1. 31st January 2022 – In baby pink

Image source Diggzy/Shutterstock

When we first saw Rihanna with her bump, we all went crazy.  Was the vintage Chanel puffer coat a sign that she was expecting a girl?  Teamed with ripped jeans, a cross necklace and Chanel belt, this lady was showing the world that maternity clothing was never going to be on the agenda.

2. 6th February 2022 – Animal print to animal magnetism

Image source Backgrid

Rihanna’s flashback to the 2000s goes down a treat with her fans.  The bump is the focal point of her outfit and is accentuated by the fur trimmed Fendi top.  The cameo trucker hat sets the style only Rihanna could pull off to a tee and she is oozing confidence.

3. 9th February 2022 – Laced up to the nines

Image source Digzzy/Shutterstock

That tummy is out and proud!  She is dripping in designer gear from the Jean Paul Gaultier lace up cardigan (I have enough trouble lacing my trainers) to the Jacquie Aiche diamond bra.  If you were thinking of buying the said bra, it will set you back five figures!

4. 11th February 2022 – Lady in red

Image source Backgrid

Besides stopping traffic, Rihanna could stop us all in our tracks with this stunning outfit.  This is one of the few photos of her that doesn’t show her bump – maybe she was feeling a little shy that day!  She was in Los Angeles for the Savage X Fenty grand store opening.

5. 12th February 2022 – Somewhere over the rainbow

Image source Getty

When interviewed at a Fenty Event in Los Angeles, Rihanna told of her joy of dressing up with her ever changing figure and how she was embracing those changes.  Being pregnant was a blessing she wanted to share with the world.  It was a time she didn’t feel judged for her weight.

6. 13th February 2022 – Rihanna bowls us over

Image source Backgrid

Rihanna showed her support at the Super Bowl by wearing the colours of the L A Rams.  She decided to conceal her own baby ball  and leave it to the American Football teams.  Her bump was slightly visible through her sheer blue blouse.  Dad to be, A$AP Rocky, followed behind.

7.  14th February 2022 – Queen of hearts

Image source iamKevinWong.com

Celebrating Valentines Day, Rihanna wears her $15,000 heart shaped Saint Laurent faix fur jacket.  To keep it low key (!!) she decides on a pair of designer trackies .  Ree Ree must have been a bit chilly as she protected her growing bump with a Bulls tee-shirt.

8.  17th February – Can you spot her

Image source Backgrid

Don’t you just love those Saint Laurent furry mules – comfort before anything except the 4 inch heels!  Out in New York, the mum to be wore an amazing leopard print fleece over a pair of sweatpants.  Rihanna made sure only the top two buttons were fastened so the baby bump could get an airing.

9. 19th February 2022 – Her mind is on the game

Image source Northwoods

I don’t think Rihanna is sharing wardrobe space with her beau A$AP Rocky as here she is in yet another ensemble.  How can someone dressed so casual look so incredible?  Maybe it’s the rhinestone jeans she’s wearing  She must be ready for an elasticated waist, surely!

10. 25th February 2022 – Wow, Gucci coo!

Image source Getty

Rihanna pulled out ALL the stops for the Gucci Autumn show.  I never thought of wearing a latex top when I was heavily pregnant!  Absolutely blooming and rapidly expanding, Rihanna showed off an unusual Gucci head-dress with her lilac faux fur jacket.  Heavy jewellery completed the look.

11. 26th February 2022 – Disco diva

Image source Getty

Still in her favourite lilac jacket, Rihanna changed out of her top and trousers into evening wear for the Gucci after party.  She wore a Gucci (obviously) little black dress with what has become her trademark chunky cross on a thick long chain.  As Rihanna proves, you can never have too much bling.

12. 28th February 2022 – As pretty as a peach

Image source Getty

Supported by her partner Rocky, Rihanna was not slowing down.  She was spotted on the front row of the ‘Off-White’ Fashion Show.  Under her peach coloured Diesel maxi coat, she wore the same colour in a leather mini dress.  She must have been roasting in that dress!

13. 1st March 2022 – Lingerie to go out in?

Corbis via Getty Images

One of the iconic pregnancy photos, Rhianna had to compromise and wear a loose fitting gown as she was expanding rapidly by this time.  Oops, I can see her knickers underneath.  This image went viral for all the right reasons – she looked unbelievable, even if her outfit could be mistaken for posh lingerie.

14. 4th March 2022 – Cut out the comments

Image source Rihanna/Instagram

You’d think Rihanna would be getting tired now and nursing swollen ankles but, no. here she is in Paris, working a Stella McCartney turquoise catsuit.  So as not to attract unwanted attention, but actually gaining more, she wore matching sunglasses  along with a green silk parka.

15. 5th March 2022 – One giant Ugg boot

Image source Rihanna/Instagram

Hard to describe this outfit except it wouldn’t look out of place in a school sack race!  It was all in the name of fashion and at least her bump was nice and cosy under there.  Just thinking, how would she get about?  I suppose she would have to hop everywhere.

16. 10th March 2022 – Still sexy in snakeskin

Image source Backgrid

Out for a leisurely lunch and eating for two, dressed for comfort in a bikini top, python vest and cowboy boots.  Posted on Instagram, her celebrity friends were gushing at her style and saying she was going to be the coolest mum ever – well, we knew that anyway. Rhianna was never going to wear a checked smock and pumps – although she might if they were leather.

17. 12th March 2022 – Shine bright like a diamond

Image source Getty

A beautiful photo, as sparkly as a Christmas tree, Rihanna absolutely rocks in a custom made silver Coperni crop top and maxi skirt.  The diamond belly chain around her bump completes a very classy look.  I wonder if she’s wearing her slippers under that skirt.

18. 14th March – Where’s the Harley?

Image source Backgrid

There’s making a statement and it doesn’t come clearer than this.  Rihanna rocks the biker-babe look by Alexander Wang with leather biker jacket and the tiniest of tiny shorts which sit nicely under the bump.  A silver bikini top peeps through and a diamond chain completes the look.

19. 15th March – Looking to dress someone else

Image source Backgrid

Rihanna pays an exciting trip to ‘Target’ to pick up some baby clothes.  She’s reported to have spent an hour in the store where she bought dozens of items for the impending new arrival.  She must have been the coolest mum-to-be in the store wearing a vintage jacket, glittery mini skirt and Amina Muaddi heels.

20. 22nd March 2022 – No time to cat nap!

Image source Backgrid

A tight fitting cat-print dress covered with a whipstitched vintage Dior fur coat and a generous amount of diamonds made Rihanna a sight not to be missed.  She was out on the town with her girlfriends, probably the last time she would do iso for a little while as the date drew nearer.

21. 23rd March 2022 – Hang loose

Image source Splash News

Rihanna has temporarily ditched the tight clothing and appears angelic (not a word usually associated with her) in a loose fitting lace trimmed dress.  She wore Nike X Union Air Jordans in a down to earth look except her charm bracelet, a gift from Rocky, was $52,000.

22.  25th March 2022 – Reading between the lines (pink)

Image source Backgrid

Another shopping trip, this time a bit of night time retail therapy for Rihanna.  She visited Couture Kids, exclusive designer wear for little ones.  Her shirt (are we reading too much into it being pink) was matched with a pair of sparkly socks and furry mules. She was accompanied by a minder who carried all her purchases.

23. 27th March 2022 – Dressed for the Oscars

Image source Rihanna/Instagram

Rihanna attended Beyonce and Jay-Z’s after party (how does she have the energy?).  That dress certainly has the wow factor.  She looked stunning in a Valentino Hate Couture sheer sequined gown.  As it was a special occasion she wore $150,000 worth of diamonds!

24. 2nd April 2022 – Auditioning for Swan Lake

Image source Backgrid

Out for dinner with Rocky, Rihanna chose an unusual outfit, maybe from her fancy dress box when she wanted to a ballerina!  Very close to the end of her pregnancy, she obviously wanted to feel comfortable and unrestricted.  Out of all her clothes, this was probably the nearest she was going to get.

25. 6th April 2022 – Having a blue day

Image source Backgrid

I bet Rihanna feels really comfy in this blue ribbed stretchy crop top and matching skirt.  It’s pretty much like wearing a tracksuit I would imagine.  She’s wearing Adidas trainers (probably the cheapest item in her wardrobe by about a thousand dollars) and baseball cap.

26. 8th April 2022 – A duvet day (out)

Image source Backgrid

This outfit puts a much more glamorous twist on parents rushing to drop their kids off at school in their dressing gowns!  Only Rihanna could pull off such a look, especially put together with a Balenciaga bag and of course a bit of bling with her Nike Dunks.  By the looks of it, that baby needs to get out fast!

27. 11th April 2022 – You Foxy Lady

Image source Backgrid

There’s giving a hint and there’s going all out to tell us – surely this is confirmation that Rihanna is going to have a girl.  Head to foot in pink, including a pink fox (!), Bottega Veneta terrycloth bralette and Vetements jeans, her ‘beach ball’ is almost cooked.

28. 12th April 2022 – Strike a pose

Image source Annie Leibovitz

Rhianna plus one made their first cover together for fashion bible Vogue’s May 2022 edition.  Mama to be looked nothing short of unbelievable in a red-hot catsuit.  It couldn’t have been any more figure hugging if it tried!  Long red gloves and heels completed the picture.

29. 22nd April, 2022 – Time to cool off

Image source Backgrid

So close to the impending birth, a dip in the beautiful Barbados waters was just what she needed.  ‘Designer’ being her middle name, Rihanna stunned in a very sparkly sequined bikini and matching mini skirt.  Even relaxing by the beach, there was no missing her trademark diamond necklaces.

30. 9th May 2022 – The last lap

Image source Backgrid

With less than two weeks to go, Rihanna and Rocky took one of their final outings before the sleepless nights were upon then.  The silver mesh crop top and belted mini skirt was a tad eye catching and how she could still walk about in high heels is anybody’s guess!  As a final touch, Rihanna covered her bump in body glitter.  Can’t wait for the mother and baby pics.