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What Is My Love Language? Understanding The Love Languages

What is my love language? There are a number of different love languages and everyone falls into at least one of the categories.

A love language is the way in which one shows and experiences love. For example, some people need words of affirmation to feel loved, whereas some people require physical touch. When you understand how you experience love and how that may differ from your partner, it can help to create a deeper level of connection and understanding between you.

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We’ve provided a list of the different types of love languages with some handy tips on how you can spruce up your love life, no matter where in the relationship timeline you are!

What Are The Different Types Of Love Languages?

There are five main types of love languages and they are as follows…

1. Words of Affirmation

One type of love language is the desire for words of affirmation. Some people feel the most loved when they receive positive words, compliments and reassurance from other people. If words of affirmation is your love language, you will:

  • Get a buzz from receiving compliments and praise.
  • Love hearing others say they care about you.
  • Love receiving recognition for work you have done and feeling understood by others.

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How to communicate using words of affirmation:

  1. Be encouraging and empathetic: Show that you can understand your partner and be verbally supportive of their achievements and struggles.
  2. Tell your partner that you love them and compliment them. This will make them happier than you know.
  3. Leave your partner love notes or even a sweet text message to remind them that you’re thinking of them.
  4. Be vocal in the bedroom and communicate what you like.

2. Acts Of Service

Some people fall into the love language category of Acts Of Service. This means that you quite literally like to give ‘Acts of Service’ or receive ‘Acts Of Service’ in order to feel loved. For example, completing a household chore for your partners means that they don’t have to do it when they come from work. Performing thoughtful acts of service will make your partner feel loved and are a reminder that you value them and don’t take them granted.

How to communicate using Acts Of Service:

  1. Pay attention to the little things e.g. what your partner’s favourite TV show is or how they like their morning coffee.
  2. Offer to help your partner with the tasks that they don’t enjoy doing.
  3. Use your strengths. If you have a skill in an area that your partner is less familiar with, offer your expertise and help.

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Don’t try and take on too many tasks and burden your own schedule, but see what little things you can do here and there to make a thoughtful gesture.

3. Receiving Gifts

As materialistic as it sounds, some people’s love language takes the form of gift receiving. By gifting your partner something, to them this is an expression of love. That isn’t to say that you need to splash out on lavish gifts, but even a small little personal gift that you have made for example, will go far in making your partner feel lucky to have you.

How to communicate to a partner who loves receiving gifts:

  1. Be thoughtful when it comes to choosing a gift for your partner.
  2. Gifts with sentimental value are a good option to choose.
  3. NEVER forget a gift-giving occasion e.g. birthdays and Christmas.
  4. Even picking up a cheap souvenir for your partner if you’re away from them travelling is a kind gesture.
  5. A gift can be a small reminder of your love and support if your partner is feeling sad or stressed.

If you struggle with knowing that gifts to choose for your partner, ask other people for advice. Sometimes, their friends and family will have intel that you don’t!

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4. Quality Time

Some people feel the most loved by just spending lots of quality time with their significant other. By ‘quality time’, we don’t mean sitting in front of the sofa with the TV on and not speaking to each other. We mean giving your partner your undivided attention.

If you don’t give your partner your attention or ever want to spend time with them away from distractions, this will lead to them feeling neglected.

How to communicate through spending quality time together:

  1. Put your phones away and actually speak to each other.
  2. Do activities together that will bring you closer.
  3. Give each other your undivided attention when you’re having a date night.

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5. Physical Touch

When we talk about physical touch in relationships, we’re not just talking about sex. Some people show and receive love through physical intimate acts such as holding hands and cuddling.

Ways you can show intimate love through physical touch, include:

  1. Sex.
  2. Kissing.
  3. Holding hands.
  4. Cuddling.
  5. Just touching your partner in some way. For instance, touching your partner’s hair and face can show that you value them and are attracted to them.

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Remember, it’s okay to have a different love language to your partner. Being honest and open with your communication is the best way to connect with your partner and to understand how you can both work to ensure that you are content in the relationship. Romantic gestures always go a long way!

Sometimes your love language correlates with your personality type, so it can be interesting to see what this says about your relationships!