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The Best Free Dating Apps For All Your Dating Needs

Discover some of the best free dating apps on the market now that you find yourself, well, back on the market! The world of online dating awaits…

Meeting people to date in real life is becoming less of a thing in this day and age and entering the crazy world of dating apps can be daunting to say the least! In this new social media era of online dating, where do we even start?!

Are dating sites and apps full of people just looking for a quick hookup? Is it likely I’ll swipe right on Mr Right?

Well, to answer your questions, there are LOADS of free dating apps out there, each with their own unique selling point. Whether you’re looking to find love in long-term relationships or just want a casual fling, here are the best free dating apps for you to try out.

Best free dating apps

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1. Tinder

When we think of the best free dating apps, Tinder is usually people’s first point of call. Tinder is the cornerstone of dating apps and one of the most popular ones around the world. It’s also super easy to set up!

It may have a reputation as being more casual hookup than wine and dine but you are certainly not short of options.

You simply upload some pretty pictures of yourself and a bio (the bio is optional but writing one will give you an edge by showing off your personality). Then, you can set your age and distance preferences. The app will do the rest of the matchmaking work for you!

Once you’re all set up and ready to go, you’ll be able to see the dating profiles of other individuals in your area with whom your preference settings match up with. When someone’s profile pops up, simply swipe left if you’re not interested and right if you are! If the person in question also swipes right on you, then you’ll have a match and will be able to directly message.

(Don’t worry – no one will know if you swiped left on them!)

The standard app is free but there are options to upgrade your account to a premium one if you so wish to use features such as Tinder Passport (the option to match with people across the world, say if you were planning an upcoming holiday).

Best free dating apps tinder

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However, you can get the best out of Tinder without having to pay for the fancy features. It is the biggest dating app going so you won’t be short of matches and dates!

2. Bumble

For the ladies who are tired of creepy men constantly sending them cringey one-liners or worse (keep it clean, folks!) and men who are tired of always having to make the first move, Bumble is the answer!

Bumble works the same as Tinder, however the difference is that the woman must make the first move when a match is made. Once you get a match, you have 24 hours ladies to start a conversation with your chosen guy/gal or they will disappear forever. So, if you like the human, go get em!

This 24-hour time limit can be a bit debilitating, especially if you haven’t got the time. However, it is possible to extend a match if you just missed out on chatting with someone you really like.

Simply tap on the connection and press ‘extend’ to have another 24-hours.

Best free dating apps bumble

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For women looking for other women, either person can start the conversation once a match is made.

There are also alternative versions of the app – Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz – for people looking for friends or professional connections rather than romantic ones.

3. Hinge

Hinge is great for the people who are serious about finding someone they would like to see a future with. The way it works is you first have to include a lot of details about yourself from physical features to personality (for instance, describe yourself in three emojiis) so that you form your own ‘story’.

When you come across another person’s profile, you will have the opportunity to take in all of the information they have provided about themselves and ‘like’ different aspects of their story.

Instead of having just a photo and someone’s name to go off, Hinge forces people to be more open about themselves and all their quirky habits to potential suitors. If you’re picky, you can even specify certain details of what you’re looking for (e.g. height).

Best free dating apps hinge

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4. Happn

Make things happen with Happn (eh? eh?) This dating app currently has 50 million users around the world, operating across 40 countries. Sometimes love can be closer than we think and with Happn, you can discover matches in your local area and it will tell you how many times you’ve crossed paths with said special individual.

Kinda creepy and cute at the same time…

The downside is if you’re not on the app at the time you cross paths with someone (as you cannot search by location or time), then your dream guy/gal may just have disappeared forever.

Best free dating apps happn

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5. Once

The issue with the world of dating apps is that it may feel, for the old-fashioned souls out there, that the romance of traditional dating may have been well and truly murdered.

Well, Once is an app that does its best to go back to traditional match-making standards. Individuals can save time aimlessly swiping and actually come across people they stand to possibly have a good connection with, based on their respective preferences.

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still be very much reminded you are on a dating app when the endless ‘you’ve got a match’ notifications come flooding in. It may not be the best in terms of finding a wide range of people but it may be good if you have the patience to wait for a good one to come along.

Best free dating apps once

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6. Huggle

Huggle is all about common ground when it comes to matching people up. Its unique selling point is that you have the option to list your favourite places to go e.g. restaurants, parks etc. and it can find people who like to go to the same places. Everything is location location location.

It’s a contrived meeting but it can still give the illusion that you’re in a rom-com bumping into someone you like, in a place you like. You can swipe through your locations in common to find people or look at your locations to see the people who visit there. As the whole thing is done on Facebook (as you sign in with Facebook), then your checked in places can correlate with others that way.

When you view a profile, it will show you the individual’s name, age, job, education, bio and photographs in addition to your places in common.

Best free dating apps huggle

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7. Badoo

Badoo is considered to be one of the biggest global dating apps. It has a user base of 380 million with 300,000+ users signing up on a daily basis. Available in 190 countries and 47 languages, Badoo knows how to find you a boo.

It works the same as traditional apps like Tinder by allowing you to view profiles in your location. However, you can also discover people in any location if you select the big cities of your choice!

Recently, Badoo launched a livestream feature known as Badoo Live to enable users to have real life interactions with their matches.

In addition, Badoo also has a feature where users can search for lookalikes of their favourite celebrities and will be matched up with their doppelgangers! Simply upload a picture of your celeb crush and Badoo will do its best to find the real deal.

Best free dating apps badoo

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8. Coffee Meets Bagel

A lot of dating apps can leave you frustrated because you may have a bajillion matches but none of them seem to develop past the initial ‘hey what’s up’.

Well, Coffee Meets Bagel makes this less likely to happen because it only allows you to match up with an individual once a day at noon. For 24-hours only, you then have the option to match or decline the user.

There is no swiping involved! However, if you do decline on a potential match, then you have to wait another day for a new one. This app is definitely geared to those who are looking for a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Best free dating apps coffee meets bagel

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9. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish allegedly has more conversations than any other dating app with 2.5 million chats every day. You can’t argue with a figure like that!

Plenty Of Fish is definitely more suited to those looking for potential partners – users have to take a ‘chemistry test’ when they sign up to increase their chances of matching up with a likeminded individual.

Hey, if it doesn’t work out, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Best free dating apps plenty of fish

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We know how scary it can be to put yourself out there but go in the mindset that it’ll be fun and you really have nothing to lose! You never know…Mr Right could be just a swipe away!