Now, this isn’t us pinning two of the most iconic women in the world against each other (they’re equally fashion icons in their own rights), but we do love a good ‘who wore it better‘.

Megs and Kate might have their own distinct take on the Duchess ‘uniform’, but they do also have the occasional style overlap. And we’ve noticed they’re rubbing off on each other even more so recently…

Of course both ladies take the upmost pride in their appearance (it’s kinda their job to)- but, how they put their own modern twist on classic, timeless fashion differs slightly.

Here’s a handful of times Wills’ and Harry’s other halves have shared some similar styles: who takes your style crown? Is it Megs with her slightly more stripped back choices, or Kate with her signature bold looks?

Winter whites.

Megs opted for an almost identical cream coat to the one her sis-in-law rocked previously, to announce her engagement to Harry.

Both ladies paired with a dress to the knee and court shoes. We personally like the wrap detail of Megs’, but we love the matching shoes and clutch that Kate opted for!

Image Source: hellomag

Ladies in red.

Both of these dresses are undeniably stunning! The colour is a dream with their dark features.

But, personally, Kate takes the cake with this one. The bold statement of the crimson heels to match, along with the eye-catching brooch, wins it for me!

Image Source/ Pinterest

‘Royal’ blue.

This one’s uncanny! Even their hair looks similar…

The slinky material can be seen on both dresses, along with the wrap detail that’s similar around the middle.

However, it’s an ICONIC look for Kate, with it being her engagement announcement look. Choosing to match the colour of the precious blue sapphire rock, previously belonging to Princess Diana, blew us all away.

Image Source/ Pinterest

Bold coats.

Both ladies make me want to go out and buy a tartan coat- ASAP- but the winner here for me, is Megs!

Pairing the oversized number with some bootcut black trousers and a turtle neck just WORKS! It’s effortlessly cool, yet sophisticated and elegant.

Image Source/ Cosmo 

The after party.

These two frocks clearly aren’t overly similar, but it’s interesting to see how different their style choices can be!

The Duchess of Cambridge kept it slightly more traditional with the ‘princess’ shape of her after-gown, finished off with stunning embellishment (in true regal fashion).

Meghan, on the other hand, really mixed things up with her halter-neck, figure-hugging gown. It’s flattering yet still oozes class and sophistication- we hands down preferred it to her actual wedding gown! We appreciate her bold choice of a style that’s more true to today’s ‘fashion’.

Image Source/ People