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Is A Sugar Free Diet Worth The Benefits?

It’s no secret that sugar is one of the worst things for our physical and mental health, but is a sugar free diet really worth the hassle?

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What’s wrong with sugar?

Medical advice insists there’s lots of reasons why we should lower the amount of sugar we eat.

For example, it’s been linked to acne, weight gain, increase your risk of developing cancer, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

And that’s just a few of the side effects!

The sooner we lower our sugar intake, the sooner we can reap the health benefits.

How hard is cutting out sugar?

Um, not to put you off, but VERY!

The most difficult aspect is that there is hidden sugar in pretty much everything – that’s why many of us have a sugar addiction.

Put it this way, you need to become a pro at deciphering food labels!

However, once you know what food has added sugar and what to avoid, you’ll soon have control of your diet plan, health and your mood.

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What are the benefits to a sugar free diet?

TV host Davina McCall is a fan of this diet plan and its benefits, in an interview she stated:

‘It definitely had an impact on my energy levels and my skin looks loads better’.

As well as those positives, Davina has stated that going sugar free – meaning removing your diet of refined sugar, meaning you can keep natural sugars – has also curbed her sugar cravings:

‘I also felt a sense of freedom and wasn’t expecting that – I stopped feeling that I had to go to the fridge and scan for something sweet every evening. It took a while to get to that point but was worth the wait’.

There are even more benefits to not eating sugar, for example, weight loss and improved sleep.

What are the easiest ways to remove sugar from your diet?

Sugar makes its way into almost everything, especially things like fruit juice, dried fruits and processed foods. Opting for whole foods is usually the safest option.

This is also your time to shine in the kitchen. If you make your own food, you know exactly what is, and isn’t, in it!

If you ever find yourself with those sweet cravings, people who follow a sugar free diet opt for fruit or even water to satiate their hunger.

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