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16 personality types for over 7 billion people might sound limited, but according to the Myers- Briggs personality test, it’s enough.

It sounds far-fetched, until you actually take the test and struggle to believe just how well the results can read your soul.

There might be a limited number of personality types, but at the end of the day, we are all human. We all have traits that overlap, and we all have similarities that can tie us with the same brushes.

Your personality type diagnosis can give you insight in to all aspects of your personality- from your strengths and limitations, to your career and love- life.

Once you’ve taken the test, explore below just what your results mean. The more you read about your supposed type, the more scarily accurate it gets…

16 Personality Types: ANALYSTS


Strategic thinkers with a plan for everything. They approach romantic relationships like they do every other situation- with a clear plan. In this case, the clear plan is a healthy, long-term relationship.

They rarely fall head over heels in love, instead choosing to find their partners wisely, ensuring they tick all of their boxes.

16 personality types michelle obama
Michelle Obama


Innovative inventors with a thirst for knowledge. Relationships don’t come easy to this personality type, given their shy and withdrawn natures. They’ll more than likely shy away from making the first move, out of intense fear of rejection.

Romantic gestures and lots of social plans and dates aren’t important to Logicians, which actually is to a fault. They care so little about such things, that they forget their partner’s needs for such interaction.

16 personality types


Strong-willed leaders, who will get what they want. These natural-born leaders approach dating with the same mindset they do everything else- as a goal to achieve.

They are in it to win it, and don’t like to lose. They go after what they want, and in most cases- get it.

16 personality types thatcher Debater

Curious thinkers who can’t resist intellectual challenge. Debaters are fantastic at thinking of endless ideas to keep things moving forward, which is evident in their relationships.

Growth is key for them, and they don’t see a relationship working if they can’t see themselves growing, in all aspects of life, with their significant other.

16 Personality Types: DIPLOMATS


Quiet and mystical idealists. They take the process of finding a partner very seriously, and rarely casually date.

They’ll take all the time in the world to find someone who they truly connect with, knowing that it’ll be worth the wait for that deep, meaningful connection.

16 personality types lady gagaMediator

Kind and altruistic people, always eager to help a good cause. They’re hopeless romantics, who have a never-ending imagination.

They create the ideal relationship in their heads, so are often finding themselves disappointed. They find it hard to recognise that nobody’s perfect and that no relationship is.

Although, they do realise this eventually and thankfully aren’t in a rush to commit.


Charismatic leaders, able to mesmerise their listeners. This type feels most themselves when they’re in a relationship- few types are more eager to find their partners.

They select partners who they see a long future with, rather than casual flings that other types, such as the Explorer types, might edge towards.


Enthusiastic and sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smile. Nobody is more enthusiastic than a Campaigner type to share the best bits of life with a partner.

Relationships to them are light-hearted and fun, and a chance to connect with another soul. They don’t favour the dating stage, as the formal process doesn’t sit well with their free-spirited nature.

distance relationships are common amongst this style, as they view physical distance as irrelevant when finding love.

16 Personality Types: SENTINELS


Fact-minded and practical individuals, whose reliability can’t be faulted. They’re dependable like no other, and it shows in their relationships.

They tend to encourage gender roles and value traditional family values. Their reserved nature might make dating challenging at first, but they’ll give everything to make it work.


Warm protectors, always ready to defend their loved ones. Their biggest joy comes from taking care of those they love, including their romantic partners.

Home is where the heart is for this group and there’s no other area in their life that they strive with such dedication to make work, than their relationships. All they want is peace and love!


Excellent organisers, unrivalled in their management skills. Executives are fairly unique in that their relationships don’t tend to change from the dating to long-term stage.

This is because they value honesty above everything, so they’re likely to be clear and committed from the very onset.

16 personality types judge judyConsul

Extremely caring and popular people, always eager to help. The feelings of security and stability from a romantic relationship is prized by a Consul more than any other type.

Knowing they are loved and appreciated has a huge positive impact on a Consul’s self-esteem.

16 personality types tayor swift

16 Personality Types: EXPLORERS


Bold and practical- Jack of all trades. Nothing can be forced with a Virtuoso- they either like you, or they don’t.

They need to be given space to be able to enjoy the benefits of being in a committed relationship- or they’ll get irritated.

daniel craig


Always ready to explore and experience something new. Adventurers are quite mysterious and difficult to get to know, being known to have their guard up.

They prefer to focus on the feelings of others, rather than expressing their own needs and feelings. It can sometimes be frustrating for their partners, but if they can get past this they make warm, enthusiastic partners16 personality types britney spears.


Smart and very perceptive, who truly enjoy living on the edge. They live for the here and now, and tend not to focus on the long-term; that also stands for relationships.

They might not like to commit or plan for the future, but their spontaneity and love for life makes for a thrilling partner.

16 personality types eddie Entertainer

Spontaneous and enthusiastic people, who are never boring to be around. This free-spirited, fun-loving type don’t like to solidify the foundations of a relationship, but instead view them as an unpredictable thrill.

This means commitment can be an issue for them, as when the excitement wears off, they seriously start to doubt their place in the relationship.

16 personality types adele