Which Current Politician Would Advance Women’s Rights? – Femanin

Well. We currently have an unelected Prime Minister with a majoritively male inner circle who sacked four female aides upon assuming his position. Fab.

Not only that, the fourth to be sacked, Sonia Khan (a passionate Brexiteer with a wealth of experience) was escorted out of Number 10 by police after she was sacked by Dominic Cummings, the prime ministerial adviser.

With a prime minister who has previously compared women wearing burqas to letterboxes and once suggested that the way to deal with a female colleague’s advice is to “pat her on the bottom and send her on her way”, just what are politicians doing to advance women’s rights?

Boris Johnson PM, Conservative Party.

Bojo campaigned for three months and has outlined his opinions on the Irish backstop, Brexit and tax cuts, his opinions on women’s rights has been all too silent.

What Are His Views On Abortion?

In the past few months, abortion has been at the forefront as parliament voted to lift the ban in Northern Ireland.

Whilst Boris wasn’t against the decision, he wasn’t for it either as he abstained on both votes…

In fact, Mr Johnson hasn’t actually voted on abortion rights since 2007. Not only that, Boris abstained from voting on introducing independent abortion counselling.

His silence on the issue leaves his views open to question but at the end of the day do we want a PM who has no opinion on women’s rights?

Boris Johnson Women's Rights

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What Are His Views On The Tampon Tax?

The tampon tax is a tax put on the sale of sanitary products in the UK as they are – somehow – considered luxury, non-essential products.

When you consider products such as postage stamps and bike helmets are exempt, why are women asked to pay this extra cost?

In 2015, the Finance Bill prompted talks with the EU for a reduction in the rate but was rejected by the Commons. Johnson was one of the 305 MPs who voted against the change.

Yet, with Brexit in his sights, the tampon tax could be ended as it is a European Policy.

What Are His Views On The Gender Pay Gap?

This year a report found that 78% of the UK’s employers favoured men.

Johnson voted against an assessment of how much government policies affect women.

The only time he has addressed the issue was as Mayor of London when suggested that the reason for the inequality was down to immigration.

Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour Party.

Jeremy Corbyn WomenImage Source/Daily Mail

What Are His Views On Abortion?

Jeremy Corbyn has openly defended women’s reproductive rights.

He said:

“We must all defend women’s reproductive rights, around the world and closer to home in Northern Ireland.

Banning abortions doesn’t end abortions. It ends safe ones.”

What Are His Views On The Tampon Tax?

Whilst Johnson voted against renegotiating the tampon tax with Europe, Corbyn was leading the charge to get rid of it.

Labour were campaigning for the removal of the tax on sanitary products, which was ultimately – and tragically – defeated.

What Are His Views On The Gender Pay Gap?

Corbyn has criticised the pay gap many times.  He has also supported campaigns by women’s organisations and trade unions supporting the issue.

In creating his shadow cabinet, he gave 16 of the 30 positions to women.

Jo Swinson MP, Liberal Democrat.

Jo Swinson was elected as leader of the Lib Dem’s in 2019.

Jo Swinson

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What Are Her Views On Abortion?

Swinson abstained on an amendment to put pressure on the Government to change abortion legislation in Northern Ireland and the proposal to introduce abortion on demand, for any reason, up-to 24-weeks in Northern Ireland and remove many of the current legal safeguards around abortion provision in England and Wales.

She also voted pro life on the introduction of independent abortion counselling.

For other votes, including reduction on abortion limit, a ban on sex-selective abortion a counselling and 7-day cool off period, she voted in favour.

What Are His Views On The Tampon Tax?

Swinson’s view on the tampon tax is unclear. She has previously stated that:

“I would be surprised if the clerks in the House of Commons would be able to make changes to the amendment without consent from the EU.”

What Are His Views On The Gender Pay Gap?

Swinson has openly talked about tackling the gender pay gap.

She said:

“It is about the fact that jobs in care and other roles are undervalued and low paid because they are predominantly done by women. It is about the 54,000 women a year who lose their job because they have a baby. It is about the toxic workplace cultures where the boys’ clubs make the decisions and sexual harassment is endemic. Time is up on pathetic excuses. It is time that organisations got serious about action.”