15+ Uses Of Toothpaste You Never Knew About

By Lou 10 months ago

1. Shine Your Silver Jewels With It!

image source: wikihow

Is your silver jewellery looking a bit dull? Well, just as some toothpaste can brighten up your teeth - it can do the exact same for some pieces of your jewellery. Simply apply a generous amount to your silver to get that shine back. However, maybe leave your antique pieces to the professionals!

2. Make Your Own Anxiety Stress Ball

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There are endless amount of new things coming out to help up deal with anxiety and stress - and a lot of them come with a hefty price tag. Well, why not DIY your own stress ball at home with two simple things: toothpaste and a balloon! Fill an empty balloon with toothpaste, tie securely and voila! The perfect stress reliever.

3. Clean up the Soles of your Trainers

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Buying yourself a brand new pair of white trainers seems like a great idea at the time - that is until you are lumbered with the mess of actually wearing them. It may seem impossible to keep them shining bright, but all you need is some toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub off the dirt. Easy peasy!

4. Remove Stubborn Smells From Your Skin

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We've all experienced the dread after cooking with onion, garlic or even fish - we know that our fingers are going to smell for days. Well, fear not - because all you need to do is pop upstairs and grab the toothpaste from the background. One wash with this and the scent will completely go!

5. Whiten Your Fingernails

image source: pinterest

This really isn't an attractive quality - and can actually be quite dangerous if there's dirt and other bacteria in your fingernails. Why not try avoiding this by scrubbing your fingernails with toothpaste on a regular basis and you will see them slowly start to whiten over time!

6. Getting Food Stains Out Of Clothes

image source: funlearningforkids

We've all been there- cracked out our new shirt out for dinner and managed to spill more on it than went in our mouths. Anything from chocolate to pasta stains are thought to be vanished with a bit of toothpaste and scrubbing action! Make sure to steer clear of whitening toothpaste on coloured clothes though!

7. Get Your Taps Gleaming Again

image source: google

Is there anything more off putting than a grimy bathroom tap like this one? You'll likely have some toothpaste in close proximity so grab it and get scrubbing! This trick works well with most chrome plated surfaces, so save on your cleaning products with this 2 in 1 hack!

8. Clean That Filthy Iron!

image source: tipsandtricks

Does the bottom of your iron resemble this? Burnt to a crisp and ready for the bin in all honesty. Toothpaste saves the day once again, supposedly pulling the residue from the iron so it can't stain your precious clothes! Why not try this instead of wasting money on a new one?!

9. No More Scratches On Your Screen

image source: macrumors

There's nothing more annoying than a nice, new phone with scratches ALL over the screen. Screen protectors aren't worth the money - especially when they get those annoying little air bubbles underneath. You might not think it, but toothpaste might just be able to save your back. Take note, though- it only works on plastic surfaces and make sure to thoroughly wipe your screen dry.

10. Make Your Headlights Beam

image source: popsugar

Toothpaste, by nature, contains abrasive material to do the job of fighting plaque and keeping your mouth clean! Thanks to this, it makes for an excellent cleaning solution, especially for your headlights! Make sure those lights are beaming with a little help from your bathroom essential!

11. Freshen Bottles

image source: krazycoupon

Are you baby bottles getting that sour-milk smell the more times you use them? Sometimes boiling water and liquid soap aren't going to be tough enough to get rid of that milk smell. Well, instead put some toothpaste on the brush you wash the bottles with, scrub away and then rinse thoroughly. The smell should disappear!

12. Vanish Wooden Surface Stains

image source: google

Yes, this one is a little bit daunting but it has been said to work absolute wonder. So, instead of throwing away your furniture and replacing it - why not try this little hack and see if it can work wonders on your furniture too! Try wiping the stains with a bit of toothpaste on a cloth and see them disappear right before your eyes!

13. Stop Your Goggles Misting Up

image source: google

This one might sound a bit random, but it's probably happened to you if you're one of those who can't bare going underwater without eye protection! The insides of goggles easily mist up, so before your next wear, try covering the inside of the eye pieces in toothpaste and leave for a few hours or even over night. When you wash it off, you'll find they won't steam up!

14. Whiten Up Your Piano Keys

image source: pixabay

Okay, I know not many of us own a piano, but for those that do- toothpaste does a marvellous job of whitening the keys which can often yellow after being poked and prodded by dirty hands! Another tip- clean the excess toothpaste off with whole milk for that extra shine!

15. Get Rid Of Those Shoe Scuffs

Image Source: Fresh Step

There's nothing worse than scuffing a favourite pair of shoes, and even if you keep them squeaky clean, the scuffs are still going to be noticeable. But fear not - you can put a dab of toothpaste onto the scuffs and buff away with a soft cloth before wiping clean with a damp one. Voila!

16. Clean Crayon Marks From Walls

Image Source: Insider

If you have children, then no doubt you've had to compete with many occasions of toddlers using the walls as a drawing board. If you're at your wit's end with painting over crayon on the walls, you can get a tube of toothpaste and a brush to scrub with.

17. Whiten Your Sneakers

Image Source: Footwear News

Toothpaste makes your teeth whiter than white, so why not your sneakers, too? Find some non-gel toothpaste and a trusty toothbrush and scrub your sneakers until they whiten up. You can then remove the toothpaste leftovers with a damp cloth.

18. Eliminate Tea And Coffee Stains On Mugs

Image Source: Root Simple

There's nothing worse than having tea or coffee ring stains on your favourite mug, but it's inevitable when you have a favourite and use it all the time. But, luckily, you can apply a little bit of toothpaste onto the stain to get rid of it - then wash as you usually would.

19. Shine Your Diamonds

Image Source: Unsplash

As well as brightening up silver jewellery, you can make your diamonds sparkle that little bit more, too. Simply put some toothpaste on a soft toothbrush so that you can gently apply on your diamond, before wiping off with a damp cloth.

20. Get Rid Of Water Marks On Furniture

Image Source: The Washington Post

Okay, who forgot to use a coaster? Too late, the damage is already done with marks on your precious wooden table. But never fear - apply some non-gel toothpaste onto a cloth and rub into the ring itself. Wipe off with a damp cloth and then apply some furniture polish.

21. Clean And Freshen Up The Smell Of Your Bathroom Sink

Image Source: Stocksy

Not only does toothpaste help to clean your sink, but it can work to eliminate any odours coming from the drain, too. Even better: your toothpaste will already be within arm's reach in the bathroom! Put some into the sink and scrub with a sponge before rinsing down the drain.

22. Prevent Your Bathroom Mirrors From Getting Fogged Up

Image Source: HuffPost

Is there anything more annoying than all your bathroom mirrors steaming up after a shower, right when you need them to get ready? Well, there is a way to prevent this using toothpaste - just coat your mirrors with non-gel toothpaste and wipe it off before you take your shower.

23. Wipe Away Those Makeup Smudges

Image Source: Lip balm and hand cream

Unfortunately you can't use toothpaste as a makeup remover, but you can use it to get makeup smudges off other things. If you've got lipstick or mascara smudges on your counter, maybe your mirror or all over your fingers, then you can use toothpaste to get rid of it!

24. Get Rid Of Stains On Your Carpet

Image Source: Instructables

Carpets easily get stained by a number of things, and especially when you have a family with a carpet that sees a lot of foot traffic. If you're constantly battling with stains, then you can add toothpaste to a brush or sponge and rub into the stained part. You can then blot with a damp cloth.

25. Clean Away Beach Tar

Image Source: Johnny Jet

Black beach tar can easily stain the skin, and especially the bottom of your feet if you've had your shoes off at the beach. You can always rub non-gel toothpaste into your feet on the beach tar stains and rinse away. Easy!

26. Soothe A Burn

Image Source: Pinterest

It makes sense why minty toothpaste would work well to soothe a burn when it's icy fresh, and that's precisely what you can do. Make sure you put the burn under a cold running tap first, as always, and then you can apply cooling toothpaste afterwards.

27. Treat A Poison Ivy Sting

Image Source: Medical News Today

If you're somewhere where poison ivy is common, whether a vacation or if you live somewhere where poison ivy is ripe, then it's always a good idea to have a solution if you get stung. You can use toothpaste to ease the irritation before washing away with cold soapy water.

28. Reduce The Appearance Of Bruises

Image Source: Reddit

Bruises are the worst, especially if you're someone who bruises easily and doesn't even know where their latest one is from. You can mix together a solution of skin lotion and toothpaste and apply to the bruise. Cover with a band aid to seal it, leave overnight and wash off in the morning. Repeat as needed!

29. Get The Gum Out Of Your Hair

Image Source: The Mirror

We've all had the horror of getting gum stuck in our hair and parents having to cut it out when we were younger. If you need to get gum out of your hair fast, you can spread toothpaste over where it's stuck. Once the toothpaste has worked to break down the sugar in the chewing gum, it should pull right out!

30. Tidy Up Your Hair Dye Stains

Image Source: CafeMom.com

No matter how hard you try, you still manage to get hair dye somewhere on your skin during your home dye job. It's impossible to avoid when you need to get so close to where the hairline touches the skin, so instead of trying to avoid, you can dab toothpaste on the areas and clean away!

31. Get The Scuffs Out Of Your Lino

Image Source: Thrifty Fun

You can use toothpaste to get the scuffs out of your shoes, so why not lino, too? Apply toothpaste to a damp cloth and use to buff the marks on your lino away. Then rinse away with cold water. Extra helpful when it's somewhere that sees a lot of foot traffic, like the kitchen.

33. Get The Scratches Out Of Your CDs/DVDs

Image Source: RemoveandReplace.com

There's nothing worse than scratching your precious CDs or DVDs (yes, some people still have them!) so if the marks are only shallow and not too serious, you can use a thin layer of toothpaste on the surface of the disc, rub in gently with your fingers in a circular motion and then rinse with cold water.

34. Clean The Plates On Your Straighteners

Image Source: Frugally Blonde

If you use your hair straighteners often enough, then over time they are going to build up grime on their surface. It makes sense when they're contending with all manner of hair products time and again. Use toothpaste to gently wipe onto the plates and ease off the grime.

35. Polish Anything Metal

Image Source: Water Welders

Anything metal which needs its shine returning, you can dab on a bit of minty toothpaste with a soft cloth and rub the grime away. You can then use a damp cloth to remove the remaining bits of toothpaste and dirt. This is a great, natural remedy for metal cleaning!

36. You Could Try To Use It To Fill Holes In The Wall

Image Source: Instructables

Of course, the best way to fill holes in the walls made from picture hooks and nails is to use Polyfilla and cover/paint properly, but if you're short on time or money and want to be a bit sneaky, you can always try filling holes with toothpaste! This won't work as well for bigger holes, though!

37. Freshen Up Your Tupperware Tubs

Image Source: Tips and Tricks

Tupperware tubs are extremely handy, but if you're using them a lot, it's inevitable they're going to start smelling of whatever you've been using them for - or, they can grow musty if they've been sat unused. Brush the insides of the tub with toothpaste and leave for a bit, then rinse off.

38. Use As A Car Air Freshener

Image Source: Fia Seat Covers

If you're extremely frugal and don't want to pay for a traditional air freshener, you can put some toothpaste onto a paper towel. Fold it up and then place underneath your car seats when your car is in a warm spot. The heat will melt the toothpaste and the minty smell will be released.

39. Give Your Garden Furniture A Clean

Image Source: Shpock

Plastic garden furniture, like chairs and tables, can get stained so easily, and you might have them stored away for a while only to notice them stained when you bring them out to use them. You can use a toothpaste and water mix for a paste you can apply to plastic furniture to brighten it up.

40. Clean Your Fridge Seals

Image Source: Shiny Modern

Fridge seals collect so much dirt and grime, and it's so difficult to get to when it's right in the corners. Clothes and sponges can't comfortably get into such a tight space, so you probably ignore dirty fridge seals half the time. Instead, use an old toothbrush with toothpaste and brush the seals.

41. Mark Your Pictures When Hanging Them

Image Source: thefamilyhandyman.com

This is a genius hack for those of you who DIY - you can place a small dab of toothpaste on the hanger and then press it against the template once it's on the wall. That way, you know exactly where it's meant to go and you will not be handing it wonkily.

42. Get Rid Of Pests Smells

Image Source: wikipedia.com

Depending on where you live this may not be as useful, but toothpaste can even remove smells as strong as skunk smells. And - while we may not all ave a skunk problem a lot of us have cats. So, use toothpaste to eliminate the terribly strong unwanted odours.

43. Buff Out Vehicle Scratches

Image Source: carcility.com

Nobody wants a scratch on their car. Especially when it costs hundreds of pounds to fix and repair the paint work. While it's not a perfect fix, rubbing toothpaste will make those little scratches appear less. It's a much cheaper and quicker alternative.

44. Clear Up Coffee Rings

Image Source: realhomes.com

Do you have surfaces in your home with coffee or tea rings or cup rings in general? Most of us do. No matter how many times you leave out coasters as a hint. So try this trick of rubbing in a little toothpaste and see if they lift off. It should be as good as new.

45. Get Rid Of Old Nail Polish

Image Source: Twitter.com

Ran out of nail polish remover but needing to remove some chipped or old nail varnish? We've got you covered. Mix some toothpaste, water and lemon to place your nails in, and begin brushing away to make the polish come away. And it's more natural and less harsh on your hands.

46. Use It As Emergency Hair Gel

Image Source: Youtube.com

Okay this one sounds a little bit out there...but if you have no gel at home and you need to go out and you need some gel for the slick look then it's a good emergency option. Just slick back the hairs with some toothpaste. Yes you'll smell like toothpaste, but what's wrong with smelling minty fresh?

47. Soothe Bug Bites

Image Source: pestprevention.com

We have all experienced what it feels like to have an angry bug bite burning away. And, when you've been on holiday and got a golden tan the red mosquito bites all over you aren't the ideal look. So put on a little blob of toothpaste and it should calm them down in no time by drawing out the poison.

48. Buff Leather Marks

Image Source: protips.com

If your leather furniture needs a little something, whether it's in your house or in your car, try polishing it with a bit of toothpaste and water on a cloth. It will effectively lift off any grime and give it that shine back to give it a new lease of life.

49. Remove Ink Stains From Clothes

Image Source: tonergiant.com

There's nothing tricker to remove than clothes than dreaded ink stains. If you've tried all of the stain removal promising products with no effect then have a go with toothpaste. It's not a guarantee but it's worked for some so it's definitely worth a shot.

50. Freshen Up Your Dingy Whites

Image Source: housekeeping.com

White clothes get that yellowy look after a while, it's inevitable. But perhaps there's a simpler and cheaper solution than buying a product or buying totally new. Try soaking them and rubbing in toothpaste to the clothes and it SHOULD...make them gleam again.

51. Clean Your Keyboard

Image Source: T3.com

This is your prompt to clean your keyboard. They harbour so much dirt and grime and people rarely remember to clean them despite the fact that we have our hands on them constantly. If you have an old toothbrush take a little bit of tooth paste and give it a brush around. Keep it fairly dry of course!

52. Scrub Up Your Garden Furniture

Image Source: OHMshomestore.com

It's summer time, the garden chairs and barbecues are out. A top tip if you are about to host a garden party of any sort os to get the toothpaste out and start scrubbing away at those plastic white garden chairs to make them look like new again.

53. Remove Permanent Ink Pen

Image Source: wonderpolis.com

Permanent ink can be great...but it can also be a nightmare when it comes to removing it, it's in the name after all. But here's a simple solution. Try a little bit of toothpaste and leave it on the mark for a while before cleaning it away and hopefully it lifts off.

54. Stick Your Poster To The Wall

Image Source: pinterest.com

This one definitely sounds unconventional. But sometimes you don't have blu tac lying around the house, but you'll definitely have toothpaste. A little blob will stick the poster to the wall you'll just have to hold it a second while it dries.

55. Keep A Bow In Your Baby's Hair

Image Source: oureverydaylife.com

This one probably sounds even more obscure. But it makes sense. It's not always possible to put a bow in a baby's hair using clips or bobbles, so some people actually use a tiny blob of toothpaste to hold it in place once it has dried, that way there is no clip to irritate the head.

56. Keep Insects Away

Image Source: upgradedpoints.com

Nobody wants a swarm of insects. And especially in the garden around your prized flowers or vegetable patch. A little ring of tooth paste will definitely keep them away because they will not like the alkaline PH of the toothpaste. So be snail and slug free.

57. Clean Your Phone Screen

touchscreenImage Source: Blushin.com

Think about how much we clean our hands. Then think about how much we use our phones without cleaning the phone screen. It collects a lot of bacteria. Try a little bit of toothpaste and give it a wipe. Not only will it clean it but it will make it shine again.

58. Remove Finger Print Stains

Image Source: Gizmodoaustralia.com

Remove you greasy finger print stains with toothpaste, wherever they may be - all over your key pad or all over your window (especially if you have kids). Just wipe a cloth with a dab of toothpaste and clear them away and those stubborn stains should finally shift.

59. Stop Itches

Image Source: medicalnewstoday.com

There's nothing more annoying than a constant itch that cannot be satisfied - especially throughout the night. Wherever the provoked area is, wipe a little bit of toothpaste on it and it will soothe down in no time. Plus it dries so it won't smear everywhere.

60. Strengthen Your Nails

Image Source: Blushin.com

So we've already looked at how toothpaste can be used for the unconventional use of whitening your nails. But, not only that it will actually strengthen them. Every so often, scrub a little toothpaste onto your nails and over time watch them strengthen.

61. Clear Soap Scum Rings

Source: cleaninglovetoknow.com

The one problem to treating yourself to a lovely hot soak in the bath loaded wth bubble bath is that awkward soap scum ring that forms and never wants to shift. But try wiping toothpaste around the ring and leave it for a couple of minutes and then try and wipe it off, it should clear right up.

62. Clean Food Containers

Image Source: tipsandtricks.com

Food containers are renowned for staining yellow and smelling pretty gross after just a few uses. Especially if we're taking anything like curry or pasta - the plastic is stained orange for good. Or so we thought. But, cleaning with toothpaste can actually remove those awkward stains.

63. Clean Your Drains

Image Source: southernliving.com

Clean your drains...it's a disgusting job but at least it will be made a little bit more bearable by the fact that the minty toothpaste will be combatting the awful smell of drainage. Dilute some toothpaste with not too much water and swill down and let it soak.

64. Clean Your Toothbrush Holder

Image Source: huffpost.com

We see the irony here. The cause of the mess is actually also the cleaner of the mess. Our toothpaste holders inevitably get full of hard crusty toothpaste - no matter how clean you think you are being. Take some MORE toothpaste and use it to clean it right off again.

65. Car Spray

Image Source: carbuyer.com

Fill a spray bottle full of water and add just a tiny blob of toothpaste in it - give it a shake to make sure it is full mixed in. Then you've got yourself a minty car spray. Spray it around and it will instantly be minty fresh and the old musty smell will vanish.

66. Remove Watch Scratches

Image Source: watchuseek.com

Get a little bit of toothpaste on a soft cloth and start to gently buff the face of the watch (using very little water) and it should really help reduce the appearance of those fine - but annoying - scratches that cannot be avoided in day to day life.

67. Help Clean Up Dog Poo

Image Source: K0ofmine.com

You may be wondering how toothpaste could ever help when clearing up dog poo - or any horrid and smelly substance for that matter. The trick is to dab two tiny dots of toothpaste under your nostrils and then all you'll smell is mint rather than the sickening smell in front of you.

68. Remove Hair

Image Source: cosmopolitan.com

Now this is something we could never have known toothpaste would be useful for. Mix a little bit of lemon with toothpaste and sugar and scrub in the hair and over time it will reduce the hairs that are there if your intention is to remove the hair or reduce it.

69. Reduce Dark Spots

Image Source: USweekly.com

So of course we know that toothpaste can be used to reduce blemishes and spots. But not only that, over time it can be used to fade dark spots too. Just apply it in the same way and after some time you may notice that the darkness of the spot fading.

70. Reduce Wrinkles

Image Source: pinterest.com

If anyone ever has wrinkle remedies we are here for it. But who knew it was as simple as toothpaste. Apparently dilute some toothpaste and wipe it over your face and leave it for a little bit regularly. We can't guarantee this one but it's definitely worth a try.

71. Lighten Your Hair

Image Source: brightstuffs.com

We've heard of lemon juice...but add a little bit of toothpaste into the mix - literally. Plus it makes the mixture cling to the hair. Then of course you have to leave it on for some time and repeat this a fair few times before noticing any results but the hair should start to streak or lighten.

72. Exfoliates Lips

Image Source: globalnetwork.com

There are many homemade lip scrub remedies - but here's another one (that works). Place toothpaste over your lips, feel it tighten and harden until it cracks. Then scrub it off again and the dead skin cells will remove leaving them feeling silky soft.

73. Stick Gems To Your Face

Image Source: pinterest.com

Sticking diamonds and gems on your face is all well and good but when it comes to it it can be difficult. Face glue can make your skin react and vaseline can get very slippy and greasy. Toothpaste on the other hand is less harsh than glue but it dries so i does not budge. It's a perfect hack.

74. Sooth Nettle Stings

Image Source: YouTube.com

Nettle stings hurt and they can prickle for hours and hours afterwards. So, as well as using the classic doc leaf (which really helps too) remedy try wiping some toothpaste on it too. It should take the sting away and soothe it so that it won't bother you anymore.

75. Texture In Crafts

Image Source: pinterest.com

Arts and craft time. Let's forget the paper mache and the expensive and time consuming - not to mention messy - options. If you want to create some art or a textured painting why not try toothpaste. It's build-able, paintable and it dries so it's perfect for those artsy days.

76. Deter Cats From Weeing

Image Source: carpetcleaning.com

If you've experienced this before you'll know what were talking about. Sometimes potty training for pets does not go to plan. And, you may have a pet that just loves a certain spot in your house for taking a wee. Dot around a few blobs of toothpaste and the fresh scent will deter them from their usual habits.

77. Stop Waxing Rash

Image Source: wordrash.com

You go for a wash or go ad get your brows threaded and you're feeling nice and groomed...with the lurking threat of the dreaded rash. Toothpaste can help. Make sure you dilute it however and simply wash it over - the area is already sensitive enough.

78. Use Under Makeup For Art

Image Source: pinterest.com

Sometimes you want to create some texture under your makeup, or if you are doing a halloween look and want to do a fake wound etc. You can use toothpaste to build up layers or create some texture on your face then once it is dry you can put the makeup or paint right over.

79. Seal Ant Gaps

Image Source: smithspestmanagement.com

You may have notice a teeny weeny little hole in a window or somewhere where ants are squeezing through into your house. Seal it with a little bit of toothpaste because not only will it keep them out physically but they will also be deterred by the smell too.

80. Keep A Label In Place

Image Source: wordpress.com

Here is a genius hack...you know those labels which stick up underneath clothes no matter how many times you tuck them in, well now they won't. Use a blob of toothpaste to stick it to, and it will not lift up again it will stay in place attached to the toothpaste.

81. Stop A Shirt Gaping

Image Source: maidenjane.com

This is along the same lines...it's another clothing hack for you. You know when you are wearing a shirt but there's a little too much cleavage showing because the shirt is slightly gaping- or it could be any part of your body depending on the item. Stick it down with a little blob of toothpaste it won't show through.

82. Smooth Down Fur Or Fluff

Image Source: wikipedia.com

For those items of clothing with fluff or fur, sometimes the hairs get messy or don't point in the right direction and you can't cut them off without ruining the item of clothing. But, you can take a little spot of toothpaste to keep the fur in place.

83. Colour In Trainers

Image Source: wordpress.com

If you have old trainers or you have custom nikes for example there are little sections of the shoe which get dirty, or the pain fades. Now it they are white don't panic - as an emergency temporary solution just colour it in with some tooth paste instead- no one will notice.

84. Use It As Tip X

Image Source: freecodecamp.com

Got no Tip X? Don't worry about it. If you've made an error while writing you don't have to start al over again. Toothpaste will do exactly what Tip X does. It will cover the blunder, and then it will of course dry hard enough to write over. Problem solved.

85. Seal An Envelope

Image Source: Yorkshire Envelope.com

Some people hating licking an envelope to stick it, and there are also times where you lick and it still doesn't stick. And yes you can use sellotape but that can look a bit clumsy and not everyone has pritt-stick in their home. So, just take a little blob of toothpaste and it will stick it down no hassle.

86. Use It For Sewing

Image Source: YouTube.com

If you have ever done sewing, you'll know how hard it is to get that think piece of cotton string through the eye of a needly - it can take ages. But, all you need to do is get a tiny bit of toothpaste on your finger ad run it over the cotton and then it will stay firm and you can easily point it through.

87. Use It As A Height Measurer

Image Source: DumnDIY.com

When you or a little one are growing up it's a nice thing to do to measure their heigh and write the date next to it. However when you get the ruler out you then have to mark where it was and it ends up more of a guessing game. Just line the rules with some toothpaste and press it into the wall for an exact measurement instead.

88. Use As A Candle Scent

Image Source: Pinterest.com

There was a huge surge over lockdown where everyone started making their own candles. So, if this is you and you love making candles you may find yourself short of inspiration on what scent to use. Why not try a refreshing peppermint. All you need is a little bit of toothpaste.

89. Smooth Down Wood Splinters

Image Source: wikipedia.com

If you have a wooden picture frame or something small that is wooden and you are going to paint it,you may not need to sand it after all. If you smear some toothpaste over it will smooth down the rough bumps and the splinters and it will dry hard enough to paint over it.

90. Seal The Edges Of A Frame/ Box

Image Source: DIYwiki.com

Ig you have a little box or anything that you want to paint but it has annoying little gaps, just seal them over with toothpaste. Nobody will ever know because they'll be smooth and you will just paint right over them. No need for all the fancy DIY tools...

91. Add Decoration

Image Source: YouTube.com

If you want to spruce up a card or a picture frame or something of the kind, then you don't need a tonne of arts and crafts. If you take a paint brush and place the toothpaste in the pattern you want (e.g a flower) then wait for it to dry and just paint over it.

92. Use It In Soap

Image Source: myfrugalhome.com

Soap making is harder than it looks but it is super fun and it makes a lovely personal gift. Plus you can use you own gift. And if you want a minty fresh smell then all you have to do is add a little bit of toothpaste during the making process and it will smell like peppermint.

93. Refresh Your Plastic Bags

Image Source: TheSaturdayEveningPost.com

Plastic bags never smell good, and when its carrying your food shop or your laundry or you are giving something to someone else in it it is not ideal. There's an easy solution. Give them all a rinse but instead of just using some soap you need something stronger, just add a little bit of toothpaste for freshness.

94. Freshen Your Laundry

Image Source: Fudzilla.com

Some people are obsessed with the scent of mint. If you are not just satisfied with the smell of laundry then why not add a little bit the the washing machine?It won't ruin your clothes at all and it won't get messy it will just add that minty fresh smell that you so love.

95. Make Dirty Rooms Smell Good

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Have you got a room or a space in your house which just smells a bit iffy? If so then this one is for you. Leave a little blob of tooth paste in a couple of areas where you can't even see it but the smell will start to penetrate through the grimy smell and freshen things up.

96. Stick String Together

Image Source: notonthehighstreet.com

If you need to tie up some loose ends for example maybe some string ends, just smear a little bit of toothpaste over the pieces together and they will sick. It's actually less messy than using glue and it will dry very quickly too rather than waiting for glue.

97. Steam Your Face

Image Source: KWTtoday.com

If you ever steam your face at home it's a kind of pleasantly unpleasant experience. If you don't mind hot steam right in your face then you probably don't mind it. But if you want a more spa like experience add a tiny bit of toothpaste to the water.

98. Learn Your Right And Left

Image Source: sitesatpennstate.com

It's a very common phenomenon not to be able to tell the different between right and left - not just children but a lot of adults struggle too. If you ever need a reminder pick a side and leave a tiny little toothpaste mark on one. No one else will notice but you will - it's great for driving tests.

99. Smoothen Spots

Image Source: healthily.com

We know that it's great for spots. But sometimes if you've had a huge spot and you've popped it right before heading out and applying makeup you'll now how tough it is. If you leave a tiny bit of toothpaste on the head it's actually much easier to apply concealer.

100. Apply An Accessory To You Pet

Image Source: baxterboo.com

Much in the same vain of babies, we cannot go clipping things and applying bobbles to our dogs or cats. But if you have a little something that won't irritate your dog you can stick it with a little bit of toothpaste instead and they will not feel it pulling on their fur..

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