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In this day and age, actually going up to someone and asking them out just doesn’t seem to be the done thing anymore. Not only is it difficult to find the courage to approach someone you fancy, getting rejected to your face (especially if your mates are there) is mega awks for everyone involved.

One way people have tried to avoid this potential embarrassment is to use online dating. Online dating is quickly becoming one of the most common ways for couples to meet these days. New dating apps are being developed all the time after the global success of Tinder.

App developers have jumped on the bandwagon and are consistently working on new ways to connect social media sweethearts.

Swipe right if you’re familiar with any of these lesser known dating apps!

Coffee Meets Bagel

How frustrating is it when you get loads of matches but none of them ever go anywhere? Coffee Meets Bagel is a dating app that only offers you one match every day at noon which forces you to think more about each potential suitor. You have one day to match or decline on the user.

No swiping involved!

However, this app is definitely geared more towards those looking for something a bit more serious. If you’re looking for a hook-up, it might not be the app for you.

Image Source: /Coffee Meets Bagel


An app designed to cater for LGBTQ+ women, Her is a dating app completely free of men. For women out there looking to meet potential wives, flings or just good pals, Her allows users to specify their identified gender and sexuality to match up with compatible users.

It is also good for finding LGBTQ+ events happening in the local area if you’re not actually looking to meet someone in particular.

The downside of this app is you have to be willing to cough up some moola every month if you want to get the full benefits but you can set up a more limited free account.

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If you’re a bit shy when it comes to dating and don’t really know how to go about it yourself, let your friend do the work with this dating app!

Wingman allows your friends to find matches for you. It is definitely for people looking for relationships (unless you want your friends to find you a hookup?).

It’s a test to your friendship to see if your mate can set you up with the perfect guy/girl…

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Most of us are guilty of having a sneak peak at Mystic Meg’s astrology column predictions at the back of The Sun…or is it that just us?

Well, for those stargazing star-crossed lovers, this app is perfect. The Align app matches up users depending on their zodiac sign traits.

Users sign up with Facebook, add their birthdates and pick six different traits or emojiis to describe themselves, as well setting their preferred gender and age of suitors.

In the form of a ‘constellation’ on the app’s main screen, users receive five daily matches with the most compatible users represented in big circles with different coloured auras…(we don’t really understand it to be honest but it sounds very…interesting!)

If users do ‘align’, then they can see each other’s list of traits and directly message.

Unfortunately, the app is currently only available to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York residents.

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