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Home Office Ideas To Create A Zen Workspace

For those setting up shop in their living room, here are some home office ideas to create a zen workspace.

Thanks to Coronavirus, we’re all spending a bit more time at home. Our house or flat now doubles/triples/quadruples as a living room, work space, gym and kitchen. Another day of staring at those same four walls.

Working from home might seem daunting, mundane and downright anxiety-inducing but we also have easy access to the fridge so… there plenty of positives.

For those hours of the day we do spend working, fret not, you don’t need a dedicated room to create your own small office area at home. So for those needing to keep their working area a zen, separate space, here are some home office design ideas to create the best working environment possible and stave off that quarter-life crisis.

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Create The Right Atmosphere

A big challenge about working from home is enforcing the separation between an office space and home. Normally, we feel a relief to finish work and get excited to head back to our humble abode. But when we haven’t left said abode, that little bit in between work and home fails to exist and desperation takes it place.

Creating the right atmosphere is therefore needed to maintain the separation. Plus, if you find you’re looking up how to sleep well, that separation might be crucial!

No Television

You wouldn’t sit and watch television in work (unless the bosses weren’t looking) so you shouldn’t watch it at home. Yes, we might want some background noise but it can easily pull focus and it makes it harder to separate between a work and home atmosphere.

Good Background Noise

Instead, try to find some good background noise such as a playlist on Spotify which mimics the noise of an office or coffee shop. Silence can be loud so noise is useful as long as you can blur it out.

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Otherwise, finding a good podcast to listen to allows some noise without totally stealing your concentration.

The Right Kind Of Hygge

Hygge is all about the quality of cosiness to provoke a feeling on contentment. But for work? Not TOO cosy… Neutral colours, plants, textiles will offer a clean and easy to work in office nook.

A Pop Of Colour

Paint can create the illusion of space so it is ideal for making a room feel bigger than it actually is. Use a splash of colour to create a feature wall or section off some space. Lighter colours on the ceiling make your mind think that the space is larger so go for pale pink, whites or lilacs.

Ladder desk

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Colour schemes can even affect your productivity! Research has shown blue shades have a positive effect on our productivity levels. Yellow is beneficial for creative workers such as writers, artists or designers whilst green is better for those who work longer hours.

Your choice of colour, therefore, should be based on not only personal preference but the type of work you are doing.

To Buy

A Suitable Desk

Especially for those who live in a flat, we need home office desks that don’t take up too much of a small space.

One option is a ladder desk which doubles as a both a workspace and an interior design feature. It gives you plenty of space for both a laptop – and a brew – as well as plants, photos and whatever else you desire.

Home Design Ladder Desk

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A Suitable Chair

If you’re sat down all day, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable or having backache. The only issue – if your living room is doubling as your office – is that we don’t want a desk chair taking up space or ruining our interior design.

The best option, therefore, is to opt for a chair that can double as a dining room table or an office chair. Something sleek but with good back support.



Desk Chair

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A tidy home will lead to a tidy mind. Keep areas clear and clean and keep any folders or stationary neatly organised.

If you’re looking for organisation inspiration then  The Home Edit on Netflix is an absolute must! Clearing out and tidying the homes of celebrities, Clea and Joanna turn mess into an absolute dream.

We might get jealous at all the celebrities’ houses but it somehow really motivates us to have a massive sort out. Just what we need right now.

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Plants and Fresh Air

Add Some Green

Studies have shown that having indoor plants boosts mood, concentration, productivity and creativity. They also reduce stress, fatigue, sore throats and colds.

Plants clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen which, when we’re spending so much time indoors, is definitely a massive help.

Open That Window

Going into winter, we don’t want the window to be wide open with all the freezing air rushing in. But working in a stuffy room will be little help either.

Open the window just a crack to allow air flow or open the window for five minutes to freshen up your room and motivation.