We ALL know how it goes, you have some poached eggs and avocado for a midday snack and you saunter round with an ethereal glow for the next few hours because of how virtuous, pure and downright healthy you feel.

‘I’ll be losing weight in no time’ you think to yourself.

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We hate to break it to you (we really do), but when it comes to calories, some seemingly ‘healthy’ snacks are not actually as saintly as first meets the eye.

Let’s start with the facts – snacking CANNOT be helped. Whether it’s a boredom snack, a just because it’s sitting right there snack, or an actual hunger snack (pretty rare), grazing is like Becks in a three-piece suit – impossible to resist.

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So, how do we avoid starting the day with good intentions only to find ourselves a couple of hours later mindlessly snacking on anything we can get our hands on?

Well, we’ve found some tasty snackspiration that won’t break the calorie bank. Move aside cucumber sticks and rice crackers, we’ve got this…

Propercorn Sweet Coconut And Vanilla – (57 calories per 1/2 packet)

Sweet, low cal and utterly delicious: do snacks come any better than this? Propercorn have a whole host of flavours, but our favourite is this sweet coconut and vanilla option – it tastes exactly like holidays. Thank us later.

Image Source/Holland & Barrett

Sweet Freedom Choc Pot – (14 calories per teaspoon)

If you loved Oreo thins, or obsessed over those low calorie digestives, you’ll be interested in this chocolate spread.

With only 14 calories in a teaspoon, this lighter choccie spread has 75% less fat than your average spread. Oh – and it’s got no palm oil in. Win, win!

Image Source/Sainsburys

Starbucks Mocha Light Frappuccino – (110 calories)

All hail Starbucks! The coffee chain never fails to disappoint when it comes to tasty treats – luckily, it’s also created a delicious drink that doesn’t break the calorie bank: the Mocha Light Frappuccino. Yum!

Image Source/Peanut Butter Fingers

Banana Malt Loaf – (86 calories per slice)

If you’re craving chewy sweets, give your mouth a workout with a slice (or two) of this yummy banana flavoured malt loaf. It’s just like cake, without the calories.

Image Source/Tesco

Dark Chocolate – (90 calories for 3 squares)

Three squares of dark choccie (70 per cent and higher) are around 90 calories – we could get used to this snacking lark!

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Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs – (90 calories per pack)

Hitting those 4pm cravings can only mean one thing – a pack of crisps is calling your name! Hippeas offer an alternative to a calorific packet of Walkers and they come in the form of chickpea puffs. They’re healthier, baked, organic, gluten-free AND low in calories. In other words, they’re completely guilt-free.

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