Baring all in the sun

Source: Georgina’s insta

Wowser. Now, Georgina clearly has no problem with us all seeing this (it is from her insta after all!) but we’re pretty sure that, clever angles and light trickery aside, Cristiano would very much like to keep this particular view for his eyes only. You can’t really blame the guy…

Giving the paparazzi the finger!

She is bold and confident and not afraid to stand up for herself. This is why she has decided to give the paparazzi, who were taking pictures of her whilst she was simply trying to relax on holiday, the finger! We all agree with this reaction – You go girl!

Is she taking his shorts off?

Source: dailymail

Another image where she’s caught off guard! As well as Ronaldo. He seems to be minding his own business and is lying in the sun on his phone. But, it appears that Georgina has different things on her mind. It almost looks as though she’s trying to take his shorts off!

Getting out more than just laundry


Another one CR7 most likely wishes was in his private collection. In all fairness, maybe she’d genuinely not had time to hang out the laundry and was down a few outfit essentials. Whatever fitness regime you’re on Geo, we’d sign up in a second if we weren’t confident it would kill us.

Baring ALL on her yacht

Yes, the image is in black and white and you can’t fully see if she is clothed or not. But, either way, this image is extremely private and shows a lot of Georgina Rodriguez. Was Ronaldo the one that took the image? It looks like they’re on a yacht again!

Posing almost naked

Here she is rocking a pair of Nike x Dior trainers. But, we are not quite sure what she has paired with this outfit – some simple lingerie is all it takes for Georgina to be ready for the day ahead. Did Ronaldo take this sneaky snap for his personal collection?

Serving her man

Despite the millions that they are worth, she is still serving Cristiano his evening meal. It looks as though a chef has probably prepared this unique meal and they do appear to be on a private yacht – which probably doesn’t surprise anyone.

A natural selfie

Despite all the money that she has, she has still maintained a really natural look. This selfie just goes to show how beautiful she is – she doesn’t need any make up! Is anyone else jealous of how many holidays she seems to go on?! Well, who wouldn’t when you have that money!

Getting cosy with her man

It’s obvious that they weren’t aware there were paparazzi around when they went on this little holiday together to Sardinia. That’s why she decides to try it on with her hubby… but it looks like Ronaldo isn’t having any of it and just wants to relax in the sun!

A cinderella story


Before her promotion to WAG-in-chief, Georgina worked as an au pair in Bristol, as well as being a shop assistant at Gucci, pictured above. There’s no doubting that she is still one gorgeous lady, but the difference between this image and her appearance now have to leave us wondering how much of her stunning good looks are truly natural…

Getting domesticated, with the wrong guy


The ultimate, long term relationship selfie – in your undies (or potentially his Geo?), brushing your teeth together. Is there a clearer way to express to the world your everlasting affections for one anther? Funny, we’ve not found a recreation of this one on either Georgina or Ronaldo’s instas. There’s still time.

Midday Snack

source: twitter

It looks like Ronaldo isn’t the only thing that Georgina is snacking on. The paparazzi managed to get this shot of her getting a juicy helping of watermelon whilst out sunbathing. What a life she must live getting this handed to her whilst she relaxes!

Bit bored there Geo?

Source: The Mirror

Back to that secret-not-so-secret rendezvous. We’re not sure if it was the pressure of staying off the radar or a disappointing experience on Pirates of the Caribbean, but Georgina looks proper bored here. Not the enduring memory Cristiano was hoping she’d have of that day. Still, it must have picked up as the rest, as they say, is history.

Getting handsy

Source: The Mirror

Aw don’t you just love it when you’ve lined up the perfect, romantic pic, abs and shining dark locks in full glory, only for it to turn out a little bit hands-in-your-mouth weird? Maybe this is just some new make out technique we’re not familiar with… (Also, unless Ronaldo has weirdly shaped arms – someone else must be holding the camera here… bit awkward for them.)

Flashing thigh, a little too high


Geo is well known for dangerously high split hems. And we mean dangerous. Archyde may be making more of this than actually happened, but it takes little imagination to figure out what striding out at that angle will be flashing. We’re pretty sure CR7 wants to keep that particular part of you to himself, hon.

We’d like to see Ronaldo do that

Source: Daily Mail

Firstly, is that a chef’s hat? Secondly, we dread to think how much yoga we’d have to do to keep up with the moves Georgina was popping on this yacht! With stretch like that, boys, try and keep your minds out of the gutter or Ronaldo will be coming for you… as we’ll see later on!

Covid naughtiness


Ah now, this one is proper awkward. Georgina turned 27 during lockdown and to celebrate the occasion, and despite having just contracted Covid himself, the Italian media revealed Ronaldo whisked the pair away on a two day trip to a hotel. Now firstly, this hotel was officially closed for obvious reasons, and secondly, they would have had to have travelled out of Turin to another city (which was also not allowed at the time) to get there.  Photos of the occasion where quickly replaced by shots of celebrations at home with their children – not quickly enough though!

Ouch, twice

Source: The Mirror

This one is just full on embarrassing. After helping Juventus to an eighth “Serie A” crown in a row, CR was awarded the Player of the Year trophy. Completely underestimating the weight of the thing, he managed not only to clock his unsuspecting son in the head but then, almost immediately afterwards, hit Geo in the chest before getting a grip on himself (and the trophy.) Nothing but class that one.

Au naturel

Source: Daily Mail

The only purpose of pics like this are, let’s face it, to make us feel better about ourselves. So here is the obligatory “I woke up like this and not in a good way” shot. Even if Ronaldo would probably rather this not be main image the tabloids use for his chica, girl still looks pretty darn good we reckon. If only we had the money to spend on her skin care products…

Hair tattoo secrets revealed at last


Now this might explain the various, shocking hair tattoos CR7 has had over the years. If it wasn’t taken 2 years before they met in 2016, we’d swear we’d found the cause of CR7’s wonky Z cut from the Portugal vs Ghana match… put down the clippers Geo. He can definitely afford a professional (now he’s allowed to visit one!)

No wonder she bagged a footballing legend

Source: Georgina’s Insta

Another pic which will leave at least half of us (yep, the male half – be honest now lads) resembling Roger Rabbit’s most popular gif. There’s no denying, that is a lot of leg. Good job that bag wasn’t any smaller… Yet another moment when we suspect Cristiano simultaneously thanked his lucky stars he’d bagged such a looker and also had to fight the temptation to hide her away all for himself.

Eyes up


Another nameless man for CR7’s, ever-lengthening hit list. He’s either falling asleep (narcolepsy is a terrible thing), or as been unquestionably caught out by the camera. Eyes up fella, it wouldn’t be hard for Ronaldo to hunt you down, we have little doubt.


Source: Yahoo

Even Crisitiano could’t resist commenting on this pic back in 2017. Callados, a “friend” of Geo’s, was probably smart enough to discount the three laughing emojis which followed the word “cuidado ” (“be careful”) left by the Forward as, let’s face it, they did nothing to disguise his threatening tone. Hands, and creepy eyes, off, buddy.

Posing very, very carefully again

Source: Daily Express

Another very, very, very high hem. We’re struggling to understand how she can possibly move without issues abounding! That middle shot is very close to getting her arrested for indecent exposure. Mind you, she did train as a dancer before modelling, so if anyone can hold that pose, she can.


Source: Daily Mail

It must be tricky being down right gorgeous to constantly find yourself in a more male-heavy environment. Whenever she attends a match to support her man, Geo inevitably ends up being whisked into numerous selfies with said males. It’s not like CR7 can just hop off the pitch here at Santiago Bernabeu stadium to keep her company now, is it?

Old family drama and new heart ache

Source: The Sun

Not so much the picture this time, but the memories behind it. Every family has some skeletons, and Georgina’s is a pretty hefty one. When she was 4, her father was sentenced to 11 years in jail for planning (but failing to) smuggle more than £100,000 of 83% pure cocaine out of Spain, into France. That must have made for some pretty complex emotions to contend with when he died, aged 70, after a long illness. Not a pic for the wall we suspect.

Would have been less conspicuous dressed as The Beast


This pic was not ever meant to exist. Cristiano donned a wig and dark glasses for the couple’s first date (in public) at Disneyland Paris in 2016. Just as well the Parisian weather wasn’t great that day, or the whole look might have looked even more suspicious. They didn’t get away with it though and were snapped by several sources. Nice try CR.

Another mystery man

Source: caught

No idea who this chap is, but he looks pretty pleased with himself. With the wonders of the front facing camera, we can’t be sure if that pout is him checking himself out or some thing(s) else a little to his right… Better lie low for a bit mate or Ronaldo will be sending you three emojis too…

Just what is that ring about?


Rumours about the couple’s status are constantly flying around but getting engaged is always a story you’d want to control, right? They might have been together for 6 years and seem as solid and this massive £615,000 Cartier rock, but placing it on that finger is bound to fuel the fire. No wonder your friend’s head is exploding Geo. Optics, girl. Have you not read “Becoming”?

Weird starer #726272

Source: caught

Another “friend” caught out looking where friends ought not to be looking. We know he’ll claim he’s helpfully checking the placement of her hydrogel, deep cleansing, made of mermaids and moon light face-mask, but we’re pretty sure he’s really looking a fair way south of there…

It wasn’t me


Humm there seems to be several items of clothing missing in this picture (potential future) Mrs Ronaldo. Mind you, the guy in the middle looks a bit shocked by the whole sitch. Maybe he’s silently trying to communicate to Ronaldo that he has very much deliberately kept his shirt on and did not instigate this moment, however little that would help in his defence .

Leaving everything up to the imagination


Another one for the “tabloid snaps, please make me feel better about myself” scrap book. It’s not often we see Georgina completely under-wraps like this. Mind you, the Cheshire weather is not always kind. Also, we suspect, here she may have had a bump to keep hidden for a little while longer. Still, not your best outfit Geo.

More awkward snogging


Another awkward smooch. One thing’s for sure, men just cannot keep their eyes off you Georgina, even if they’ve mid-snog. And there’s that ring again! Maybe our serial dater has been finally tied down? Or is she just wearing it there as a humungous hint?

That case

Source: The Sun

Again, one more due to context than content. No one wants to remember those painful, make or break moments in a relationship and Ronaldo’s recent rape allegations have no doubt put a strain on football’s golden couple. Georgina stood strong and resolute behind her man though. Nobel.

Last Tango in Italy

Source: Metro

As we’ve discussed in a previous post, we’re afraid we cannot commend Ronaldo’s dancing skills. It must be a painfully constant reminder of his own two left feet (good job they’re pretty good with a ball in front of them ey?) that his model gf is trained in dance and looks completely at home wrapped around this athletic young man. Better book yourself some classes CR.

Oh, go on then


After all that: the interfering boy friends, the less than perfectly posed snaps and ever present booty, they really are quite cute. Hopefully Georgina can instil in her fella the same level of grace and poise (off the pitch at least) that she seems to almost constantly embody. Good luck G!

Bitter uncle lashes out

Source: Daily Mail

Continuing with dodgy relatives, it’s no surprise we couldn’t find any photos of Georgina and her father or extended family. After raising her while her father was in jail, her uncle (pictured left) commented on Ronaldo’s Facebook that she was a “most evil woman.” When questioned further by the media, he and others seem to feel somewhat ignored by Georgina after her accession to fame. Evil is potentially a bit harsh. Not sure we can see the family resemblance either…