Whether you’re following ‘clean eating’ gurus who make you feel guilty each time you gobble a pizza, or beauty bloggers who are jetting off all over the world, it’s difficult to feel happy scrolling through unrealistic images of how other people apparently live their lives. 


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Well, it’s time to part ways with EmRata and her ab crack (we’ll miss you, girl) and hello to a bunch of Instagram accounts that’ll inject some seriously positive vibes into your morning scroll.

From cat LOLs to body confidence advocates, these accounts simply refuse to let the haters hate. Because – let’s face it – we could ALL use a little more positivity on our news feeds.

1. @aerie

The American brand of swimwear Arie waved goodbye to airbrushing their images in 2014, promoting realistic expectations of women’s bodies. They’ve shared their body-positive mantra on Instagram, too. With model ambassadors of all shapes, sizes and races, they encourage ALL females to upload images of themselves completely un-retouched. Spreading good vibes and total body confidence.


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2. @thehappynewspaper

Because opening up BBC News is a lottery as to whether they’ll be something that looks like the world ending or a story about the rich taking from the poor…

Instead, head over to the @thehappynewspaper for a healthy dose of some of our world’s best news – yes, humanity still exists!

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3. @baddiewinkle

It probably won’t come as a shock to you that this glam gran made it to the list, but my goodness, the energy, the confidence and the sheer optimism of 89-year-old Baddie ‘stealing your man since 1928’ Winkle is enough to get you out of bed on a morning, for sure.

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4. @reductress

If there’s two things we love at Femanin, it’s witty headlines and strong, sassy women. Meet ‘reductress’ a page that churns out hilarious headlines that ALL women can relate it. Trust, you’ll love it.


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5. @princesscheeto

It’s not just any old cat Instagram. Princess Cheeto’s favourite humans are perfect as snapping hilarious, adorable and quirky photos using their kitty as a model. It’s a must for morning giggles.


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Ice Cheet sandwich 〰️ #PrincessCheeto

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6. @everyoutfitonsatc

It started out as a lighthearted account documenting all of the odd fashion faux pas in Sex and the City and has now transformed into a cult, celebrating all things relating to the popular chick flick. Just see for yourself…


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Sending prayers to all the single women in New York City 🙏(S2/EP13) #Fendi #Facts

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