Top Locations For Girls' Weekends - Femanin

Grab your weekenders and Prosecco ladies – we’re going on a trip!

Some girly you-time is crucial to keep sane, let’s be honest. A girls weekend is in a different league to any other holiday – and that’s because it’s just the best, isn’t it?

Whether it’s partying, pampering, preening – or all of the above – where you choose to spend your blessed weekend of freedom is on the top of the priority list, and can make or break your guy-free getaway.

So get ready to take notes, because we’re hitting you up with some of the best destinations for your girly weekend! 

Image source / The Captain Farris House

London, England

A city capital is always a winner when it comes to a weekend getaway, but London is one of the best (Long Live the Queen). A weekend away in London will see you spoilt for choice over spa and beauty treatments – and spoilt during them – and all the facials, manicures, pedicures and self-love treatment your heart desires.

Couple this with fancy brunches, glasses of fizz, afternoon tea (which can transform into evening booze), and lots of fancy shops to visit while you’re working off a hangover. Not to mention the awesome sight-seeing opportunities. Ah, pure bliss.

Image source / Visit Britain

Dublin, Ireland

No, ladies, Dublin wasn’t made just for pint-downing, rowdy Stag-dos. It was made for women, too. Dublin is full of history and charm, with cobbled streets and a great array of pubs and sights to keep you busy. If ale happens to be your thing, take a tour around the Guinness Storehouse – if ale isn’t your thing, do it anyway, because it’s a great experience!

You can grab spectacular views of the city from the Gravity Bar, and take a stroll around the lush green parks and stop off for some boutique shopping.

Image source / Lonely Planet

Tröllaskagi, Iceland

Now, which bunch of girls wouldn’t want to see the glorious Northern Lights above their heads? A long weekend in Iceland will open a world of beauty, relaxation and pure bliss wherever you go, but Tröllaskagi (you’ll have to practice pronouncing that one after a few proseccos) is perfectly placed to catch the Aurora Borealis. You and the girls can grab a remote lodge all to yourselves, and take a dip in a nearby geothermal pool. Your food will come with the best, locally-sourced ingredients and you’ll always find a yoga room or spa. If that doesn’t scream relaxation, I don’t know what does.

Don’t worry – if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, there are lots of cool activities to do, like riding a huge snow bike across spectacular scenery. Girl power.

Image source / Iceland 24 Blog 

Toulouse, France

If you girls are easily distracted and need to be kept busy, why not try a crafty experience in Toulouse? There’s great opportunities for jewellery-making classes here, so you and the girls can have a little friendly competition over who can make the best necklace (just don’t be disappointed if someone wraps up theirs as your next Christmas present). It’s not even a cheesy, few-hour experience – the people of Toulouse offer an incredible experience based in their best locations and workshops.

Toulouse is also filled with rolling country side, farmhouses, history and fantastic cuisine. It’s also known as The Pink City due to the colour of its terracota bricks. So how could you not say OUI to this?

Image source / iKEN

Happy holiday!