No matter how shaky your hands are, how bad your hand-eye coordination is or how limited your patience is, we promise we found an eyeliner knack that’ll make sure you’re NEVER late for work again…

In the past, we’ve all seen MUAs on Instagram perfecting the winged liner using bits of string, tape and even dental floss (that really was just taking the mick). But holy moly, an eyeliner hack has emerged and we can’t believe it’s taken us this long to try it out.

Trust us – it’s foolproof…

Image Source/Unsplash

Use A Bobby Pin To Create Your Line

A makeup artist named Malia, or Beautynmalia (aka make up QUEEN, to us) on Instagram, wielded a good ol’ bobby pin to apply a crisp and fleeky line in seconds.

All Malia did was coat the narrow opening (the V-shaped bit) with liquid liner. Then she simply pressed it to her eye where she wanted to line, stamping on the shape. There she had it

Image Source/Instagram

After she’d made the outline, she drew carefully along the root of her upper lash line. After, she filled in the outline and connected the lines. Ta-da!

*Top Tip*

Extend your eye liner life by setting it with a matching eye shadow. After you’ve perfected your crisp line, lightly dust shadow in the same shade on top of the liner to hold it in place.

Image Source/Instagram

For Beginners:

If you’re not confident with a liquid liner or your hand isn’t steady enough, you could line your eyes first with a pencil liner and then trace over it with liquid. Or, using a wet brush with eyeshadow will darken the pigments and create a sharp line that looks like liner.