What Food Should You Be Eating When Hungover?

We’ve all been there at the weekend. Chugged down 10 vodkas with orange juice telling ourselves that the orange juice vitamins will be enough to counteract the inevitable hangover… But what about the three jagerbombs, two tequilas and that one god-awful fireball bomb ey Becky?

Then, the next morning when your head is pounding, your stomach is churning and you’re sweating like you’ve just done a 60 minute spin class, we curse our past selves and look for a miracle food to cure the disaster. And we’re sure as hell not about to have a glass of orange juice…

I like to think there are four types of ‘morning after’.

  1. I feel better than I deserve to… thank you alcohol gods.
  2. As long as I eat immediately, I will be golden.
  3. There is a 50/50 chance of brekkie coming back up.
  4. Anything that enters the stomach must come out… violently.

And it’s never number one.


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One of the hardest decisions we have to make on a hangover is what food we’re about to eat.

What do we feel like? What will bring me back to life? What will not come back up? Frankly, it’s just too many questions for a time when the other half of your brain is wondering where your left shoe is.

So if you’ve frantically googled ‘foods to eat hungover’ consider us your fairy godmother of hangover cures as we bring you the foods you should be eating after a night of drinking. Because while we probably should worry about our alcohol consumption, we’re not going to stop drinking alcohol now are we?

1. Have Two Glasses Of Water When You Wake Up

Health is wealth and hydration is key. Flooding your system with water will ensure that you’re on the mend as quick as possible.

2. Ginger Tea And Tomato Juice Will Settle Your Stomach

The worst thing to happen is when you think you’re feeling grand, roll over and feel the swish of alcohol tsunami into a wave of nausea.

In fact, what’s worse is that you’re about to go to your niece’s christening. Fear not, having some ginger tea and tomato juice should help to settle your stomach.

Tomato juice will help your sugar levels go back to normal which will aid tiredness and bad moods.

Meanwhile, coconut water will help replenish your sodium levels, making you feel more hydrated.

tomato juice - what to eat to settle your stomach

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3. Eggs And Avocados

Basically, foods that are high in healthy fats are the best things to eat.

Eating a mushroom omelette (sans cheese) or poached eggs on toast should give you bursts of energy to make that hangover a bit more tolerable.

eggs on toast - foods to eat hungover

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4. Avoid Dairy At All Costs

This statement basically goes against my whole belief system. But as they can cause indigestion, heartburn and hence, make you feel worse, dairy products should be avoided at all costs. Hangovers are the worst.

5. Eat Sushi

This might seem like a random choice, but the omega-3 fatty acids found in oily fish are exactly what you need. The rice will absorb the alcohol and the salt will replenish your body’s sodium levels. Pass me that salmon skin roll.

sushi - foods to eat on a hangover

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6. Have A Banana

They’re gentle on your stomach, keep up your sugars and the mood-boosting carbs counteract the depressive effects of alcohol.

7. Treat Yourself To A Burger/Wrap/Kebab And Sweet Potato Fries

If you’ve managed to make it through the entire day, then why not reward yourself with the big, fat, greasy foods that you’ve really been wanting all day.

Lean protein will make you feel full and red meat will give you iron. Choose sweet potato fries over normal. They contain unrefined carbs which will break down gradually and contain B vitamins and fibre so won’t make you feel as stodgy afterwards.

sweet potato fries - hangover food

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After all that, hopefully your hangover symptoms will be cured.