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Adjusting To The New Normal

With the majority of the country spending around two months in one place, many of us will inevitably struggle when adjusting to the ‘new normal’: the new version of reality that we’re all still trying to get our heads around.

With pubs and gyms reopening, your workplace welcoming you back and restaurants opening their doors, from physical distancing to hand hygiene, it’s hard to remember a time before the virus. So, we’ve got a few tips to help you on your way to adjusting to the ‘new normal’.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

We ALL forget our masks when we go into shops, only bring cash out with us to the supermarkets and constantly forget to pack our hand gel. So, don’t beat yourself up if you do. It’s a work in progress and you’ll get there.

Give Yourself Time

Allowing yourself to take as much time as you need is essential in order to get used to the ‘new normal’. Everyone reacts to new things differently, so it’s important to accept that adapting may take a while.

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Accept Your Friends Decisions

You’ll probably have realised by now that some of your friends are much more relaxed than others about the virus. Whilst some will be hitting the bars already, others still get nervous stepping foot in the supermarket. So, be mindful of your peers, and open up to them about how you’re feeling too.

Manage Working From Home

Working from home isn’t easy for the best of us. Juggling concentrating with family, distractions and the fridge is seriously difficult. But making sure you have a set routine in place can help you manage the stress of it all; from getting up at the same time to getting out for a daily walk, setting time for specific activities will help to structure your days.

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