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How To Use A Moon Cup!

We’re taking a look at how to use a moon cup…

It’s official, troublesome tampons and pesky pads are so 2018. The ‘Moon’ menstrual cup is going mainstream and it’s hard not to see why.

Although menstrual cups are a pretty new form of period protection, they’ve taken the sanitary-scene by storm. With their eco-friendly ethos and substance-free service, we’re taking a look at why the menstural cup has become ever so popular!

Get ready to say goodbye to leakages and hello to white denim!

how to use a mooncup

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You’re Saving The Planet

The majority of tampons wind up either in landfill or in the sea, and the average women uses about 11,000 of them in her lifetime. You don’t need to do the maths to work out that’s A LOT of waste.

Here comes our saviour – meet the menstrual cups. Containing no harmful substances, are reusable, eco-friendly are create 0 waste, swapping out your Tampax is a no brainer.

how to use a mooncup

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They Save You Money

Period poverty is REAL. Unlike tampons, because they can be reused, menstrual cups last year after year. Although the brand Mooncup costs £19.99 in one sitting, you’ll notice an astronomic boost to your wallet if you’re in it for the long run. And you totally should be!

They’re Better For Your Lady Parts

Mooncups are made from medical grade silicon and unlike tampons or sanitary towels, they won’t absorb your natural moisture down there.

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How Do I Insert It?

The first few times will DEFINITELY be a battle with your lady parts to co-operate. But, like your initial struggles with tampon insertion (maybe I just DON’T have a vagina?!), it’ll get easier.

Having said that, it’s actually pretty simple. You just hold the base of your cup and flatten down the opening, fold it in half so the opening forms a ‘C’ shape. Then find a comfy stance to insert the cup – this might be with one leg raised or squatting down.

Most importantly, you’ll need to remember to relax and don’t rush the insertion process. If the stem is too long, you can just shorten it with some scissors (after you take it out, obvs).

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After feeling pretty smug about inserting the cup in the first place, you’ll probably think that taking it out will be a walk in the park. Not so much.

After realising that the cup simply will not budge, you’re initial response will probably not to calmly revisit the instructions. Displaying absolutely zero chill, you’ll probably have visions about getting it stuck inside you FOREVER.

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The wisdom you should turn to is all in the instruction manual:

“If you cannot reach the Mooncup you will need to use your vaginal muscles to ease the Mooncup down. This is done through a sequence of slow, gentle downward pushes (rather than one long hard push).”

And breathe…