We always get told that our twenties is the best decade of our lives. It’s the period where we become adults (but not adult adults, right?) Yet, suddenly there’s all this pressure! Some of our friends are already getting engaged and popping out kids and the only sign of pregnancy we have is the bulge from last night’s cheesy chips!

The point is, no matter what stage we are in life, there is absolutely no need to have your life made by the time you’re 25…and here are the reasons why.

1. You’re Still Young!

This quarter-life crisis you think you’re having is so not reality! You’re still an adult in training essentially and you’ve got a lot of mistakes to make yet. There is no point wasting your life worrying every time your birthday comes around. You should be celebrating and enjoying every minute of it. Life is too short so make it count and enjoy yourself!

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2. Nobody Really Knows What The F*** They’re Doing Anyway!

Genuinely. You see people all the time who look like they really have their lives together: perfect career, a family, looks like a model…

Comparing yourself to those people is completely stupid because we only see a small fraction of someone (and often what we see is totally different to the reality). Someone might appear like they have everything but actually have a lot of issues behind the scenes. Nobody has the ‘perfect life’ and if anyone says they do, they’re lying!

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3. Responsibilities? Where?

Most 25-year-olds don’t have that many responsibilities on their hands. Okay, you’re probably working full-time and have bills and rent to pay… Still, the only person you really have to look out for is, well, you!

Unless you have kids, you’re pretty much free to do as you please. This is the perfect time in life to discover your true passions and be selfish for a while. There’s no shame in taking time to discover who you are and not knowing right now. You’ll get there!

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4. You’re Still Learning

If you take a look back at yourself from even just a year ago, you will discover how much you have grown! Life throws a lot of sh*t at us from left, right and centre but we always come back stronger. We don’t all have a five-year plan and to be honest, there’s not much point because who knows what’s coming round the corner?

You still have a lot of life experiences to gain so don’t panic if you don’t feel settled yet!

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5. You’re Not Expected To Have It All Figured Out

Unless you’re an omniscient mystical being, then how on earth are you supposed to know exactly where your life is heading? Even if you did think you had it all figured out, anything can happen to take you off course.

Be grateful for what you do have, allow yourself the opportunity to grow and enjoy not knowing what’s coming next. It’s kind of exciting if you change your perspective! As scary as the uncertainty is, you have so many wonderful experiences ahead of you! Live in the moment and don’t think so much.

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