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Why You Have A Delayed Period But AREN’T Pregnant

Is there anything more nerve-wracking than having a delayed period… especially when you know that you’re not pregnant!

Yes, that negative pregnancy test might be a blessing but it does spark some other questions.

Why do I have a delayed period?

There is a multitude of reasons as to why your period hasn’t arrived:

Delayed period

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How do any of those affect your menstrual cycle?

A regular menstrual cycle usually runs every 28 days but they can range from 21-40 days depending on what is normal for that person.

Irregular periods are common at two points in a woman’s life: when she first starts her period and when she enters the menopause. Any other delays or irregularities could be caused by something potentially sinister.

PCOS is a medical condition affecting 10% of women of childbearing age. The condition can even cause periods to stop and lead to endometrial cancer if not treated properly.

Stress is another factor that can affect reproductive hormone levels, which in turn, affects periods. Keeping stress levels to a minimum is a good way to keep your periods in check.

You might think that exercise is the answer – everyone tells us it’s good for stress – but excessive exercising can have a poor affect on periods too! It can affect the hormones that tell your body to release an egg.

Fluctuations in weight, gaining or losing too much body fat, can also affect your hormones. If you’ve lost weight quickly, are overweight or suffer from an eating disorder, a dietician can help you.

When should I see my doctor?

If you have three consecutive periods and get a negative pregnancy test result, that is the time to get some medical advice.

You may have some underlying condition which may be causing your delayed periods, so it is best to get it checked out.