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Primark Perfume Dupes: Signature Scents From Just £3.50

Need a designer perfume without the designer price tags? With these Primark perfume dupes, no one will ever suss out the difference.

Every girl adores a bargain and raiding Primark is just too difficult to resist. The only issue is that as soon as we get complimented on the item, we instantly blurt out that IT’S FROM PRIMARK!

Primark, known for its variety of designer dupes – Zara-like dresses and Gucci-like shoes – is a haven for boastful bargains. But did you know about its incredible perfume dupes?

Indeed, taking it one step further, Primark have some satisfyingly sweet scents in store. These days, we could spend around £100 on perfume – even when ransacking duty free for a special deal – as a squirt of our favourite scent has become somewhat of a luxury.

Well, with Next, Lidl, Zara, Superdrug and now Primark selling perfume copies from as little as £3.50, is it worth swapping designer for a fraction of the price?

Primark Perfume Dupes: Chanel Chance

Chanel perfumes might just be one of the most well-known in the world as their fancy, French fragrance, Chanel No. 5 was launched in 1921.

In 2002, the equally popular Chanel Chance was released yet not everyone could afford the signature scent. Well, for those who desire the fragrance whilst avoiding the payout for the real deal, then Primark have answered your calls.

The retailer is selling two perfumes that are incredibly similar to the Chanel Chance whilst merely costing £3.50.

‘Rose’ and ‘Noir’ come in similarly-shaped bottles to the Chanel brand meaning they are chic enough to pop in your handbag.

However, whilst some buyers are convinced the perfume is a dupe of Chanel, others claim the scent smells more like Lancome La Vie Est Belle.

Either way, £3.50 for a designer scent is certainly worth the cost.

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Primark Perfume Dupes: Marc Jacobs Decadence

The £2 %me Primark perfume is said to be a complete copy of Marc Jacob’s Decadence.

Packaging-wise, the design might not be as trendy as the original, however it is purse friendly to ensure you have it on you for any occasion.

At an astonishing £2 a bottle, there is certainly little to complain about.

Primark Marc Jacobs Perfume

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Primark Perfume Dupes: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

Primark’s Pomegranate and Black Tea perfume is said to be identical to Jo Malone’s perfume.

With the designer perfume normally fetching £88 and the Primark version priced at just £8, there are huge savings to be made (which will look remarkable on your bank statement).

The design of the bottle even bears a striking resemblance to the Jo Malone original, so much so that you’ll hardly notice the difference!

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All the Primark perfumes are also cruelty-free and the reviews speak for themselves as one twitter user said:

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Primark Perfume Dupes: Thierry Mugler Alien

Last year, to celebrate the release Disney’s Aladdin film remake, Primark released a line of Aladdin-inspired beauty accessories including a perfume entitled: ‘Making my own magic’.

At just £8 a bottle, people are comparing the fragrance to Alien by Thierry Mugler which would normally set you back about £60.

Online, mums have taken to praise the scent. One claimed:

“Primark 100ml perfume. Disney Aladdin £8, smells exactly the same as Alien!! Now a mum-of-two who wears Aladdin.”

Furthermore, not only does the perfume smell like the real thing, it lasts just as long as you would expect with users saying the fragrance can still be detected the next day.



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Whatever your preferred perfume, there is sure to be something up your street.