You’ve got your flip flops, bought a new bikini and stocked up on SPF; it’s holiday time (woooop). There’s just one thing – that chunky box of Tampax taking up crucial hand luggage space. Forget that dicky tummy from a dodgy prawn, the real holiday-destroyer comes in the form of bloating, cramps and blood: it starts with per and ends in iod.

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Whether it’s your first day by the pool or during a 3am snogging sesh with Pablo, the remorseless appearance of your monthly curse will DEFINITELY put a downer on your holiday. So, unless you’re on the combined pill, where you can delay your p by a month (congrats), how on earth do you stem the flow?

SPOILER ALERT: It’s good news, it’s very good news.

Thanks to a bunch of scientists (who will go down in Femanin history), it’s now possible delay your period until swimwear and sun tan creams are safely off the schedule. All you need is a medicine called Norethisterone, giving you up to 17 days of period put off.

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How Does It Work?

“It comes in the form of tablets which you must start to take three days before your period is due.”

Explains Dr from Lloyd Pharmany, Kieran Seyan.

“You must then take three tablets a day during the time you wish to delay your period. You can take the tablets for a maximum of 20 days, which will delay your period by a maximum of 17 days.”

When you get back from your break, you just stop taking Norethisterone and your period should arrive 2 or 3 days after.

How Much Does It Cost?

Brand new on the shelves this month, Superdrug has become the very first high street retailer to stock the Period Delay Pill. If you’re over the age of 18, just walk into one of their Pharmacy stores to purchase Norethisterone.

You can choose from three different packs – 30, 60 and 90 pills, delaying your period by 10, 20 or 30 days respectively. And the price?

  • The 30 tablet packs (delaying your period for 10 days) costs £29.00
  • The 60 tablet packs (20 days) costs £45.00
  • The 90 tablet packs (30 days) cost £59.00

Yep – stopping your period isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s TOTALLY worth it, isn’t it?

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So, What’s The Catch?

Although it might seem like a magical solution sent straight from the Gods to FINALLY bring mother nature down for good. But as with most medication, Norethisterone is not without its side effects.

With increased risk of blood clotting, acne, stroke, mood swings, headaches and nausea (basically PMS without the blood), those delayed periods definitely don’t come scot free.