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Superdrug Body Mist Dupes: Designer Scents For £3.99

Superdrug body mist dupes are some of the best high-end fragrance rip-offs on the market- and, they’re available for less than £4.

We all enjoy smelling like we’ve just walked through duty free, having doused ourselves in as many testers as we can get our hands on.

But, smelling that good comes at a price- you really do get what you pay for when it comes to fragrance. It might smell divine as soon as you spritz, but generally the cheaper scents tend not to stick around for long enough. Spray an expensive bottle and you’ll be whiffing it for days.

Image Source/ Emma Mumford

We’ve all got our favourite scents that we would love to smell like 24/7, but when each spray is costing you about a tenner, you have to at least try and be reserved with your spraying.

Whether it be makeup or a designer bag, we’re all (well, most of us), partial to a dupe! Saving the £££ while also getting the same effect- yes please!

When it comes to fragrance, there’s knock-offs everywhere- from Primark to Next, to Zara to LIDL even- they’re all at it. You’ll find dupe videos for all your fave beauty products on channels like Zoella‘s. Some of our favourites however, can be found sitting pretty on the shelves of Superdrug.

The high street drugstore have offering of designer dupes, in the form of body mists- meaning you can smell as luxurious, for an absolute fraction of the price. At just £3.99 a bottle (or two for £6), you can avoid the guilt of showering yourself in the stuff. So, if you can’t afford the designer product, see if your favourite perfume has been duplicated by the high street brand…

Superdrug Body Mist Dupes: The Range

superdrug body mist dupes collection

Image Source/ Melissa Jane Lee

They’ve got quite the range- from YSL to Viktor & Rolf; see the full range below.

Exotic- YSL Black Opium

If you’re in to your perfumes at all, you’ll be more than familiar with this cult classic. It’s a signature scent that can be sniffed from a mile off; the black and pink glitzy bottle is also a selling point on its own.

Image Source/ Twitter

Oriental- Diesel Loverdose

Image Source/ Vesira Perfumery

Gourmand- Calvin Klein Euphoria

superdrug body mist dupes fresh

Image Source/ Melissa Jane Lee

Paradise- Paco Rabanne Olympea

Image Source/ Twitter

Sorbet- Viktor & Rolf BonBon

superdrug body mist dupes bon bon

Image Source/ Spray & Go

Floral- Stella McCartney Stella

superdrug body mist dupes stella

Image Source/ The Sunday Girl 

Blossom- Thierry Mugler Alien

Perhaps the most hyped of the dupes is Superdrug’s take on Alien by Thierry Mugler. Retailing for £45 for 30ml, this label lab favourite comes in at just £3.99 for 100ml!!

superdrug body mist dupes alien

Image Source/ GoodtoKnow

We can confirm, if you’re a lover of the distinct scent, then you need to run to your local Superdrug ASAP- these fly off the shelves, and for good reason.

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‘Blossom’ smells pretty much bang on, so for a lighter, day time alternative for your fave, this is perfect.

“Any girl who wears Alien literally NEEDS TO GET Superdrug layering lab body mist in ‘blossom’ two for £5 instead of £50+ a bottle. Alien is my fave and I literally couldn’t tell the difference! Thank me later.”

Spritz yourself in it post-gym, or just for fun if you want for that price!

Superdrug Body Mist Dupes: Layer Them Up

Not only are they worth every penny on their own, as the name ‘layering lab’ suggests, layering two fragrances on top of each other to create custom scents, that are unique and personal to you, is an option!

To entice you to layer, the high street store sells 2 for £6, to make layering life that bit cheaper!

Of course, being body mists and not eau de parfum, they don’t have the same staying power of perfume, but they will certainly recreate some of your favourite signature scents, whilst saving your purse strings.