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Everything You Need To Know About Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris recently came into the limelight after it was announced that she was the running mate for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The name Joe Biden might sound familiar as he was the vice president for Barack Obama’s White House residency.

This is everything you need to know about the first African American, the first Indian American and only the third female vice presidential running mate.

Kamala Harris talking into a microphone

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What is her background?

Kamala was born on October 20th, 1964 in Oakland, California but she grew up in Berkeley to divorced parents.

She attended Howard University and graduated with a degree in political science and economics. Through the Legal Education Opportunity Program for students from adverse background she attended the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. In 1989 she graduated with a Juris Doctor and in 1990 she was admitted to the California Bar.

Her presidential journey

Kamala Harris was originally running for the Democratic president nomination. In January 2019 she announced her candidacy for the Democratic presidential ticket. Within the first 24 hours she reached Bernie Sanders’ record for the most donations raised in the day following an announcement.

In the initial Democratic presidential debate Kamala rebuked Joe Biden for his hurtful comments he made in regards to integration efforts in the 1970s and even worked with them to oppose mandatory school bussing. After that debate, Harris’ support rose 3 points – from 6 to 9.

Over the next few months she was scolded by other candidates over her work as an Attorney General; specifically the blocking the DNA testing of a death row inmate as well as defending California’s death penalty.

In December 2019 Kamala withdrew from her candidacy due to a shortage of funds.

How she became Joe Biden’s running mate

March 2020 saw her back Joe Biden for president of the United States. It was argued that a Biden-Harris presidential ticket would be perfect to defeat President Trump and Mike Pence. Later that month, Joe confirmed that he would be choosing a woman for his running mate.

After the untimely death of George Floyd and the uprise of the Black Lives Matter movement, Biden faced calls to choose a black woman as his running mate.

On August 12 2020, Joe Biden announced that he had picked Kamala Harris as his running mate.

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What did she do before this?

From 2004-2011, Kamala was the San Francisco district attorney and was the California  attorney general from 2011-2017.

Self-described as a ‘progressive prosecutor’ she argues that it is possible to both be tough on crime and confront the deep inequities of the criminal justice system.

In 2016 Kamala was elected to the Senate – making her the first Black woman there in over a decade. Although her time as California junior senate was brief, she interrogated many of the Trump administration officials including Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court hearing.

Within the Senate she serves on multiple high-profile committees including the Intelligence Committee and the Judiciary Committee

What does the personal life Kamala Harris look like?

Kamala’s husband is attorney Douglas Emhoff and is also stepmother to his children from his previous marriage. She is a member of San Francisco’s Third Baptist Church – a congregation of the American Baptist Churches USA.

She is related to many well known members of society including her sister Maya Harris, an MSNBC political analyst. Her brother-in-law is Tony West, general counsel of Uber as well as a former United States Department of Justice senior official. Meena Harris, the founder of Phenomenal Women Action Campaign, is her niece.