Whether you’re going out out on a Friday night, cheers-ing a glass to a special occasion or just sipping a tipple watching Bake Off (it’s the law), no-one wants to think about how many calories are in our favourite alcoholic beverages…

Especially now it’s summer season, we all want to get that bikini bod and shed the beer belly… preferably whilst keeping the beer.

So, being the *ahem* alcohol connoisseurs that we are, we’re bringing you the healthiest alcoholic drinks on the market! You. Are. Welcome.


Believe it or not, tequila actually has PROVEN health benefits. The sugars that are present in tequila are non-digestible, so rather than going straight to your hips, they act more like fibre. This means that it won’t raise your blood sugar levels and it has even been proven that it will lower your cholesterol.

What’s better, the sugar is shown to help you LOSE WEIGHT. So if you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet, then you can happily add this to My Fitness Pal. I think it’s tequila time!


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2. RUM

Rum isn’t everyone’s first choice but you might be giving it a try when you hear it can be good for your mental health!

It can even increase your bone density which might help to prevent osteoporosis and ease arthritis.

3. GIN

These days, every one drinking gin as if it’s going out of style… Us included.

It’s the go-to healthy alcoholic drink and for a good reason! Low in calories, gin can even help to speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight. Wahoo!

Gin is full of juniper berries which are basically a natural medicine. It can help flush out Urinary Tract Infections AND can improve your skin and smooth out wrinkles.

Give me a gin, ASAP.

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Opting for red wine can actually have some amazing health benefits!

Red wine can be good for your heart and for your gut. Apparently, a glass a fortnight is enough to work as the polyphenols found in it can increase the number of good bacteria living there. Might be time to grab a Rioja.


Whiskey contains antioxidants, which help you to fight off colds and prevent illness. So the next time you come down with a tickle in your throat, it might be the perfect excuse for a shot of whiskey.

Also, as whiskey is aged in wooden barrels, it gains ellagic acid. This acid controls how much glucose in being released from the liver, it slows it down, keeping your blood sugar in check.


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Whereas most drinks seems to erm, make your memory disappear… champagne may actually enhance your memory performance!

We’re going to have to start celebrating with champagne more often. Now you can grab a glass without the guilt!