It’s a tough old world out there, which is why we ALL need to treat ourselves every now and again. For some of us it might be a bar of chocolate, for others it might be a glass of wine (or two) – OR, it could mean diving head first into a hand-picked selection of boxed goods that could (and should) be hitting our doors on a monthly basis.

If the latter sounds like your cup of tea, it might be worth looking into the magical world of monthly subscription boxes…

We all know the feeling of absolute joy when we receive a teeny tiny beauty sample of literally anything! (Fact: I once broke down completely over a miniature toothpaste).

Well, imagine receiving a an array of mini boxed goods every single month – from coffee to crystals, there’s something for everyone. You are most welcome…

Coffee Of The Month Club, £14.00

Enjoy the perfect cup of Joe with the Coffee of the Month Club, tailored to your exact taste. Simply select your coffee preference (roast and grind type) and each month you’ll receive bags from over 50 different countries with a sample of their best java.


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a VERY pleasant coffee in from Uganda this month… tasting notes of White Tea, Cherry Cola, Tangerine ☕️

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Birchbox Beauty Box

Birchbox, £10.00

We couldn’t write a subscription box article without mentioning the queen of all subscription boxs: Birchbox. Every month, the popular brand sends its devoted customers a personalised box with five of the best-selling beauty products out there. And boy, is it worth the monthly wait.

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Mind: Pause Charity Box

Mind, £7.50

With a donation to mental health charity Mind of £7.50 a month, they’ll send you a treat in the post each month. Their Mind: Pause boxes will encourage you to relax, get creative or positively reflect. The best part is, you’ll not only be helping yourself, your donation will be helping others too.

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MoonBox Beauty Items Box, £34.00 

If you’re one for becoming aligned with the lunar cycle, this box is DEFINITELY for you. Each box is filled with organise, vegan and downright magical wellness items that’ll help you to incorporate some mindfulness into your routine.


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Take a seat Mercury, LEO has the floor and it’s time to SHINE ✨🦁✨⠀ â € It has taken a sizable amount of energy to make it though the post eclipse and retrograde season. As we step into the sunlight, be proud of the person who has made it through to the other side 🌅🎉🥇⠀ â € It takes courage to express self-worth and confidence. Stand in all of your glory as you shine like the blazing sun in a world that only encourages this as long as you don’t make others uncomfortable. Stand proud as you let this world know that you are majestic, you are valued and nothing can stand in the way of your truth, it’s time to roar 💫🔥🌞⠀ â € Our August SHINE MoonBox was curated to support your bright, bold, beaming transit through the month: â € â € 🌙@themoon_journal Moon Goddess Altar Deck â € 🌟@soymuchbrighter Citrus Shine Soy Candle â € 🛀🏼 Soak The Day Away Detox Bath â € 🙏@shopsillyyogi Handmande Om Yoga Prayer Scarf â € 🌓@lunaliftedco Just A Phase Choker*â € 📒@spiritdaughter Full Moon Workbook*â € *add on items â € â € image @ambershumakeâ € #MoonBox #SubscriptionBox #ForTheSoul #August #Shine

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Bamboo Toilet Roll Box, £11.98 per delivery

Since there’s nothing worse that realising you’ve run out of loo roll when it’s probably too late, Bippy have made things ALOT easier for us all and decided to send paper directly to our doorsteps. And it’s not just any old loo roll. Bippy are on a mission to preserve forests with their bamboo toilet paper and wet wipe alternative.

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