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Razor Rash: How To Get Rid Of It?

If you’re not one for stray hair, you’ll most likely be familiar with the discomforts of shaving – especially around your bikini region.

It’s a complex game of exfoliating, sharp razors and being as bendy as you can without breaking a limb. Play your cards right and it’s all smooth sailing. Get them wrong and it’s cuts, scratches, a pulled muscle and – most annoyingly – razor burn.

Razor rash, caused by disrupting the outer layer of your skin, is as irritating (and painful) as it sounds. But it’s actually A LOT easier to treat than you find think.

We’ve put together some expert tips on how to fix those pesky shaving spots once and for all…

razor rash

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Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Razor bumps occur when a piece of hair bends under the skin as it’s growing out of the follicle. This often happens after the hair’s been chopped by a razor or pulled out with wax. When the hair becomes trapped by dry skin, your body attacks it, causing red spots and inflammation.

Because dry skin buries the hair below the surface, a regular exfoliating regime can help to remove that layer, and therefore, reduce razor bumps.

razor rash

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Use The Best Blade

We’ve ALL been there, you might get twenty of those tiny yellow disposable razors for the price of just one reusable one and it’s tempting, it really is. But trust, after using a Bic razor, your bod will be shaving rash central. Because disposable razors are designed for, well, exactly that – disposable use, their blades can dull quicker than your regular razor and leave you with uneven, bumpy skin.

Don’t Forget Shaving Cream

When using a manual razor it’s important to find a good shaving cream. It’ll ensure your blades don’t drag and you can avoid any sensitive places.

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Shave In The Right Direction

Shaving in the other direction to which your hair grows will cut it at a sharp angle and increase the chances of the hair growing back under the skin.

Remember A Post-Shave Cream

There’s a load of after-shave products out there. Those which contain Glycolic Acid – an anti-inflammatory, tend to be the most effective, helping to dissolve a build up of dead skin cells.