1. Walls of faeces

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I went to this case because this man had been found with drugs. So, we got a warrant to go and search the house. This has to be disturbing things I’ve seen. So, first of all this man kept all of his drugs hidden up his backside. We go into the house, and the entire wall was covered in faeces. He’d literally wiped poo all over the walls with his fingers – you could clearly see finger marks smeared everywhere.

2. Maggot infested eyeballs

Image source/ HuffPost

Being in the police comes with a lot of gore and a lot of gruesome stories. Unfortunately, dead bodies come with the territory, and you get used to seeing them. Things do still stick in your mind though. I remember seeing one of my first. The first thing that hit me was the stench…that was before I saw the body rotting, covered in flies, and maggots literally eating the eyeballs inside out. It must have been there weeks before we’d discovered it.

3. An avid Nazi’s house

Image source/ TheNewYorkTimes

This is not something you usually hear about nowadays so of course when I turned up to this house because of a case I’d been following it was definitely quite disturbing. This guy was an avid Nazi. He had Nazi memorabilia all over his house and then we even found broadcasting equipment which he used to broadcast Nazi indoctrination to the general public.

4. Cat stealer

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Now we’re used to finding all sorts…the worst kinds of things you could imagine. What we don’t exact is to find 30 cats locked into a little room. This lady had gone around stealing cats. What she had thought was that she was actually saving the cats because she thought that there was a cat murderer.

5. Body in a suitcase

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I wasn’t there at this time, but my team were searching a house as a part of an investigation. Anyway, they go to unzip this suitcase and out comes a dead body which has been crammed in there. A dead body shoved and left in a suitcase is a pretty disturbing thought….

6. Bomb factory

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Me and my team on duty turned up at this huge building, there had been some suspicion about the activities going on and sometimes we do raids thinking they’re linked with drugs. This wasn’t drugs. It was a huge bomb factory with lots of strong acids. We had to get the bomb team before we could clear the area. It’s scary the kinds of things you find.

7. Written on the walls in her blood

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We had a call for a welfare check. An ex had rung in because he’d received strange texts. We arrive and pound on the door. We go in, this girl is stood there wet and naked and white as a sheet with blood coming from her arms. We get her taken away in an ambulance and then check the house. The bath is full of dark blood – she’d been sat there for hours and on the walls…were bible scriptures that had been written using her own blood all over the walls.

8. A dead woman’s calls

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I turned up for a welfare check because no one had seen or heard from this old lady for a while. The TV news was on. I called declaring I’m from the police, does anyone need help. I get a reply telling me ‘hereee’. So, I go up to the voice to help. The old woman is ice cold dead on the floor and has been for days. So, I tell the team I heard someone check the rest if the house. There was no one else there….

9. Burning a baby

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My dad was a detective and he’s been working on this case. A baby had been purposefully burned with a scolding frying pan and had been taken to the hospital. He was a huge, abusive man and he turned up to the hospital and started to get violent towards his wife again. My dad picked up a pan and whacked him over the head – he ended up needing stitches. The doctors didn’t bother with any anaesthetic.

10. A ‘monster’ call

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My uncle was a cop, and he was fairly new starting out at the time, he’d received a call about a monster trying to get in people’s apartments. So, he had to go and see what was happening and he’d heard a distant scream on the phone. He turns up and the ‘monster’ was a man covered in blood. He had tried to commit suicide, but the gun had shot through his jaw causing a real mess, so the man had gone door to door for help, but people had been terrified and shut the door immediately.

11. A house of blood

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I’ve had many creepy calls but this one does stay in my mind. Me and my police partner turned up to this house after neighbours had heard faint calls for help. The door was slightly open and we straight6 away saw blood. That was nothing, when we opened the door, the whole house looked like it had blood on it. We trace it to a figure lay on a bed, almost dead. She’d had a medical shunt in her arm and pulled it out accidentally. She was blind so she’s panicked and couldn’t find her way, so she’d been bleeding heavily everywhere. Luckily, she survived.

12. Set himself on fire

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My auntie had been in the police 25 years, and she’d seen really disturbing stuff. The last incident which caused her mental breakdown was this… There was a man at the petrol station in a complete state threatening to set himself on fire. There was a standoff for hours because he told the police if they came closer, he’d set the light off. By this time, he’d poured petrol all over himself. As the police was ready to jump in, he switched the light, and the fire extinguisher wasn’t working properly. They had to watch him burn alive. My auntie now believes his spirit is trapped inside her, and she had to be taken in as a patient for her mental health.

13. I saw a ghost

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I was wandering about on duty while my partner sat in the car having her meal break. I see this man; it’s the dead of night and he doesn’t look like the kind of man to be wandering the streets at night. I call to him but no response. He doesn’t even move or blink. I go to hop over the fence, look up, and he’s gone. I swear to this day I think I saw a ghost that night.

14. Strange shadows

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I was monitoring a stop sign on duty one night near and it was nearby an unsolved murder case – which had me a little bit shaken before we’d even started. I was sitting waiting, and after a couple of hours this black shadow crosses my car, but I can’t see anything. I was freaked out by this point, so I reviewed the footage of my camera to see if it was my imagination. But there is a black patch where something has obstructed the light. As soon as my shift was often, I was outta there…

15. A suicide call

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Suicide calls were my least favourite because you know there’s nothing you can do when you turn up and you are about to witness another tragedy. I go inside and this woman is hanging, she’s been there for around a day. And what’s even worse is her little daughter is there playing with her toys just a feet away with no idea what is going on.

16. More maggots…

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We went in to find this dead body and it didn’t look too decomposed although it stank. So, we went to move it. The arm fell off and the leg and then hundreds and hundreds of maggots just fell right out of the body and onto the floor… It was horrendous.

17. A murderer

Image source/ TheScottishSun

There was this man who had broken out of the mental hospital he had been kept at. It seemed he wanted revenge against anyone titled Dr. We tracked him down but not before he found two doctors and murdered them by beating them with anything he could find.

18. Feet of flesh

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We turn up to this complaint to find a man who was very far gone on drugs and had clearly been like this for days if not weeks. He had no concept of pain because of what he had taken. He was bloody and bashed up and he had clearly been walking around (over glass too) for days and his feet had no skin left he was walking around with red raw flesh and absolutely no idea of pain.

19. Drug gang ghost cars

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One of my family members works out in California working against narcotics and drug gangs. He was chasing them in a car along the desert and they literally disappeared. He could see for miles and this car vanished literally into thin air. But ghost cars are quite common when it’s to do with Mexican drug gangs. The belief is that they have secret underground lairs, which no one else has ever managed to find.

20. Severed off his ears

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This was early 90s in LA when my dad was in the police. He was patrolling the streets and he comes across a car covered in blood. He goes up and asks the man to get out. He straight away sees he has no ears and is pouring with blood. This man has been on a drug frenzy and heard buzzing in his ears and severed them off.

21. A foetus ripped from her

Image source/ EveningChronicle

Someone told me this story; they turned up to a call after screaming had been reported. A woman was lay there, dead by this point with a foetus ripped out lay next to her. It was a man who had ripped it out of her, and he was found a couple of days later, he’d hung himself from a tree.

22. A woman accidentally murdered her husband

Image source/ DailyMail

We were called to a scene after this had happened. But apparently this woman had been screaming. The man had got out of the trailer to check the back of it, and they’d put a lever in it so that the wife could start the engine and he could check the problem. But the lever slipped, and the wife ran right back over him, and he didn’t survive. She was distraught.

23. Grave diggers

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We turned up to a call, this group of people had been digging up bodies to do religious rituals with them. They were all dressed in gowns and chanting. Thankfully, we were there before any body had been disturbed. I wanted to arrest them, but my partner just told them to leave and then told me you don’t want these people getting your name from the arrest records.

24. His pet rat ate him

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We turned up to check on this man who hadn’t been heard from in a while. He had died in his flat and he’d been there a couple of weeks. When we turned up you could see some bones poking out of his flesh. He’d been slowly eaten and devoured by his pet rat.

25. Child pornography studio

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We found a child pornography studio. And, when we investigated, we realised he ran a child day care centre. He would find the kids of people who couldn’t afford to go elsewhere, and he would tell the kids if they said anything their parents will leave them forever.

26. Man on PCP

Image source/ weekly

We see a lot of terrible cases when people are on a lot of drugs – specifically PCP. Because they lose any rationality, any feeling and just go into a huge craze. This man was covered in blood, raging, threatening to bite our heads off. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon sight at all.

27. Living conditions

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One of the most disturbing things about being in the police is witnessing people’s living conditions. Some people are so poor that they will all be sleeping in one room with absolutely nothing else. Some people’s houses are so dirty that to walk in makes you physically want to vomit. Sometimes there will be faeces on the floor. You really see it all.

28. Gruesome scenes

Image source/ NewYorkYimby

I didn’t witness this purposefully, but my team members told me about this man who had jumped from a nine-story building. The scene was so gruesome and tragic. You could see the mess which had scattered over around 50 metres because the impact was so huge.

29. A night gone wrong

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There were these two men who had gone to a hotel room after a night out. They were both married. In fact, one of the men’s husbands was in the hotel that night. I didn’t investigate into it, so we are not sure what happened but one of the men ended up falling/ being pushed from the window. Sometimes it’s the not knowing what went on that make things stick in your mind.

30. Ripped off his testicles

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We drive up to this man who is stood right in the middle of an intersections. As we drive up slowly, he seems to be in more and more of a frenzy. When we get out the car and slowly start to approach his he grabs his testicles with his fingernails and literally rips them right off. He had no recollection the next day.