It’s the one word that’s more scary than he who shall not be named: abs! Anyone who says that they haven’t lusted after abs at one point in their lives is a liar. The world is more health-conscious than ever and with fitness models showing up on our Instagram feeds at least once a day, it’s no wonder the world is obsessed with getting a chiselled stomach.

But no matter how many Russian twists I do or berries I eat, I am still don’t even have a two-pack to my name! This led to me think, is every ‘body’ meant to have a six pack?

In short, the answer is no and these are the reasons why.

woman at the gym tying her shoe laces

Image Source/ HB Fit

You’re stressed

I mean is there anything, A N Y T H I N G, that stress doesn’t affect?

Stress means that we aren’t sleeping as well, eating the wrong things – is there anything better than a takeaway at the end of a busy day? – and just not taking care of ourselves like we usually would.

Did you also know that when you are stressed you release cortisol? It’s a hormone that causes quick fat gain, predominantly around the stomach.

Your body composition

Unfortunately, not all genetics include ‘abs’. How dare they!

Everyone’s genetic make-up is different; some people have lower body fat than others, some people’s abs aren’t equal and hence they look wonky. Genetics have a big part to play in how you, and your stomach, look.

Some studies have also shown that men find it easier to get a lower body fat percentage than women, and sometimes, it can actually be dangerous for women to attempt this. Typical!

You’re not eating the right things

One of the ways that you can reduce your body fat percentage is to eat fat reducing foods. Sources of fat burning foods are berries, oily fish, leafy greens and eggs.

Don’t restrict yourself too much though! You still need some carbs in your diet and going too far can cause you to binge eat.

Balance is key.

Your lifestyle

You may love going out partying and drinking until 3am but your body doesn’t… and I don’t just mean the hangover! Alcohol slows down the rate of fat loss and we all know that no night out is complete without some cheesy chips, also known as, yet more calories you don’t need.

Having a night in might just help you on your abs goal.

Two girls posing in bikinis

Image Source/ The Independent

The thing to remember is, each body is beautiful, whether it has abs or not. You just gotta love what your Mama gave ya!