and crunchy, try poaching the fruit in plain water to make it a little softer and easier to eat. Like the root vegetables, they can also be puréed if easier.


Image Source/ The Kitchn

Baby rice

Baby rice is normal rice blended to an ultra fine consistency; usually it has extra vitamins and minerals added to it such as iron or zinc. It is easily digested – even for small bellies – making it perfect for young children.

a bowl of baby rice

Image Source/ Archana’s Kitchen

Lentils and pulses

Mashed or puréed lentils, chickpeas, split peas or other varieties of pulses can be a good way to introduce your baby to more savoury foods (which can help them be less fussy in the long run!).

You could even try adding peas, spinach or another more intensely flavoured vegetables to help introduce your child to different flavours.

wide range of lentils and pulses

Image Source/ Consumer Reports