Ellie Goulding Won Prince Harry At A Polo Match!

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Ellie Goulding was a talented singer, enjoying fame around the world and collecting a huge number of pop hits along the way.  She had been unlucky in love and had broken up very recently with her latest boyfriend.  Most of her relationships had been with guys in the music business but none had worked out.  Maybe time to change tactics?

They Were Spotted Together At The Invictus Games

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That next time was at ‘The Invictus Games’ where they were happy to be photographed together.  Ellie was doing a short set at the Games so it looked entirely innocent why she would be there.  Harry would invite her to the Palace when they were both available and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Ellie Was Used To High Profile Boyfriends

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Cracks started to appear when Harry had to cancel dates due to commitments.  Ellie has made no secret that she struggles with her mental health and she didn’t think a long term partnership with the Prince was what she wanted.  They have remained friends to this day.

Emma Lippiat – his first girlfriend

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Chilling around on an empty field sat on top of VW back in 2001. Harry has always been one to be surrounded by a group of girls. I am not sure the lady facing the camera thinks that highly of what Harry and his first girlfriend Emma are getting up to on the hood of the car.

They were each other’s first love

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This is the gorgeous Emma Lippiat, there is little information on this blonde bombshell. The only thing we know is that she was the first woman in Harrys love life – which hit the headlines after some paparazzi snapped those shots of them kissing on a blue VW.

An Awkward Third Wheel

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It it just me, or does the whole thing feel a little awkward? Not only is he swinging round with Emma hanging off him, they have an awkward spectator who looks like she wants to get involved but is being ignored. Emma and Harry are completely oblivious to her!

Cressida Bonas Was The Number One Choice

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Cressida Bonas and Princess Eugenie were close friends and when Harry was single, yet again, his cousin decided to do a bit of matchmaking.  Cressida was from ‘good stock’; her father was a descendant of King Charles II and there was no scandal within her family.  The meeting was set up with surprising results.

Cressida And Harry Were Inseparable

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Cressida and Harry’s romance was no longer under wraps.  They were often seen together at ceremonial events, festivals and on the slopes.  The media went wild as they seemed happy to be photographed.  There were no skeletons in her family’s cupboard and nothing stopping them moving to the next level – putting a ring on it!

Cressida Questioned Their Relationship

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Cressida moved into a flat closer to the Prince’s residence and APPEARED to be dealing well with the increased publicity surrounding her.  That wasn’t the case.  She couldn’t leave her front door without the flash of a camera picking up on her every move and it all became too much.  She called time on her relationship for her own sanity.

Chelsy Davy, Harry’s Longest Lasting Girlfriend

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Prince Harry and Chelsy were at neighbouring schools in the UK but as Zimbabwean Chelsy moved to South Africa to study law, they had to maintain a long distance relationship.  Whenever he could, Harry would make the long journey to see the girl he had fallen in love with.  They particularly enjoyed time spent together in Cape Town.

Chelsy Was Always A Great Supported To Harry

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When the couple returned to the UK, Chelsy met the Queen, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla.  She had already been introduced to William and Kate and got on extremely well with them.  Chelsy was by Harry’s side at the Diana Memorial concert and important military events.

Chelsy Was Always By His Side

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There were plenty of opportunities to see Harry and Chelsy as she was almost always by Harry’s side.  It wasn’t a bed of roses as the media’s obvious interest in them resulted in a life of being clicked by long lens cameras, something Harry accepted but not so easy for Chelsy.  It often became too much for her and they split up and got back together many, many times.

Caroline Flack Made Her Own ‘Love Island’ With Harry

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Caroline Flack was a popular tv presenter and met Prince Harry when he was 25 and still serving in the Armed Forces.  They were introduced by their mutual friend, Natalie Pinkham and, reportedly, hit it off straight away.  Flirty and fun loving, Harry fell for the long legged beauty.

The Press Were Hungry For Details Of Their Relationship

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The pair were spotted at a concert at Maida Vale and at a VIP drinks party with some of Harry’s mates.  The ‘paps’ wanted more as tabloids and magazines were desperate to run stories.  They knew what the public wanted so would go to any lengths to get photos.  Unfortunately, they went too far.

What Was The Turning Point?

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Reporters and snappers started camping outside her mother’s home and then outside her sister’s house.  What was supposed to be a nice, fun relationship was turning sour.  The intrusion was too much for Caroline and she reluctantly ended it with Harry.  She was tagged ‘Harry’s bit of rough’.

Florence Brudenell-Bruce Hooked Harry

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Florence Brudenell-Bruce was approached by Prince Harry at a friend’s wedding.  Both were singe at the time, although Harry was still off and on with Chelsy Davy.  This week it was off!  Florence intrigued Harry, especially when he found out she was a lingerie model with legs as long as a ladder!

Florence Ticked All The Boxes For Harry

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Florence and her legs were in great demand and her modelling work took her all over the world, leaving little time for romance. Harry travelled to catch up with her and was spotted at the Milan Fashion Show where Florence was displaying her assets.  Chelsy was out of his life at this stage so there was nothing to stop this relationship flourishing.

This Could Go The Distance

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Everything was rosy and Harry was in love again.  As things got serious, scandal started dripping into the Palace, in the form of gossip surrounding Florence’s family.  There were unsavoury goings on involving her brother and other close relatives.  Without much warning, Florence and Harry were no more.

Lauren Pope From TOWIE Dated Prince Harry!

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Lauren was one of the original cast members of TOWIE and we assumed she must have been unlucky in love but was she hiding something from us viewers?  Well, yes, it appears she may well have been.  There was a time in 2004 when a certain someone put a big smile on her face.  You guessed it: it was her very own Prince Charming, namely Prince Harry.

They Were Introduced In An Essex Club

TOWIE's Lauren Pope welcomes first child with boyfriend | GoodTo

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The two got together after being introduced at the club China-whites.  Harry had been drinking shots with his close circle of trusted friends and Lauren was on a night out with her cousin and her agent.  One of Harry’s crowd invited the girls over to join them and it wasn’t long before Harry and Lauren’s sizzling chemistry was noticed by partygoers, as the pair smooched in a corner in the VIP area.

She Kept It A Secret From The Cast Of The Reality Show

 Lauren Pope joined Chloe Sims and Bobby Norris for a chat

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The two of them apparently met up a few times, her cast mates at TOWIE totally unaware of what was going on.  Whereas her whole life was usually played out for all us avid viewers of the show to watch, Lauren knew she had to keep this secret close to her chest.  If any of her friends tried to question her, she kept the Royal Protocol by saying nothing and remaining coy.

How Long Did It Last?

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Hang on.  What happened there then?  It turned out to be a case of lust rather than love that put the brakes on their liaison.  Lauren had been in this boat before and not long after she moved on, this time with another TOWIE member, Kirk Norcross.  Kirk fell for Lauren hook, line and sinker and had been quoted as saying that she was the love of his life and he would have married her.  Lauren didn’t feel the same way but she did get eventually get her fairy tale ending with Tony Keterman, a millionaire businessman who she met some years later.  They are now expecting their second child later this year.

Meghan Markle, TV Actress In ‘Suits’, Bagged Harry

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Miss Markle was a tv actress, gaining popularity in the legal drama ‘Suits’.  She also became well known through writing a lifestyle blog.  Meghan was divorced from her first husband and was, according to her friends, looking for a British partner.  She went as far as to ask social butterfly, Lizzie Cundy, to set up some introductions.

A Blind Date Was On The Cards

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The date was set up by a mutual friend, a small dinner party where Meghan and Harry would meet each other.  Apparently, they hit it off almost instantly and talked the whole evening, unaware of the guests around them.  A further date was arranged and that was the start of their relationship. Joe Public didn’t get wind of it for over a year, at which time they made a joint appearance at ‘The Invictus Games’.

Sealed With A Kiss – And A Ring

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The lovebirds made it official and got engaged.  Fast forward to 2018, the Royal Wedding could be seen by millions on the telly.  We loved Meghan, we loved the fact Harry had finally settled down after ALL his previous girlfriends. They would live happy ever after at Frogmore House, Meghan supporting her husband at all his royal engagements.  Their life in the UK was a solid as a rock……….

Meghan and Harry Want Out!

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Intense scrutiny of the newlyweds became all too much.  They relocated to the States for a quiet life to bring up their son Archie and future daughter, Lillibet.  They achieved their dream of stepping back by undertaking an in depth, tell all interview with Oprah, signing up for various projects with Netflix and have a camera crew follow them around their daily lives, at their own request.  As long as they are happy, then that is what counts.