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Craving Meaning: Managing Nighttime Cravings

To know our craving meaning is to know how to swerve it. These niggly cravings tend to creep up on you after dinner when you’re winding down for the night. You’ve been on the move all day, but finally when you start to relax, you find yourself succumbing to the niggling cravings you’ve fought off all day long.

Well, you’re not alone- most of us feel these cravings at this time of day. You’ve ate your dinner and now just NEED something sweet. We can ALL relate. So, we’re shedding a bit of light on these pesky late night cravings, to help you better understand how to nip them in the bud!

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Craving Meaning: Midnight Feasts

Usually a craving is a sign of deprivation, in one way or another. A ‘deprivation’ doesn’t necessarily have to be a massive, dramatic one either, it could simply be that your body is in a calorie deficit of a couple hundred calories.

If you’re working towards the goal of losing weight, then this deficit is normal and desirable for you. Losing weight, by way of science, is simply expending (using) more calories than you’re intaking.

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So, to fight these cravings (without sacrificing your deficit), the best answer isn’t always just to necessarily ignore them. You’re still able to satisfy them, just with healthier, less calorie-dense snacks!

Craving Meaning And How To Combat Them

We’re Only Human

This article isn’t to say that a late night snack or treat should always be avoided- sometimes it’s needed. You’re on your period, you’ve had a big workout, you’re eating your emotions.

We’re all human and we all are entitled to feed our cravings. But, if you’re finding yourself slipping in to unhealthy daily habits of doing so, these are just some tips to bare in mind. Because, quite often a craving is simply that- in your mind…

Lower Calorie Alternatives

Dark Chocolate– chocolate is a common night time craving- the milky, creamy stuff usually. Instead, try swapping it out for a dark chocolate, with naturally lower sugar content.

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If dark isn’t your thing, then opt for a flavoured dark choc treat, like orange or raspberry.

Rice cakes– they come in all flavours, sweet and savoury, and are practically like eating air- they will satisfy a craving whilst being kind your waistline.

Nakd bars– a date based bar like these will give you all the natural sugars you need to satisfy the sweet tooth, whilst also giving you one of your five a day.

Bigger Portions

Or try avoiding them all together, with bigger, more nutrient-dense meals! By filling up at meal times, you’ll ultimately feel less of an urge to ‘make up for it’ when the sun goes down.

But, this doesn’t mean filling up on any old food- it’s important to make good choices.

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Lots of vegetables (roast and season to make them more enjoyable), carbs (they aren’t the devil, and will help subside your hunger later in the day), and lots of protein! In the form of meat or plant-based alternatives such as tofu.