The Comfiest Outfits To Wear To The Airport - Femanin

Us girls take our ‘airport outfit’ very seriously. And it’s one of the hardest holiday outfits to nail; you’ve got to think about keeping the right temperature between the two climates, but also on the FREEZING cold plane, WHILST being comfy.

The top of the pile, for us all, has surely got to be comfort. Comfort over EVERYTHING. Unless you’ve forked out for extra legroom, or you’re flying high in business class, flights are never overly pleasant.

Make things easier for yourself with an on-point outfit: comfort and style wise. Here’s a bit of inspo for your next adventure…


An All Black Number.

An all black ensemble just never fails in my eyes. Black leggings (or cycling shorts are just as comfy if it’s warm) are an absolute STAPLE for travelling.

They go with everything, are flattering and most importantly, they’re not jeans. My worst nightmare for a flight are JEANS. They’re uncomfy enough on the ground…

Image Source/ WhoWhatWear

A Baggy Jumper.

You’ll thank yourself later when it gets chilly mid-flight and you’re desperately trying to salvage that last bit of body heat by putting your arms in your t-shirt.

A sweatshirt can double as a blanket in these times of crisis, so do yourself a favour and pop one on!


Image Source/ Instagram

A Comfy One Piece.

How effortless is this? Yet she looks so put together! Granted, we aren’t all of celeb status with paps waiting at the gate to snap us up, but- a little bit of effort can do no harm.

You don’t have to think about piecing together a top and bottom part as all the hard work’s done for you. You’ll also be able to wiggle in to the 102838 positions you make your way through during the flight.

Image Source: theFashionSpot


They’re an opinion divider when it comes to looks. Comfort, on the other hand, just can’t be questioned. Literally slide them on and you’re good to go… as long as it’s not raining, anyway.

Image Source/ Instagram


A Pair Of Joggers.

Probably the comfiest item of clothing out there (excluding leggings)- forget diamonds, joggers are a girl’s best friend.

They also don’t have to be only worn slobbing about indoors, either- pair with an open shirt and crop like this and it makes for an effortless, but stylish look. These are MADE for long-haul…

Image Source/ Depop 

Or, if all else fails, just get your gym gear on!