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The Telltale Signs He’s Into You

It is a question that has plagued women across the nation and inspired countless self-help books. What are the signs he’s into you?

‘Do you think he likes me?’

Me to my friend the night before my wedding day.

It is a question that has plagued women across the nation and inspired countless self-help books. ‘Is he into me?’ If you find yourself asking that question, we presume you’ve either met a guy that you like or are dating a guy that you like and need that reassurance before you take the next step!

Or maybe it’s even the opposite and you DON’T want him to like you in that way…

Well, lucky for you, there are some common signs he’s into you to help point towards the answer you were hoping for. Time to sit down and analyse that infuriating male!

1. He Reaches Out To You First

A guy who likes you will make an effort to reach out to you. You don’t need to sit around worrying when and if he’ll ring you. Men are goal-orientated creatures and if he wants you, he’s not going to hang about!

Also, it is important to consider when and what he’s texting you about if he does reach out. Is he asking you out on a date? Or is he asking you to come over to his flat at 2am? If it’s the latter, he might be seeing you as a booty call rather than a potential girlfriend.

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2. He Makes You Part Of His Life And Introduces You To His Friends

A guy who likes you will want you to be part of his life. That means he’ll want you to meet his friends and will not live his life totally separate from you. If he’s serious about you, then he will want you to see what matters to him – including inviting you in on his people, places and hobbies.


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If the guy you’re with compartmentalises you and keeps you completely separate from all other aspects of his life, that is huge sign that this person is either not ready to commit or doesn’t see himself having a future with you.

A guy who really likes you will want to share his life with you. If he’s pushing you into a box, run girl.

3. He Is Happy Around You

Does this guy smile a lot when you hang out together? If he has a permanent grin, then it might be a sign that he’s smitten! Men tend to gravitate towards what feels good so if he feels good around you, he’s going to want to spend more and more time with you.

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4. He Will Not Give Up If He Thinks There Is A Chance With You

Unless you explicitly tell him that you are not interested, if this guy likes you then he’s not going to give up! If you have told him that you’re not interested and he still continues to pursue you, this is when you may have a problem on your hands…

Don’t worry about whether you’re giving off the right signals. If he really likes you, you won’t have to try hard!

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5. He Makes A Lot Of Eye Contact And Finds Excuses To Touch You

Body language is an important factor in judging whether or not someone is into you. A guy who likes you will find any excuse to put his hands on you (NOT like that…well not just like that).

When you hang out, does this guy tend to find excuses to touch you? Maybe a playful caress? A hand that lingers on the back a little too long?

Guys who are into you tend to unconsciously show this in their body language. He might mirror your behaviour, angle his feet towards you or he’ll lean in towards you a lot.

If you find these signs are ticking off all the right boxes, there’s a good chance you have a lovesick bloke after you!

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He Makes You Feel Special And Good

If you’re on a date with a guy and his eyes are flitting around the room or he’d rather pay attention to his phone than to you, that’s not a good sign.

Also, how does it make you feel? A guy who likes you will try to make you feel special! He’ll want you to know that you have his attention and he shows it.

If a guy’s body language makes you feel off, it might be safe to assume that he’s not that interested.

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He Makes Future Plans When He’s With You

When a guy likes you, he’ll be eager to see you again. He’ll actively make plans to see you again in the short-term. Be weary of the guy who makes vague abstract plans for sometime in the future.

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