If you are a woman aged 20-24 and you have visited your GP five times in the last year, then it has cost the NHS an estimated £1,061.

Growing up in the UK, we easily become accustomed to our healthcare being free with the system being in effect since 1948.

Currently, the prescription charge is £9 per item which includes common-use items such as inhalers, antibiotics and blood pressure tables. But with rumours of NHS privatisation and the terrifying news of health prices in the US, just how much would healthcare cost without our treasured healthcare system?

GP Appointment – £30

More than 15 million GP appointments are wasted each year after patients don’t turn up rather than cancelling and allow the space to be given to someone else.

Around 7.2million of these are with busy family doctors. With each appointment costing an estimated £30, the total cost of wasted appointments in a year racks up to over £216million.

EpiPen – £45-90

It is estimated that 44% of adults in the UK suffer from at least one allergy.

Around 250,000 people rely on the auto-injectors in the UK.

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Asthma Prescription – £123

Asthma is a lung condition where the breathing tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs get inflamed and narrow making it difficult to breathe.

This long-term condition affects around 5.4 million people in the UK.

Contraception – £15 – £45

The pill is still the most prescribed form of contraception with over 3 million people being prescribed by GP’s in 2017-18.

Currently, the contraceptive pill is free on the NHS and the prescription charge is waved.

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Cystitis – £24 – £420

Cystitis is a urinary tract infection that mainly affects women.

Tests are carried out to identify the infection before antibiotics are prescribed to treat. But this common infection could cost people up to £420.

Having A Baby Without Complications – £2,790 – £5,000

2,060 babies are born every day in the UK.

The cost of having a baby largely depends on whether there are complications. With complications, the price can shoot up by a few thousand pounds.

Epidurals cost around £1,395. Ultrasounds cost about £302. Caesareans cost around £3781.

Broken Bones – Up To £1,100

The cost of broken bones depends on the size of the bones broken as well as whether surgery is necessary or not.

The prices, on average, would be:

  • Broken Arm – £500
  • Broken Leg – £1,100
  • Sprain – £680

With surgery, the price can increase by a few thousand.

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Ambulance Call Out – £254

Around 19 thousand ambulances are called out each day in the UK.

Diabetes Treatment – £610

Over 4 million people have diabetes in the UK. Diabetes is a condition that causes high levels of sugar in the blood.

Overnight Hospital Stay – £400

Whether you’re having a baby or have taken ill, and overnight stay in hospital could fetch you up to £440. And with hospital stays generally lasting up to a week, this amount can soon rack up.

MRI Scan – £130

MRI scans provide detailed images of inside the body. It can be used to scan pretty much any part of the body including the brain, bones, heart and blood vessels and internal organs.

Scans can last between 15 to 90 minutes and can be vital in diagnosing medical conditions.