We’ve all been box-dyeing our barnets since our mums gave us the ‘you’re old enough now‘ nod. But thankfully, most of us have graduated from the bleach blondes and the jet blacks that used to turn our luscious locks into a living (sort of) haystack.

From staining our ears to turning our hair murky green, many of us have been left with post-box-dye hair that we DEFINITELY didn’t sign up for.

Image Source/Glamour

So, what do those pro colourists have that we don’t? Except from the background whirr of hairdryers, gossip and holiday chat, hairdressers have got two hands, a pot of hair dye and some skills, right?

Here’s the thing: hands you certainly have, hair dye you can buy and the skills part? We’ve got a bunch of expert-approved tips that’ll make that box dye look like you’ve just stepped out of Toni&Guy.

Consider those salon-worthy hues yours for the taking…

1. Prep Your Skin Before You Start

There’s nothing worse than washing out your hair colour only to realise you’ve dyed your skin, so, make sure you do the prep beforehand.

Simply line your neck, ears and forehead with a layer of Vaseline for protection. Trust us, feeling greasy for an hour or so is DEFINITELY for the best.

Image Source/Life And Glamour

2. Prep Your Hair Too

If you refrain from washing your hair a few days before you intend to colour it, your natural oils will help to keep your scalp safe from any harsh chemicals in the dye.

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3. Less Is DEFINITELY More

For your first time, stick to a colour that’s no more than two shades darker or lighter than your current hair colour. If you go overboard in one attempt, you’ll probably end up needing a pro (and a whole lotta dough).

Image Source/Manic Panic

4. Never Touch The Ends

The ends of our hair are more porous that the roots and will soak up too much pigment if you treat them directly with box dye. Instead, apply some coconut oil to the few inches at the end of your hair – it’ll prevent colour from reaching it!

Image Source/Unsplash

5. Avoid Washing

Yup – we’ve just given you complete consent to not wash your hair – bonus! Avoid  washing it (or even getting it wet) for 48 hours after dying it to allow the pigment to lock into your hair. Remember: dry shampoo is your BFF.

Image Source/Unsplash