1. International day of recognition for dogs!

From the moment they’re born, it typically takes a total of 18 months to actually fully train a guide dog. Every guide dog that is trained is trained to judge their environment, the traffic conditions i in front of them and every other element that a human could need to ensure they can get around safely.

It is no wonder that guide dogs have now been honored with an international day of recognition to show our appreciation for everything they do for us. Without these magnificent creatures, there is absolutely no doubt that life for people who need guide dogs would be a lot different.

2. An artist dog

Does the name ‘Tillamook Cheddar’ ring any bells for you? Well, this amazing dog, who is called Tillie for short, is actually a dog with a very special skill. This wonderful dog actually had the ability to paint and produced amazing pieces of artwork!

As you can see, this little Jack Russel from Brooklyn, New York is known worldwide and had a career that spanned over 14 years. Sadly, her life came to an end when she was 14 years old (12 days before her 15th birthday) on the 29th of January, 2014.

3. People used to sell dog poop for a very strange reason

These days we get infuriated when we are out walking and narrowly avoid stepping in some dog poop – or sometimes we are unlucky enough to actually land in it! But, back in the day not picking up the droppings of your pet dog was not actually considered such a bad thing.

Back in Victorian London around the 1800s, people were actually paid a nice sum of money to go around the streets to scout out dog droppings and collect them all together. The purpose of this was to actually tan leather that was then sold on as goods.

4. Do dogs feel guilt?

For those lucky enough to be able to have a pet dog, have you ever come home to an absolute mess in the house? Whether they’ve heard the Postman arrive and decided to rip up all of your important letters or maybe left a little accident on the floor?

As annoying as it is for us to clear up, it is a well known fact that dogs don’t actually feel guilt for their actions! They are, however, submissive and may appear to look ashamed when they’re confronted by the ‘Alpha’ in the house. It is probably us that feels most guilty once we’ve shouted at them!

5. Trust

It’s a well known fact that dogs are the most loyal creatures possible. However, there is a big issue with trust when it comes to dogs. Did you know that they can actually tell if someone is being untrustworthy? Who knew that dogs had this sixth sense?!

If a dog does end up finding someone to be untrustworthy, then they will make a decision to stop listening to that specific person. This is typically because they find that person to be unreliable. That is why it is always good to trust a dog’s judgement on a person!

6. Dog attacks

Hearing about dog attacks is extremely rare. But, there is one scenario that has a really high rate of triggering dogs to attack. In fact, the USPS reports that there are approximately 6,000 dog attacks that occur every single year to their mail carriers on duty.

Yes, this is a really high number. In fact, that translates to over 16 dog attacks across America every single day! Whilst this number is high, it could be the fact the dog is protecting the house and thinks that the mail carriers are intruding – not that they’re necessarily a bad dog!

7. Which way does your dog wag their tail?

You might not have taken much notice to how a dog wags their tail – most people don’t until they read this fact. But, there is a lot you can read about how your dog is feeling in a certain situation depending on the way that they are wagging their tail.

A dog will wag their tail more to the right when they are feeling happy, excited, giddy and loved in a certain situation. However, if a dog starts to wag their tail more to the left then it is because they are feeling scared in the situation or are feeling anxious.

8. Are you smarter than a 2 year old?

It is quite difficult to try and measure a dog’s intelligence. But, they are a lot more intelligent than we give them credit for. If we were to measure their intelligence against a human then the average canine is about as smart as a two year old child.

Obviously, there are some dogs that are a lot smarter than others. For example, a Border Collie is widely recognised as the smartest dog of them all. This is because they are workaholics and they are innately sheep herders that are intelligent and have extraordinary instinct.

9. Titanic

Everybody has seen the classic film Titanic. What happened was based on a true story, but what is never mentioned in the film is the fact that it wasn’t just humans that were on board this huge ship when it sadly collided with an iceberg and consequently sank.

In fact, there were actually twelve dogs that were on board the Titanic ship at the time. Sadly, not all of them managed to survive the huge collision and the arctic temperatures in the sea. Unfortunately, only three of the twelve dogs managed to survive.

10. Dinner time!

In many countries around the globe, there are extremely strict rules on eating certain animals. It is obviously unheard of that humans eat dogs. However, in some countries it is actually perfectly legal to consume both cats and dogs and people have this as a staple in their diets.

In China there are around 30,000 dogs that are slaughtered every single year for people to consume their meat and also for people to make money off their fur. But, were you aware that it is actually legal for both cats and dogs to be consumed in Switzerland?

11. Speedy dogs

On average, dogs can run up to around fifteen to twenty miles per hour when it comes to short distances. Some breeds are typically a lot slower than that – usually ones that are smaller, and on the other side there are some dogs that can run a lot faster than that.

The fastest dog breed that there is, is a Greyhound. In fact, they have the ability to run an astounding 44 miles per house. The name Greyhound actually comes from German and it means old or ancient dog – it doesn’t necessarily refer to the colour grey.

12. Cute names

Dog names are derived from the most random places, but they catch on and they stick meaning that everybody uses them. Did you know that the name Corgi actually descended from the Welsh language? If you were to translate this word, it has the meaning ‘dwarf dog’!

If you thought that was cute, then do you know the name that refers to a group of pug dogs? Well, a group of pug dogs is otherwise known as a ‘grumble’! How adorable is that?! They do tend to say that lots of love usually comes from the littlest packages.

13. The oldest dogs

Have you ever questioned how long us humans have been blessed with dog companions? It is quite hard to imagine a life and a world without them in it! But, the oldest dog breed actually dates back all the way to around 329 B.C. Yes, that’s well over 2000 years ago!

The oldest dog breed known to man is the Saluki. They originated in Egypt and they are often referred to as the royal dog of Egypt. They were highly valued back in the day and were thought to have been a gift from God.  They are a member of the Hound Group and they rely on their eyesight, rather than their noses.

14. How long will they be here?

There is no worse feeling in the world when you lose someone that you love. People who have lost a pet dog, can relate to this feeling as they just become part of the family and something that you just can’t imagine life without?! That’s why it’s sad when we learn about the life expectancy of a dog.

Sadly, the average dog lives for around 10-14 years. Typically, smaller breeds live longer than this and then the bigger the breed, the shorter the life expectancy. Also, if a dog hasn’t been spayed or neutered this helps with their life expectancy and they can live longer.

15. Dogs look cute for a reason

If you are an avid dog lover, it is probably safe to say that your whole camera role on your phone will be pictures of your dog looking cute – whether they’re asleep or playing. But, did you know that when they curl up to sleep they don’t just do it to be cute?

In fact, there is a very special reason that they curl themselves up. This is a natural instinct that they have and it’s so that they can keep all of their vital organs safe whilst they’re sleeping. It is a natural way to protect themselves and also keeps them warm when they’re sleeping.

16. What are you dreaming of?

On the subject of dogs sleep, have you ever watched them sleep? A lot of dogs tend to snore, which is absolutely adorable. A lot of them can twitch in their sleep and it makes you wonder… is my dog actually having a dream?! What are they dreaming of?!

Well, a lot of experts have been trying to figure it out and they actually believe that when you’re dog is asleep and dreaming they are actually dreaming about their owner! If this isn’t another reason to absolutely adore dogs then I don’t know what is?!

17. Dogs in your sleeves?!

Pekingese dogs are a breed of toy dogs that were developed in Ancient China. They were sacred and kept as a dog in the palace by members of the imperial family. They are known as the ‘lion dog’ due to their adorable appearance where they look like miniature lions.

But, did you know that back in the day they were known as ‘sleeve dogs’ because of the fact that a lot of Chinese Royalty actually kept these dogs in the sleeves of their robes? There are many reasons why they kept them there – some say it’s for warmth, and other argue that they were there ready to attack anyone.

18. Do dogs have fingerprints?

Every single human has a different fingerprint, that is why we can now access plenty of private things with just our fingerprint. As an example, we have the ability to unlock our phones using just our fingerprint and no two human finger prints are the same!

So, then we can ask the question about whether dogs have the same unique print on their paws? No they do not. Instead, it is actually their nose that is considered the equivalent of a human finger print. No two dogs actually have the same exact nose print.

19. Why are dogs noses wet?!

You can tell a lot about a dog’s health just from their nose. The reason that their nose is wet is because the inner lining of the nose actually contains special glands that produce mucus in order to keep them moist. The level of moisture can change throughout the day based on weather and environmental conditions.

Then, just a thin layer of this mucus stays and clings onto the outer area of the nostrils, this in turn enhances the absorption of scent chemicals which results in a significant improvement in their ability to smell. This is why dogs are known to have such good scent ability!

20. Separation anxiety

What is separation anxiety? Well, this is when you are not with your dog and then your dog becomes quite anxious and worried when they are not around you. It is not uncommon for a dog to suffer from separation anxiety when they are separated from their guardian.

In order to help with this, it is recommended that if your dog does suffer from separation anxiety then you should leave a piece of clothing for them to sleep on or cuddle up to that smells just like you. This will bring them a lot of comfort at times they feel this anxiety.

21. Barking dogs

It is natural for a dog to bark. Whether they are trying to get your attention, try to tell you that they need something or if they feel like there is a sense of danger around them. This is a typical thing to expect from any dog. But, did you know that there are certain dogs that don’t have barking as their primary form of vocalisation?

Well, instead of barking at things, the Basenji actually communicates with its owners and other dogs by using another form of vocalisation. Instead, this gorgeous domesticated dog breed actually prefers to howl or yodel – and this dog can yodel really well!

22. Pooping with purpose

Just like us humans, dogs have to get rid of their waste. However, they don’t have the luxury of a nice private bathroom with a locked door to protect themselves from embarrassment and the outside world. Instead, they simply go wherever and whenever nature calls.

But, did you know that dogs actually prefer to leave their droppings in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field? They line up their spine in a north-south position to go to bathroom! A study has proved and shown that dogs can sense and respond to the magnetic fields of the earth.

23. One giant leap for dog kind

The first animal in space was a actually dog! Her name was Laika and she was from Russia. This was way back in 1957 and she travelled around planet earth in the Soviet spacecraft that was named Sputnik 2. What an achievement for such a small creature.

Sadly, approximately one week after the launch of Sputnik 2, Laika didn’t make it. She sadly passed away one week into the launch. Obviously, the scientists behind this were well aware of the dangers that could have occurred and sadly the worst happened.

24. Are dogs a good wingman?

A wingman is typically a friend who helps and supports another friend with a romantic relationship. But, did you know that potentially the best wingman that you could have by your side is actually your cuddly pet? This could be the best way to score yourself a date.

If you do have a dog with your when you are looking to get yourself a date, then apparently you are around three times more likely to get a phone number off of someone you are interested in! Again, this is just another great reason to get yourself a puppy!

25. How many toes on each paw?

We have all seen a dogs paw print, whether its when they’ve stepped in some mud or you are grooming your four-legged best friend. So, how many fingers do they usually have? Well, they typically have five ‘fingers’ that go from the main pad on their paws.

But, did you know that there is a dog breed out there that actually has 6 fingers? The Norwegian Lundehund is the only canine that has six toes on each paw. Their name in Norwegian is composed of the words ‘lunde’ meaning ‘puffin’, and ‘hund’, meaning ‘dog’!

26. Colorblind

It is a common known fact that dogs are colorblind. Humans (most of us) actually have three color receptors, otherwise known as cones, in our eyes however dogs only have two of these color receptors in their eyes. This doesn’t mean they can only see black and white though.

They have the ability to see more than just black and white. They have the ability to see shades of blue and different shades of yellow. They cannot see red, which means they can’t see any colour that has any red in it. This limited color perception is called dichromatic vision.

27. Trifecta Vision

Every single dog has three eyelids per eye. We don’t really see all of these eyelids in action. The thirs eyelid is actually an extra lid that sweeps back and forth across the surface of the actual eye and it helps to protect and help the spreading of the tear film.

The third eyelid is known as the nictitating membrane but is also commonly referred to as the haw. This third eyelid isn’t just found in dogs and is common in other types of animals too, it’s found in lots of birds, in reptiles and also in some other mammals as well!

28. Puppies to adults!

When a puppy is born it is absolutely tine and is born without the ability to see or hear, and is also toothless at this stage. Within the first four to five months of their growth, puppies manage to grow to around half of their full adult body weight.

This is rapid growth and then it starts to slow down a little bit. It will take a puppy around a full year, or even more in some cases, to grow and to develop into their full adult bodies. That’s why the cute puppy stage needs to be cherished because it goes so fast!

29. I’m spinning around!

Every dog has their own quirks and traits that make them adorable. One traits that a lot of dogs show is when they are trying to settle down and they run around in a circle beforehand. Some circle on the spot, and some dogs can circle round the room.

But, why on earth do they do this? It’s their way of trying to get comfortable before they know they’ll be settling down and resting for a while. This nesting trait is a quirky trait that has been passed down from their ancestors from many many years ago.

30. Guide dogs

Bill Irwin, was a blind hiker who was the first and only (to this day) profoundly blind person to have been able to hike the Appalachian Trail. This was back in November 1990 and this trail stretches more than 2,100 miles from Georgia all the way to Maine.

But, how does this involve dogs? Well, he was only able to achieve this momentous thing because he was guided by his trusty best friend and guide dog Orient, who was his seeing-eye dog. He led Bill to complete the intense trek and helped him make history.

31. Going for a swim

Dogs are known to be able to swim as they are extremely strong and and intelligent, as well as having the instinct to swim. But, did you know that it is actually Newfoundlands that are renowned for being the strongest swimmers out of all of the dog breeds that there are?

So, what makes them such efficient and strong swimmers? Firstly, their coat is extremely water-resistant and thick meaning the water won’t weight them down. Secondly, they actually have webbed feet which helps them tremendously when they are wading through the water.

32. How smart are our dogs?

We know most dogs can respond to a few commands here and there. A lot of the time, people have to avoid saying the word ‘walkies’ or ‘dinner’ in front of their canine companions because they know exactly what it means and it will get them over excited.

But, did you know that the majority of dogs are actually capable of being able to understand a massive 150 different commands?! What’s even more impressive is that there’s a border collie who goes by the name of Chaser who can actually respond correctly to 1,022 words!

33. Dogs riding the subway?!

Believe it or not, there are some stray dogs that know how to use the Subway in Moscow. They are known as the ‘subway-dwelling dogs’ and around 500 dogs actually live in its stations – especially in the Winter months when the temperatures drop significantly.

Out of these dogs, it is believe that around 20 of them now have the ability and have learnt how to use the system in order to commute from place to place. They can judge the length of time spent on a train, they recognise place names that are announced over the loudspeakers and they can track particular scents in certain stations.

34. Dachshunds weren’t originally bred for pets!

We all know how cute dachshunds are, but did you know that their original purpose was to hunt badgers? Despite being small in size and stature, they are actually very brave and fierce and have been bred in the past to hunt all different kinds of prey.

Even to this day, hunters in the United States of America and some places in Europe are still using miniature and standard dachshunds in order to hunt badgers. Not only this, but in the Western part of the USA they are used to track down any wounded deer.

35. Spiked collars

Collars weren’t always designed to be all colourful and cute and basically a big fashion statement. In fact, they used to be quite different back in the day. It was extremely liked that dogs were actually domesticated to use as protection against wolves.

So, in order to protect the dogs who were protecting the humans from wolves attacking them, they decided that they needed to wear collars that had huge spikes on them. This was to ensure that they had the advantage when it came to any chance of an attack.

36. Allergies

It comes as no surprise that dogs have allergies to certain foods, just like us humans. There are a huge range of foods that can cause dogs to suffer. They can’t be eating grapes or raisins as this can cause them to suffer renal failure. So avoid these at all costs.

Chocolate is a definite no go for your little doggies – no matter how much they beg when you’re enjoying your favourite chocolate bar. Avoid cooked onions, macadamia nuts and also avoid anything that has caffeine in. It’s essential every dog owner knows what they need to avoid feeding their dogs!

37. It’s raining cats and dogs

The classic phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ is obviously a dramatised phrase as it never actually rains cats and dogs. But, like every single quirky phrase we hear of, there is an origin and this particular saying came from 17th-century England.

Apparently, when there was a heavy storm (which is quite a frequent occurrence in England) dead animals would end up washed up into the streets as there was very little drainage for the water to go to. This made it look like it actually did rain cats and dogs!

38. Sensitive noses

Your dog has the ability to pick up on the changes in your scent, which is why they do sniff you every single time they see you. This helps them to determine what kind of mood you are in, and then can change how they interact with you – this is why we feel dogs can tell when you’re sad!

They also have the ability to smell your perspiration. It’s natural for humans to sweat a lot more when they feel nervous, and a dog can tell this and pick up on the scent. They can also tell if you are sick or not by your scene bu the changes in your scent that an illness causes – these are blind to the human nose!

39. Zorba the Great

Have you ever wondered what the largest dog on record is? Well, the biggest dog to ever be documented was Zorba the English mastiff. This achievement was recognised by the Guinness book of World Records. He was the heaviest and longest fog on record!

He set the record in November 1989 and he weighed a massive 345 pounds (156.5 kg). He was a huge 37 inches tall at the shoulder. Sadly, Zorba passed away in 1992 after living for 11 years! He was owned by Chris Eraclides who lived in London, England.

40. Dogs urine can corrode metal

Next time you’re out for a walk with your canine companion you should probably think twice before you let them pee on a lamp-post as it could be a little bit more dangerous thank you think. The acids that are present in their urine can potentially corrode the metal!

In fact, Derbyshire County Council, UK actually spent a huge $102,132 (£75,000) on executing a six month survey by monitoring one million lamp-posts amid fears that dogs urine was causing the base of them to start to crumble! The same year, dogs were also blamed for a lot of lamp-posts collapsing in Croatia!

41. Hot dogs

If you see your dog panting on a sunny day, then you need to be extra careful. Without stating the obvious, they have a huge coat of fur that they have to deal with in high heat anyway, but they also have a higher average body temperature than humans have.

This is part of the reason that fleas are a lot more attracted to dogs than they are attracted to humans. They also don’t have a body covered in sweat glands like humans have to help them cool down. Instead, they only have this on the pads of their paws.

42. The cute head tilt dogs do has a purpose

When you talk to your dog they tend to tilt their head, us humans think that this is the most adorable thing ever. But, there is actually a reason behind why they do this! Their hearing is extremely sensitive and this aids their ability to hear massively.

The positioning of their ears and the muscles in them help them to pick up a whole range of different sounds that humans simply can’t pick up. When they tilt their heads when we talk to them, or if they hear a funny sound, they are trying to locate the source of the sound.

43. Eating feces

As humans, we can’t think of anything more repulsive than the thought of eating feces. However, it is really no secret that dogs do tend to eat their own poop, and maybe that of other dogs that they come across when they are out and about on a long walk.

Although its gross to us, it is actually perfectly normal for them to have the instinct to do this. This is from their pre-domestication days thousands of years ago. This habit is more common in puppies, as older dogs typically tend to grow out of this.

44. Dogs get jealous

When you give other dogs attention, do you ever wonder if your dog is jealous of it? Well, if they’re acting jealous then it’s probably because they are. Apparently, research has shown their jealously is similar to how an infant would get jealous about something.

So, if you come home smelling of another dog that you’ve been petting then you are in for making your dog jealous of where you’ve been. This is something that all dog groomers will struggle with after being with dogs all day and coming home to their pooch smelling of other dogs!

45. Don’t hug your dog

Humans like to show affection in different ways that dogs do. As humans we like to hug each other, but apparently your pet might not like that this much as this isn’t how they want to receive love. In fact, hugging your dog can actually be quite stressful for them.

Dogs can adapt and become comfortable with their loved ones doing this, but you need to be cautious about giving hugs to a dog that you do not know that well as this cause them to be uncomfortable and stressed. There are plenty of other things that your dog might hate too!

46. A dogs yawn is different to our

Typically, when we yawn it’s because we are tired and ready for bed. So, it’s natural for us to assume that when a dog starts yawning we just expect that they must be tired and looking to get a bit of a rest. But, this isn’t always necessarily the case for dogs.

In fact, dogs also yawn as a mechanism to help them calm themselves down. If your dog is repeatedly yawning then it could be that they are having anxious feelings, or that they’re stressed out. It’s good to assess the situation that they’re in if you notice they’re yawning frequently.

47. Do dogs hate cats?

There’s the classic stereotype that dogs have it hard-wired in their brain that they don’t like cats. We see this frequently in media a lot where dogs and cats are complete enemies. However, it is not necessarily cats that they have the innate need to chase.

In fact, their evolutionary hunting instincts mean that they have the need to chase after anything that is small and speedy. This could be a cat, or even their favourite ball! There’s plenty of stories between dogs and cats where they get on well together!

48. How NOT to introduce yourself to a new dog

If you meet a new dog it’s essential not to go straight in to pet them, as this can cause them to react negatively. But, we have learnt in life to put your hand out in front of a dogs face for them to get your scent and approve before you can cuddle them.

Sometimes, this is not always the best thing to do. You are better off just letting a dog approach you first and then go with offering your hand towards them to smell. You should also approach the dog from the side if you have to approach the dog yourself.

49. Butt sniffing is a common dog greeting

If you’ve seen two dogs interact, then you will have easily noticed that they don’t go for the typical handshake as us humans do. Instead, they greet each other by butt-sniffing and this is a common greeting that every dog will have an instinct to do.

This helps them to gain all sorts of information about the dog they have just met, including their sex, their health and their diet. They can learn all sorts of information from something as simple as a sniff due to how powerful this sense is for them.

50. Dog cuddles are good for your health

We are so lucky to have dogs in our lives, whilst bringing us endless amounts of joy and company they can actually benefit our health a lot more than we realise. There’s lots of research that shows how petting dogs has the ability to lower your blood pressure.

If you are petting a puppy, then it can actually cause your blood pressure to drop around 10%. Not only this, but the blood pressure of the dog that is being pet can also drop too. So, that’s safe to say that dogs need us just as much as we need them!