It’s the thought that counts, right?

Well, it should be anyway, when it comes to the gift-sharing business. A lot of the time, though, it’s easy to judge people on the amount they might have spent on your gift (a pair of socks from your significant other doesn’t really compare to a Pandora bracelet, does it?) but we shouldn’t think that way – they might have putĀ a lotĀ of thought into those socks, after all.

Switching instead to unique, handmade gifts eradicates the need to worry over the price tag. Spending time and effort on making something yourself for someone you care about is priceless in the amount of joy you’re bound to see on their face (hopefully).

Here’s some ideas for some great handmade gifts (and get practising, as Christmas will be here before you know it…)

Image source / Verdict

Hand Painted Mugs

Everybody loves a good mug, am I right? You can never have enough of them. Buy a large, white mug and get yourself some craft paints or coloured pens and go crazy. Personalise it with their name (or your name, so they can constantly be reminded of the person who made it) or get practising your nice little doodles. Best of all, you can feel so proud when you go round for a coffee and see which mugs they’re choosing!

Image source / Art

Message Board Picture Frame

We all love a good inspirational quote somewhere in our home, and now you can inspire your loved ones, too! You can easily find a variety of old, funky picture frames, whatever size you like – even paint them a certain colour if you’re feeling particularly generous that day – and use twine or string to drape across the middle and hang your letters on to. You can either draw/paint letters on to paper and attach them to the string, or use tags or bunting. Let the letters spell out something magical and you’re good to go.

For extra points, use pegs so they can re-shuffle the letters!

Image source / Pinterest

Painted Bottles

Grab yourself an old glass bottle – preferably transparent with no design on it, instead of that old stained wine bottle you finished off last night – and decorate it however you please. Paint it in bright, floral colours to be used as a vase, or paint it in their favourite colour so they can use it as a quirky ornament. So many designs, so little time – and recycling at its best!

Image source / Pinterest

Homemade Cushion Covers

You can buy a blank, plain cushion cover (and the insert to go with it if you want to complete the set) and get yourself some fabric paint, and maybe some YouTube videos on how best to paint fabric if you aren’t feeling particularly well-skilled.

You could adorn the front with the person’s favourite flower, maybe an inspirational quote, ‘HOME’ in capitals (always a safe option) or maybe a significant date like their wedding day <3

Everyone loves a cushion – especially a homemade one!

Image source / Snapdeal