Brexit For Dummies: What Do The Brexit Terms Even Mean? – Femanin

Ughhhhhh not that word again. Yes. We said it. Brexit.

It makes sense that the Brexit date is on Halloween. After all, it’s enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine!

We know it’s important. We know we need to know what’s happening. But hearing politicians talk about it just sounds like absolute gobbledegook – and hella boring.

It’s gone on for so long now that we tend to just tune out the nonsense as the same words we hear bounced about just become – sort of – background noise.

But what do they even mean?

We’re going to break them down as best we can to see if we can make any sense at all of the absolute chaos.


Brexit is basically like when that one friend (Brexiteers) convince all your mates to leave the club (The EU) to go to an even better club.

But then you leave, can’t get in said club and the club you just left won’t let you back in. Ugh.

Then the friendship group (politicians) are all just left there in the takeaway yelling at each other about whose fault it was and what to do next.


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No deal Brexit

Imagine you’re the UK and the EU is your other half.

A no-deal Brexit is basically like breaking up with them and cutting ties immediately. But you still live with them…

Will we still share food and the car (trade deals)? Will your ex charge you more for it now? Who knows?


As it stands, if you’re in Northern Ireland you can walk right through to the Republic of Ireland with no borders or passport checks.

It’s like going to Tesco. You can just walk straight in there.

But with Northern Ireland out of the EU and the Republic of Ireland in the EU, passport checks etc. might be put into place.

It’s like, you can still go to the supermarket but it would be more like going to Costco where you have to show your membership card.

The Backstop is an agreement between the UK and EU to stop any of these checks coming into place between the two countries.

Passport Control

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Customs Union

Rewind to living with your ex after a break up.

A customs union is an agreement that no tariffs (taxes) are put on goods moving within the house (the EU).

It also means that goods can move without any checks.

However, if you’re ordering a takeaway (goods from outside the EU), tariffs and extra checks would have to be put into place.

With the UK leaving the EU, we could be subject to these extra costs and checks.

brexit flags

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Oh and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The European Union is so complex, it would take FOREVER to fully delve into all the terms.

But hopefully having these basics will help for now!