It’s rare you come across someone without an Insta account these days. If they’re not posting on the gram regularly, or putting one too many stories up, then they’re at least scrolling for miles through their feeds.

We’re all (as much as I hate to say it) OBSESSED. Then there are those who are just next level, whose lives are literally dedicated to the app. It seems nowadays to be successful, you have to be some kind of Instagram ‘influencer’.

If you’ve got the bug, then you’ll understand just how many takes before you finally get ‘the shot’. Everything from lighting, to backdrop, to angles, to your ‘theme’ has to be considered- it really is a skill.

One thing that makes the Insta- game that bit easier is a holiday- a new location to mix things up. You’re guaranteed some beautiful scenic shots when you’re exploring, but why not start with your accommodation?

We’ve found some of the most Insta-worthy spots available on Airbnb for you to really up your Insta-game…

1. Bubble Dome in Ancient Woodland – Fermanagh, United Kingdom

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Do you feel like you want to be at one with nature but aren’t a fan of the creepy crawlies? Well, you can get the benefit of the outdoors without the stress if you choose to stay at this super cute 180 degree dome located in the Ancient woodland of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.

The domes include: ensuite bathrooms, fluffy robes and slippers, Nespresso coffee machines and a daily breakfast. You can watch the stars from the comfort of your bed. Sounds like a dream…

2. The Boat House – New South Wales, Australia

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Like something out of a romantic novel, The Boat House in Australia is the perfect spot to unwind with a good book. Located in Sydney in the New South Wales, the Boat House is a deep, waterfront cabin that comes with a cosy loft to. Ideal for couples, the secluded spot is great for picnics and relaxing.

3. Willow Treehouse – New York, USA

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The Willow Treehouse is an escape to a fantasy land; located just 15 mins from the town of Woodstock. Perfectly quiet and cozy, you can have your very own woodland adventure. Word of advice: pack light because to enter the bedrooms, you have to climb a ladder…

4. The Eaton House Studio – Essex, England

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This is just too cute for words! Channel your inner Paris Hilton and book yourself a night at this glamorous totally pink house in Essex (if you have a couple thousand pounds to spare that it is…) It’s a killer on the bank balance but it’s a price to pay to get the perfect instagrammable shots!

The pink palace can house over 16 guests and includes a luxury wet room, 3 bar areas and a slumber party room. Perfect a girl’s holiday!

‘I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie woooorllld…’

5. The Fisherman’s Cave House – Oia, Greece

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The Fisherman’s Cave lies off the coast of the beautiful Greek island of Santorini, which you can sit and gorp at from your own private jacuzzi.

If this isn’t the dream, then I don’t know what is. Just imagine the ‘kini pics you’d get with a backdrop like that!