HOW are we already half way through August? Before you know it, it’ll be time for Strictly to start, pumpkin spiced lattes to return (anyone else counting down the days?) and then Christmas!

The final few months of the year do welcome a bunch of new fashion trends for us all to dabble at. But with Christmas presents and pumpkin spiced lattes to buy, can we really afford to buy into the new trends?

We have selected the upcoming trends that we believe everyone already has in their wardrobe, so you can still look fashionable without having to restrict your coffee addiction. Has a better sentence ever been uttered?!


Prada, Alexander McQueen and Emporio Armani all explored the floral trend. Thankfully, florals for autumn actually are groundbreaking!

We all have a floral skirt or blouse in the back of our wardrobe – it’s time to let it have some wear time.

A/W 19 trends - Prada

Image Source/ Vogue

Checks on checks

Last season was all about mixing various prints together, whereas this season sees designers layering the same print – especially checks.

This Marta Jakubowski look is a prime example of how to approach this trend.

A/W 19 trends checks

Image Source/ Glamour


It’s time to release your inner goth. It’s not just one black item though; try playing with different textures such as lace and leather.

Pretty punk is gonna be all the rage.

A/W 19 trends Prada catwalk

Image Source/ Vogue


Sequins are no longer an evening only fabric, ladies! Daytime sparkle is one of the latest trends.

Try pairing a sequin skirt with an oversized jumper or a top with some jeans and trainers to ensure that it doesn’t look too dressy.

A/W 19 trends celine runway

Image Source/ Vogue


We all have some form of beige in our wardrobes. Catwalk shows such as Boss, Fendi and Stella McCartney mixed tones and textures to prevent it from looking too ‘grandparenty’.

A/W 19 trends - Boss runway

Image Source/ Vogue


Leave the blazer at the door and reach for your cardi instead!

Plain, bright, patterned – anything goes with this trend.

A/W 19 trends - catwalk

Image Source/ Glamour


Bright colours have been in for quite a while now, but we are moving away from the neons and more into pure bright colours.

Most of the catwalks focused on one main colour and styled it from head to toe, like this Balmain look. And let us tell you something, purple is going to become the new ‘it’ colour. You heard it here first!

A/W trends 19 - Balmain runway

Image Source/ Vogue