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Tisserand: Boots’ Collection Of The Essential Oils Brand

We are all looking for that moment of quiet in our fast-paced world and with the Tisserand Boots collection you might just be able to find it.

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What is Tisserand?

On their websites ‘About Us’ page, they state:

‘It was Robert Tisserand’s mother who first introduced him to aromatherapy, leading to a passion for the subject that continues to this day.

‘At the age of 17, on a train taking him back to boarding school, Robert decided that he wanted to share the benefits of essential oils with others, to improve their health and happiness. His vision was to bring essential oil based products into everyone’s home.

‘After years of studying and practising as an aromatherapist, Robert started the Aromatic Oil Company in 1974, from his bedroom in a South London house.

‘During the next 11 years, despite financial struggle and discouragement from others, Robert hand-bottled the oils, hand-wrote the label for each bottle and packed the parcels that he would despatch to customers every Saturday morning from his local post office.

‘Having taken eight years to write it, Robert’s first book – The Art of Aromatherapy – was published in 1977. In his book, Robert talks about nature, life force, the planets and the elements.

‘It was in 1984 that a new company, Aromatherapy Products Ltd, was formed, allowing Robert to act as essential oil and formulations consultant, fully utilising his years of experience’.

How does this affect the brand today?

Again, their website states:

‘Experts in sourcing 100% natural, pure essential oils since 1974, our company today brings together a unique team of UK based experts, who source, blend and procure the finest quality essential oils from our offices in West Sussex, at the foot of the South Downs.

‘Our aim is to help improve everyone’s health, wellbeing and lifestyles through the art of aromatherapy’.

As with a lot of brands, Tisserand essential oils are not tested on animals and the brand is fully cruelty free.

They state that their philosophy is:

‘as simple today as it was in 1974…

  • work hard to source the best 100% natural pure essential oils of uncompromising quality.
  • share our heritage, knowledge and expertise in blending to create products you can trust.
  • offer a range of innovative products that provide a holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty.
  • modernise aromatherapy making it accessible to everyone to help enhance wellbeing, health and lifestyles.‘Put your trust in our knowledge and explore the benefits of aromatherapy with the finest essential oils’.

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Which products of Tisserand Boots stock…

The Tisserand site is split into various categories. These include: ‘Bath and Body’; ‘Wellbeing’; ‘Aromatherapy’; ‘Skin Solutions’; and ‘Gifts and Kits’.

Boots has products from all of this sub-sections. The prices range from £6.50 to £35.

If you thought Boots online pharmacy services was all that the high-street retailer offered in the online world, you couldn’t be further from the truth!

Although you can get some large Boots stores, they have a much larger range of products on their website. The aromatherapy brand is stocked both in-store and online.

Boots stock Tisserand single essential oils, roller balls. mists, massage oils, bath and shower washes, bath oils, bath salts, candles, gift sets and electronic diffusers.

More details of Boots online and how it works…

Boots’ website is one of the easiest to navigate. Simply search for your brand or keyword and it will come up!

For example, when you search Tisserand, all of the products show and you can filter the results to what suits you best.

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The country specific sites allows anyone to be able to search for products!

If you do want to buy something, simply check that this product is in stock, add to basket and either continue shopping or checkout.

Delivery costs are as follows:

Collect from stores near that location – £1.50 or free when you spend £10 or more

Standard delivery – £3.50 or free when you spend over £45

Named day delivery – £3.95

Next day delivery – £4.75

Saturday – £5.50

Heavy/ bulky products – £5.50

Super heavy products (over 50kg) – £12.99

However, the website does state:

‘Please note during busy times or due to adverse weather conditions the order collect date may be extended’.

A closer look into aromatherapy…

According to Medical News Today:

‘Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, refers to a range of traditional, alternative or complementary therapies that use essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds’.

It is believed that essential oils have been used for over six thousand years, with people in ancient Egypt, China and India using them to treat medical issues.

The International Standards Organisation came out with an official definition of an essential oil in 1997:

‘product obtained from vegetable raw material, either by distillation with water or steam, or from the epicarp of citrus fruits by a mechanical process, or by dry distillation’.

There are two different ways to use essential oils: topical application or inhalation.

How to inhale essential oils…

There are many ways to inhale essential oils, including a diffuser, a spray, breathing in oil droplets from either a bath or tissue.

Not only do they obviously smell amazing, but they can also play the role of a decongestant, a psychological helper and a respiratory disinfectant.

When we smell, the olfactory sense is stimulated. This can have a positive effect on the brain, by subtly affecting the limbic system. This is linked to heart rate, emotions, stress, hormone balance, breathing and blood pressure.

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How to use essentials oils topically…

You can apply the the oils from Tisserand (Boots) topically through massage oils and bath products.

If you massage the product into the skin, your circulation could be boosted and your body is more likely to absorb the oil.

Areas of the body that have more sweat glands and hair follicles are thought to absorb it more effectively; examples are the head and palms of the hand.

It’s important to note that essential oils should ALWAYS be used alongside a carrier oil, such as olive oil or sweet almond oil.

The recommended quantities are two tablespoons of your chosen carrier oil to a few drops of your chosen essential oil.

It is also advised that you do an allergy test before applying any essential oils to your skin. An easy way to do this is:

  • Dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil at twice the concentration you plan to use

  • Rub the mixture into an area the size of a quarter on the inside of the forearm

If you don’t experience a reaction within 24 to 48 hours, it should be safe to use on your skin. However, some people have claimed to develop allergic reactions to essential oils and if this occurs, you should stop using it immediately.

What evidence is there in support of their effectiveness?..

As with all holistic therapies, there is dispute in just how effective essential oils really are.

It is reported that aromatherapy helps:

  • manage pain
  • improve sleep quality
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • soothe sore joints
  • treat headaches and migraines
  • alleviate side effects of chemotherapy
  • ease discomforts of labour
  • fight bacteria or virus
  • improve digestion
  • boost immunity
As can be imagined, there hasn’t been a great deal of research into how effective they are to treat certain diseases. The main examples of this are Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease and heart disease.

There is evidence that suggests it might help treat:

  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • inflammation
  • menstrual issues
  • alopecia
  • cancer
  • erectile dysfunction
  • arthritis
  • menopause
  • asthma

What the different scented oils supposedly do…

On the Tisserand boots section, the following oils are sold: Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Orange and Lavender.

Their Eucalyptus oil is…

‘strong, fresh and stimulating with a piercing aroma.

‘Distilled from the leaves grown in Spain.

‘Blends well with grapefruit, peppermint and rosemary’.

According to the Tisserand website, eucalyptus essential oil:

‘is used in a plethora of modern treatments, for everything from a common cold to reviving tired muscles.

‘Eucalyptus proved a valuable traditional remedy to the native people of Australia who soaked the leaves in boiling water to release a powerful vapour that helps clear chest conditions and coughs.

‘Used in massage Eucalyptus can boost the circulation and warm cold hands and feet. The perfect remedy for the stresses and strains of the colder seasons’.

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Their Tea Tree oil is…

‘powerful and bracing with a fresh aroma.

‘Distilled from the leaves of the tree grown in Australia.

‘Blends well with eucalyptus, lemon and rosemary’.

According to the Tisserand website, tea tree essential oil:

‘[can] treat coughs, colds, fevers and headaches.

‘Combined with other medicinal, circulation boosting oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Peppermint, Tea Tree is ideal for supporting the body during winter month’.

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Their Peppermint oil is…

‘strong and menthol-rich with a refreshing aroma.

‘Extracted from the herb grown in North America.

‘Blends well with eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary’.

According to the Tisserand website, peppermint essential oil:

‘[is] a reliever for the symptoms of coughs and colds and as a natural decongestant. It also has benefits when treating IBS and digestive complaints and can be massaged in to the stomach to sooth indigestion and bloating.

‘Peppermint’s unique fragrance is also very clearing to the mind. Including a few drops in a vaporisation blend will help to sharpen concentration and focus a busy brain’.

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Their Orange oil is…

‘zesty, refreshing and sweet, with a rounded citrus aroma.

‘Extracted from the rind of the fruit grown in Italy’.

According to the Tisserand website, orange essential oil:

‘is popular as a digestive tonic and can be massaged on to the skin with a blending oil to help improve digestive function, particularly after indulging in high fat foods.

‘The familiar fragrance of orange is cheering to the spirit and will help to release anxiety and encourage feelings of joy’.

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Their Lavender oil is…

‘light, clean and refreshing with a floral aroma.

‘Extracted from the herb grown in France.

‘Blends well with eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary’.

According to the Tisserand website, lavender essential oil:

‘will help calm anxiety, improve relaxation and help to promote a good night’s sleep.

‘Used on the skin, Lavender is effective for soothing minor cuts and grazes and can also provide nourishment to dry or sun-chapped skin’.

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What other blends do Tisserand do?..

Tisserand have over forty different essential oils.

The brand have also designed their own blends of essential oils.

Boots stock ‘Sleep Better’; ‘Total De-Stress’; ‘Energy High’; and ‘Find Focus’ in a range of roller balls, body oils, bath and body wash, bath salts, bath oils, candles and moodfix mists.

They say:

‘Let our De-Stress blend lift your spirits in those trying moments, thanks to its bright fusion of zesty Orange, floral Rose & Geranium & warming Nutmeg essential oils’.

‘Use Sleep Better with its gentle fusion of soft Lavender, woody Sandalwood & Cedarwood & exotic Jasmine essential oils to help you unwind at the end of your day’.

‘Get motivated, stay positive & achieve with a blend of rosemary, grapefruit & orange leaf’.

‘Pick up the pace & get your energy flowing with this naturally supercharged blend of Lime, Grapefruit & Orange Leaf 100% natural pure essential oils’.

On their own website, they also have the aromatherapy blends ‘Happy Vibes’; ‘Muscle Ease’; and ‘Mind Clear’.

About ‘Happy Vibes’ they say:

‘Be cheerful, smile bright and feel great with an uplifting blend of Lemon Tea Tree, Bergamot and Nutmeg pure essential oils’. 

About ‘Muscle Ease’ they say:

‘Soothe, support and revive tired muscles with an invigorating blend of Ginger, Rosemary and Lemongrass pure essential oils’. 

About ‘Mind Clear’ they say:

‘Pause, reflect and clear your thoughts with a balancing blend of Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon pure essential oils’. 

Tisserand X National Geographic…

In a statement, the brands state:

‘With our shared concern for the future of our planet, as well as the undeniable correlation between enhanced wellbeing and world travel, exploration and escapism, Tisserand Aromatherapy and National Geographic have partnered to explore the power of the natural world and how it can help us in our fast-paced modern lives.

‘Together, we hope to inspire your senses as nature does daily and highlight why it’s even more important to protect and respect our natural habitats, and our own wellbeing’.

Together, they have designed three aromatherapy blends based on various destinations: ‘Paradise’; ‘Retreat’; and ‘Explore’.

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For this collaboration, they state that the oils are ‘sustainably sourced’, hence implying that the rest of their oils aren’t.

How many of the National Geographic X Tisserand Boots stock…


Blended with Jasmine, Mandarin and Grapefruit, their ‘Paradise’ scent is supposed to remind you of a tropical evening.

The ‘Paradise’ Tisserand Boots stock are the roller ball; mood mist; and diffuser oil.

On the brands actual site, they also have bath oil; shower wash; and travel kit, which includes a travel-sized bath oil, roller ball and diffuser oil in a small travel bag.


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The 100% natural pure essential oils in these exclusive blends come from all corners of the globe. ©National Geographic

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Blended with Peppermint, Cardamon and Petitgrain, their ‘Explore’ scent is supposed to remind you of a crisp, clear mountain.

The ‘Explore’ Tisserand Boots stock are the roller ball; mood mist; and diffuser oil.

On the brands actual site, they also have bath oil; shower wash; and travel kit, which includes a travel-sized bath oil, roller ball and diffuser oil in a small travel bag.


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The 100% natural pure essential oils in these exclusive blends come from all corners of the globe. ©National Geographic

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Blended with Neroli, Frankincense and Vetiver, their ‘Retreat’ scent is supposed to remind you of a an Eastern temple.

The ‘Retreat’ Tisserand Boots stock are the roller ball; mood mist; and diffuser oil.

On the brands actual site, they also have bath oil; shower wash; and travel kit, which includes a travel-sized bath oil, roller ball and diffuser oil in a small travel bag.


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The 100% natural pure essential oils in these exclusive blends come from all corners of the globe. © National Geographic

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Tisserand ‘Little Box of’…

The brand has teamed three of their custom blends together to create different sets of roller balls. The boxes allow you to enjoy the full functionality of the products.

In the ‘Little Box of Energy’ there is ‘Happy Vibes’; ‘Energy High’; and ‘Find Focus’.

The ‘Little Box of Relaxation’ has ‘Mind Clear’; ‘Total De-Stress’; and ‘Inner Harmony’ which is a blend of frankincense and geranium.

The ‘Little Box of Sleep’ features ‘Sleep Better’ as well as the blends ‘Breathe Deep’ which is a mixture of orange, petitgrain and coriander, and ‘True Comfort’ which is a blend of bergamot, cardamom and ylang ylang.

The ‘Little Box of Mindfulness’ includes ‘Mind Clear’; ‘Breathe Calm’; and the blend ‘Real Calm’. This is a blend of lavender, bergamot and patchouli.

In the ‘Little Box of Motivation’ there is ‘Find Focus’; ‘Energy High’; and ‘Stay Positive’ which is a blend of cypress, lime and basil.

For the ‘Little Boxes of’ by Tisserand Boots charge £13.

Other gift sets…

The increase in anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns has been astronomical in the past few years, so what better way to help your friends – or yourself – than with a nice little gift set catered to your very needs.

Boots sell multiple Tisserand gift sets, one of which is the Total De-Stress collection. It features the rollerball, moodfix mist and a candle.

They also have the exact same collection but with the Sleep Better scent.

Another set that the aromatherapy brand have devised is a ‘three step ritual’. The box comes with three products – most commonly a body and massage oil, a moodfix mist and a rollerball – of the same scent.

It comes with step-by-step instructions in how to have a little moment of calm.

Boots stock the Tisserand diffuser and also have the ‘Everyday Essential Oil Kit’. It features lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus so that you have a scent for every occasion.

The final gift set that Boots stock is the varying scents of the ‘bath time collection’. The blends are ‘Sleep Better’; ‘Real Calm; and ‘Total De-Stress’. The set features a bath oil and a body and massage oil.

It’s important to note that Boots often have products on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for the best deals. Sometimes, the products are cheaper online too. Also, if you have an advantage card, they do specialised deals on the Boots app!

Reviews of Tisserand…

The Boots website boasts some excellent reviews of Tisserand products.

For example, in regards to the Total De-Stress rollerball, one woman wrote:

‘Gave this to a grand-daughter getting worked up about exams. She likes the smell and it seems to calm her down’.

Another anonymous reviewer stated:

‘Tisserand aromatherapy products are great quality and I keep one of these De-stress roller balls in my handbag, so I can apply it on my commute to work or when’s travelling, as I find the fragrance relaxing and calming’.

Other products are also highly raved about, such as the Sleep Better Massage Oil:

‘Was struggling to sleep and this product has really helped me’.
Tisserand also has a blog on their website, showing new ways that you can use aromatherapy.