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Where Can You Find The Cheapest Holidays?

It’s that time of year where all your friends are posting sunset pics on Instagram of their trip to a remote island in Thailand. And even though you’ve been best friends with them for five years, you’re seriously considering blocking them on all forms of social media.

Jealousy does not become you.

Meanwhile, we’re sat in the office, typing passive aggressive emails to Dave who STILL hasn’t sent over that briefing. Cheers, Dave. Regards.

In between scowling at Instagram and sending furious emails, we spend our time trying to find cheap holidays that we can pay for with the pennies in our bank.

Luckily for you, we’ve been doing the exact same thing – so, here are the places you need to visit to find the cheapest holidays.

Where can you find the cheapest holidays?

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#1 Google Flights

If you’re solely looking for flights then Google Flights is your best bet at finding the cheapest option.

Simply pop in your destination and airport you want to fly from and the different options will pop right up; cheapest first.

You can even peruse the calendar by month to find when the cheapest time of the month is to fly.

Or if you live near several airports/ haven’t fully decided on a destination, you can add multiple places to compare prices for. Sorted.

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#2 AirBnB

If you’re looking for cheap accommodation but still want a place of your own then AirBnB is the route to go down.

Type in your destination, dates and number of guests and you can narrow down your search to places where you can have the entire home to yourself.

Alternatively, if you’re heading there solo and are apprehensive about travelling alone, you can rent a spare room for your stay.

A map will show you where the location of the Airbnb is and you’ll have all the details about amenities as if you were booking for a stay at a hotel (but for a fraction of the price).

AirBnB - cheap holidays

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If you still don’t fancy staying in someone else’s gaff but don’t want to blow your budget then is the place for you.

After typing in your destination, you can choose from a variety of hotels, hostels, apartments and villas.

You can then narrow down your search by filtering down the location, rating, facilities and most importantly, price.

Different website tend to give you different rates for the same price. Normally, will give you the cheapest price of all the sites. - where can you find cheap holidays

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If you can be flexible with dates, is the one for you.

Simply pop in where you’re available to fly from, the amount of people and let inspiration hit you.

You can, of course, pop in a destination if you have somewhere in mind or narrow date you dates. But if you need ideas of places to go, let the site do its job.

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