1.  Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

Image source Videosource

After 13 years together, Mick and Jerry made it legal and married in Indonesia in 1990.  Only 9 years later, news broke that he had been a naughty boy and fathered a child with Luciana Morad, a Brazilian model.  The error of his ways led Jerry to divorce him and she received a settlement of 25 million.

2. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum & Princess Haya bint al-Hussein

Image Source: Tatler

Settlement: $728 million

The wealthy Dubai ruler was ordered to pay his ex-wife a whopping $728 million after years-long divorce battle that includes allegations of cheating and threats. It was reported that the money will “cover Princess Haya’s security costs for the rest of her life, as well as ongoing costs for the couple’s two children — Al Jalila Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Zayed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.”

3. Amber Heard & Johnny Depp

Image source Pinkvilla.com

We are still recovering from details of their much publicised court case and wonder how they decided they were ever compatible.  After only 15 months of marriage they split, citing irreconcilable differences (that’s a surprise, not!) and Amber was awarded a relatively small sum of $7 million dollars as their marriage had been such a short one. During their highly publicised divorce, it was revealed Amber had an affair with both Elon Musk & James Franco, both of which came to her defence during the trial.

4. Kelsey Grammer and Camille Grammer

Image source Mirror.co.uk

Settlement: $30 million

Talented actor and writer Kelsey Grammer  and his then wife, ‘Real Housewives’ star Camille, decided enough was enough in 2010 and made the grown up decision to split their assets evenly. After (unlucky) 13 years together, they both took home $30 million.

5. Michael Douglas and Diandra Luker

Image source Newsweek.com

Settlement: $45 million

The Oscar award-winning actor married Luker, an Australian diplomat’s daughter, when she was just 19 years old. Luker filed for divorce in 1995 and received a settlement of $45 million—half of Douglas’ net worth.

6. Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore

Image Source Independent.ie

Settlement: $425 million

“When all’s said and done I did a pretty good hatchet job on my marriage. I’m to blame, if you’re inclined to judge.”

Take that how you would like, but that sounds to me like Mel Gibson had an affair. He’s hinted at it on numerous occasions in recent years since his divorce in 2011. He split half of his $850 million fortune with his wife of 30 years.

7.  Hulk Hogan and Linda Claridge

Image source Thethings.com

Settlement: $30 million

After reports of the professional wrestler’s affairs with Christiane Plante, Linda filed for divorce. In an interview with Us Weekly, she said, “You have single handedly ruined our 25-year marriage and our family…my trust, my love, my future, our future family with grandchildren, holidays, weddings, our kids’ lives, homes, their ability to trust, our poor animals, friends, neighbors, your career, finances, trademarks, retirement, your legacy, your reputation, your health…even your soul. You lost it all.

8.  Ted Danson and Casey Coates

Image source The Sun

Settlement: $30 million

The Cheers star and Coates were married before his claim to fame. Danson left his first wife for Whoopi Goldberg (surprising, but true) in 1992, and wound up paying Coates $30 million.

9. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

Image source The Sun

Settlement: $10 million

After a short eight months, Given and Tyson ended their relationship. She reportedly received $10 million from the settlement, but Givens said she didn’t marry Tyson for the money. According to Tyson, he walked in on Hollywood actor Brad Pitt in bed with his wife at the time…crazy.

10. Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli

Image source People.com

Settlement: $12.5 million

The pair met on the set of the 1996 BBC drama Nostromo and were married one year later. In December of 2019, they announced they were separating after 22 years of marriage.

Those close to the family weren’t entirely shocked though, due to the extramarital relationship Giuggioli had admitted she had with Italian journalist Marco Brancaccia, when she and Colin were separated between 2015 and 2016. She once accused Brancaccia of stalking her.

11. Kevin Cosner and Cindy Silva

Image source Closer News

Settlement: $80 million

After 16 years of marriage, the two called it quits reportedly because Costner had wandering eyes. Silva didn’t approve of the “sexy roles” he was taking and gave him a ultimatum.

“I’ve either got to quit doing them or quit the movie business,” he told a close friend. He picked movies, and the two were divorced in 1994.

12. Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen

Image Source bravo.com

Settlement: $100 million

Another volatile celebrity divorce & one that was highly publicised was between Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen. The pair came to blows in 2006 when Richards alleged that Charlie was abusive, slept with prostitutes during their marriage and tried to prevent their daughters from receiving common vaccinations. After just three years of marriage they split & according to Denise he’s not paid her any money towards child support for years & the settlement, well there are rumours he paid around $100 million.

13. Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis

Image source Vanity Fair

Settlement: $26 million

Scurtis filed for divorce from the Yankees slugger in 2008 after being together for six years. According to People, she asked to keep their $12 million mansion in Florida and for a cut of his $28 million earnings that season.

The official settlement documents have yet to be released, though we can assume if she kept the house, and took half of his earnings, she would have walked away with $26 million. Regardless, she got a lot of money from their settlement.

14. Princess Diana & Prince Charles

Image Sourse history.com

Settlement: 22.5 million

After years of highly publicised drama & rumours circulating their relationship, Charles & Diana finally decided to call it quits. Both were unfaithful throughout their marriage & after Diana’s 1995 Panorama interview it looked like their marriage was doomed from the start!

15. Cheryl & Ashley Cole

Image Source: The Sun

Settlement: $20 million

Golden couple Cheryl & Ashley Cole appeared to have it all. She was a stunning singer, part of a successful girl band & he was a premier league footballer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be and just months after they tied the knot, rumours started circulating that Ashley cheated on his wife with hairdresser Aimee Walton. Cheryl filed for divorce in 2010.

16. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Image source US Weekly

Settlement: $110 million

Everything went downhill after Woods crashed the couple’s Escalade into a tree outside their Florida home. He admitted to having multiple affairs and the two were divorced in 2010 after six years together, and Nordegren walked away with $110 million from it.

17. Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

Image source Marie Claire

Settlement: $168 million

The Chicago Bulls star married Vancoy during his second season in 1989. There was rumor in 2002 that the two would split, but they decided to work through things.

Their relationship survived for four more years until they officially made the decision to divorce in 2006. You could say they left on good terms, as they reportedly attended their son’s basketball game together right after their divorce was finalized.

18. Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Image Source: ELLE

Settlement: $14 million

Similar to Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, Khloe and Lamar’s marriage was a mess. To the world however, they seemed like a very happy couple! The pair married just a month after meeting but behind closed doors, life with sports star Lamar Odom wasn’t all roses. When Khloe filed for divorce in 2013, it was revealed the basketball star had cheated on his wife Khloe with multiple women over the course of their marriage.

19. Ryan & Stacey Giggs

Image Source: hellomagazine.com


Former Man Utd ace might have been good on the soccer pitch, but he certainly wasn’t when it came to his marriage. After 8 years of marriage, it was found that had been having an affair with his sister-in-law (yes, you read that correctly) she fell pregnant with his child & asked him to pay for an abortion. He also had an affair with model Imogen Thomas.

20. Donald and Ivana Trump

Image source ABC News

Settlement: $20 million

Donald Trump has been married twice before Melania. His first marriage to Ivana Trump ended in 1992 following rumors of his affair with Marla Maples (who he ended up marrying a year later). They had three kids together—Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump.

21. Johnny Carson and Joanna Holland

Image source ThoughtCo

Settlement: $20 million

They married secretly in 1972, but publicly divorced 13 years later. Carson was one of the highest paid TV personalities at the time, so Holland walked away from the marriage with $20 million. Rumour has it Carson was caught on film having sex with multiple women during their marriage.

22. Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey

Image source Vanity Fair

23. Ewan McGregor & Eve Mavrakis

Image Source: PEOPLE.com


Ewan and Eve were married for a while before it came to a bitter end after a photo surfaced of the Star Wars actor kissing his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead – who he later married and had children with.

24. Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Image source: usweekly.com

Settlement: 2.1 billion

After 7 years of marriage, the pair decided to call it quits. With Kim keeping things quite private – Kanye went the opposite way, admitting he cheated on the reality star and business mogul after she had given birth to their second child, Saint. Unlike Kanye, Kim’s wealth is much more liquid with $500 million coming from her beauty brand KKW Beauty.

25. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Schriver

Images Source: today.com

Settlement: $400 million

Arnold opened up about fathering a child with his housekeeper, behind his then ex-wife’s back.

“You do think about it every so often. And I can beat myself up as much as I want — it’s not gonna change the situation. … You can’t go back. If I could, in reality, be Terminator, of course I would go back in time and would say, ‘Arnold…no.’ You know, it’s always easy to be smart in hindsight. That’s not the way it works,” he told Men’s Journal.

26. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Mann

Image source Observer

Settlement: $1.7 billion

The Australian media mogul’s divorce from Mann was hailed as one of the most expensive divorces ever—and things only got messier after the split. Murdoch married another woman 17 days after his divorce was finalized. Of the $1.7 billion he paid Mann, $110 million of it was a direct cash payment.

27. Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos

Image source Forbes

Settlement: $38 billion

The Amazon CEO and his wife split after 25 years of marriage. The couple met before the business even started, and were married after six months of dating. They have four children together. Her settlement landed her No.4 spot for women on the Forbes billionaires list.

28. Usher & Tameka Foster

Image Source Page Six

Settlement: $1.1 million

Usher admitted he was “not faithful all the way” to his ex-wife Tameka Foster.

“Towards the end of our marriage, I found myself lost, and I just wanted out…no. I was faithful at heart, but not faithful all the way. Even having a conversation with another woman, period, about matters of your relationship or emotions is, in my opinion, not being faithful,” he told Oprah.

29. Eddie Cibrian & Brandi Glanville

Image Source BravoTV

Settlement: $5 million

Eddie was married to model Brandi Glanville when he met and started an affair with singer LeAnn Rimes – who was also married at the time.

“That’s just not me. What happened is not who I am, period. I do know how much I love him. So I’ve always said I don’t live my life with regret. I can’t,” she told Robin Roberts.

30. Neil Diamond and Marcia Murphey

Image source Getty Images

Settlement: $150 million

The singer’s $300 million earnings were reportedly split between Diamond and Murphey in 1995 when their divorce went through. They had been married for 25 years, and Diamond blamed himself for the split.

“I assume a lot of responsibility for what went wrong, but I was taken aback by how many friends dropped me,” he told People. It was never confirmed how much Murphey took from the divorce, but Diamond said she had enough to live off of.