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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey: Our Favourite Hickey Hacks

Freaking out over a protruding love bite? We’ve got you covered with these handy hacks on how to get rid of a hickey!

Most of us know the awkward situation of having to disguise a pretty protruding love bite before we go for a family meal. Not to mention the strange looks we get at wearing a turtleneck in the middle of summer…

A hickey, in scientific terms, occurs when something interferes with your capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and by ‘interferes’, we mean kissing or biting of the skin.

Now, nobody (except a cocky lad) wants a hickey but getting rid of one always seems to be a waiting game unfortunately. We can do our best to cover the marks with foundation and concealer but this is only a temporary fix. One drop of sweat and it’s all over.

If you find yourself in hickey hell, here are some home remedies to help rid you of last night’s shame ASAP.

1. Use A Cold Spoon To Reduce Swelling

While the hickey is still fresh (if possible), grab a clean spoon and place it in the freezer for 8-10 minutes. Then, firmly rub the cold spoon against the love bite. Dermatologist Doris Day says:

‘The cold will help minimize the blood seeping out of the vessels into the skin.’

If you repeat this process a few times a day, it should help to keep the swelling down.

how to get rid of a hickey cold spoonsImage Source: /Unsplash

2. Apply Aloe Vera

Did you know that aloe vera is full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties? Just a thin layer of aloe vera gel or cream can help reduce skin swelling. Although it won’t make it miraculously disappear, it will certainly speed up the healing process!

aloe veraImage Source: /Unsplash

3. Use A Banana Peel

What? We’re not joking, banana peels are actually a bizarre remedy to healing those pesky hickeys!

Simply remove the peel from a ripe banana and rub it over the affected area. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, it can help to get rid of marks faster.



Image Source: /Unsplash

4. Put Pressure On It With A Warm Compress

A more obvious remedy to speeding up the hickey healing process is to use a warm, wet washcloth. Putting pressure and gently massaging the affected area for a few minutes will boost blood flow through the area and help it heal faster.

Just make sure you use a lukewarm – not hot – compress. You don’t want to leave yourself with burns as well as a hickey!

warm compress on neck

Image Source: /Times of India

5. Rub It With A Toothbrush

Another strange remedy to battle hickeys is surprisingly simple. Make sure you have a toothbrush with soft bristles! Then, all you have to do is brush over the affected area with the toothbrush and similarly to the compress, it can also simulate blood circulation.

Remember, you should alternate your brushes and move in different directions to allow the clotted blood to spread.

Repeat this process for 5-10 minutes every day while your stubborn love bite begins to vanish.


Image Source: /Unsplash

6. Apply Topical Vitamin K

Topical Vitamin K can help to speed up the recovery process of skin healing and get rid of those pesky bruises quickly! Vitamin K actually plays an important role in the body’s blood-clotting process which is why it is known to reduce bruising.

Apply a generous amount of vitamin K cream (which you can purchase from most drugstores) to your hickey when and as needed.

vitamin k cream

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