1. Polar Bear

Image source/YouTube

As global warming seems to be worsening, polar bears might becoming less common in the wild and more common as household pets. Mark Dumas, the owner of his pet polar bear Agee, must be the only man on earth who can swim with one of these beasts and not be ate. According to Dumas, the two of them bathe, sleep and even wrestle together, the polar bear even purrs when his owner is around.

2. Alligator

Image source/6ABC

Meet Rambo, a Florida woman’s beloved pet alligator. She loves her pet so much that she regularly dresses him up for holidays, even occasionally taking him out for motorcycle rides. Mary Thorn is Rambo’s owner, and claims he is well trained to not bite and keep his jaw clamped.

3. Raccoon

Image source/CBS News

This Incredibly photogenic raccoon captured the hearts of over a million people on Instagram. Pumpkin, who was a rescued Bahamian raccoon became a part of Rosie Kemp’s life when she found pumpkin separated from her family. Sadly, pumpkin died in 2019 at only four years old.

4. Hippopotamus

Image source/The Mirror

Having a pet which is known for being hostile and aggressive towards humans may seem ridiculous, however to Tonie and Shirley Joubert have been providing care to pet Hippopotamus, Jessica. Jessica was found by the pair barley alive along the banks of the Blade River, after being swept downstream shortly after being born.

5. Hyena

Image source/Last.fm

Bryan Hawn, who adopted his pet hyena Jake, said in a media interview that other housepets bore him. He originally kept Jake the hyena locked up in his Miami apartment. However he soon realised that it needed a proper place to be free, resulting in him taking the hyena to an exotic pet sanctuary.

6. Lion

Image source/ScoopWhoop

Another big cat makes the list, this time it is billionaire playboy, Humaid AlbuQaish’s pet Lion. Living in the United Arab Emirates, his instagram is dedicated to showing off his extensive collection of exotic animals, which also includes flamingos and cheetahs – the man has his own backyard safari!

7. Capybara

Image source/Daily Record

Texas couple Melanie Typaldos and Richard Loveman our proud owners of they’re giant capybara, Gary. Capybara’s are the world’s biggest rodent. Gary somehow managed to find his way into his owners’s heart, he even has his own swimming pool in the backyard for his afternoon cool-down.

8. Skunk

Image source/Medium

Skunks have been bread in captivity in America for over 70 years, despite only being legal pets in 17 states. Skunks may be one of the smelliest animals on the planet, they need a lot of attention and can be troublesome in a household. To try combat the noxious scent they spray, they need to be fed a fresh clean diet, mostly consisting of lean proteins and fruit.

9. Grizzly bear

Image source/Pinterest

Meet Brutus, the 800lb grizzly bear who follows his owner, Casey Anderson everywhere. Anderson not only is Brutus’ owner, but he is also the founder of the Montana Grizzly Encounter. Most grizzly bears feel threatened by the presence of humans, however Brutus seems to be the complete opposite.

10. Fox

Image source/JuniperFoxx

Juniper the fox is one of the most famous pets in the world. She has gathered nearly 3 million Instagram followers – impressive! Wild foxes can be aggressive and vicious, however Juniper seems to be the complete opposite. Her owners seem to have domesticated her to become trusting and tame, however I’m sure she has her fox nature still in there.

11. Tiger

Image source/Infobae

Most peoples idea of a household pet would be a dog, or a cat, or maybe a hamster? For former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, three white Bengal tigers were his go to furry companions. Tyson had three tigers – Boris, Storm and Kenya over his time, however he had to get rid of his big cat after it tried to eat his neighbours’ dog!

12. Tarantula

Image source/PETA

You can’t really go on walks or have a cuddle with a tarantula, but they still can be great pets. Most people are usually terrified of them, but if you can past the big fury legs and the menacing looking eyes, you may come to like them. They feed on live insects, so make sure you aren’t squeamish!

13. Axolotl

Image source/AZ Animals

With a lifespan of up to 15 years, these weird little creatures can be one of the oddest but coolest little pets to have. The axolotl is actually a salamander which fails to metamorphose into a land animal in its larval stage, hence why it keeps its gills and stays aquatic. They can also regrow most of their body parts!

14. Anteater

Image source/Open Culture

It’s been over 50 years sine the eccentric artist Salvador Dali was photographed walking his pet anteater through Paris, but this interesting animal still remains a modern day pet for some. The diminutive cousin of the anteater, the tamandua, is a more favoured, non-violent companion for many owners in many U.S. states.

15. Kangaroo

Image source/Youtube

Damian the Kangaroo loves to play with his owner, Jackson O’Doherty. Despite Kangaroos being very common in Australia, they are not advised to be kept as domestic housepets, as they can be aggressive and hostile to humans. Despite this, Damian seems to cherish his time spent with his owner.

16. Pot-bellied pig

Image source/ABC News

Don’t get these confused with food, otherwise you will have some seriously upset pet owners. Despite being more known as a livestock animal, these little fellas can be rather well-natured and good domestic pets. Although they might be cute and cuddly at the start, they can still grow to be the same size as a medium to large-sized dog, but with a much heavier build and more mess to clean up.

17. African land snail

Image source/ZSL

Granted, a snail isn’t the most interesting, nor is it the most cuddly pet you can have. Their size alone however makes them pretty unique, having a snail the size of your hand is certainly impressive. These pets are also very low maintenance, making them an ideal pet for a busy life. There is also no danger of one of them running away.

18. Jerboa

Image source/Encyclopedia Britannica

These incredibly freaky-looking rodents have to be one of the most bizarre looking pets on this list. The majority of these pets in the U.S. were wild caught imports, so when the 2003 embargo on African rodents was enforced, they disappeared from private captivity. These rodents are also extremely difficult to breed in captivity, hence making them a rare sight.

19. Sea Apple

Image source/Reefs

What on earth is that? Well, apparently it is a sea apple. It is a premium marine creature to spice up your aquarium. They are pretty rare as pets, mostly because when they die they release toxins which will kill everything in. the aquarium. This means they have to be kept in their own tank, which is a challenge as they require a strict diet and a mature tank with live rocks.

20. Ocelot

Image source/Squeaks and Nibbles

An Ocelot is essentially a micro-leopard which grows no bigger than the average domestic cat. They became some peoples pets after being considered a vulnerable species. When it comes to behaviour, they are much like normal cats, however they can vicious when they feel threatened.

21. Sugar glider

Image source/PetHelpful

Sugar gliders are arguably one of the most popular odd pets around, and have one of the fussiest diets. Their diet must be one part fruit, one part vegetables and 2 parts insect. Reason being they are very prone to calcium deficiencies. Despite them being fussy eaters, they are sociable and very caring, but they are nocturnal meaning they can be a handful.

22. Hyacinth macaw

Image source/Quora

Definitely one of the coolest looking pets on the list, and with the coolest sounding name, this breed of parrot have made many peoples beloved companions. They’re beaks can easily bend the bars of their cage, making them potentially dangerous, but with the correct training and adequate cage space they can be a superb pet.

23. Reindeer

Image source/Tumblr

It turns out it’s not just Santa Claus who likes to have reindeer as pets. Aatu the reindeer from Finland loves the company of his family. According to his owners, he acts more like a dog rather than a reindeer. Aatu even likes eating his food at the dinner table with the rest of his family every night. Have you ever seen a reindeer with table manners like this?

24. Chinchilla

Image source/Woman’s Day

These little fury friends are becoming all the more common now as pets. Originating from the Andes mountains, a chinchilla’s fur is so dense that it’s very difficult for water to penetrate anywhere near their skin. To clean themselves they actually roll in dust to absorb all the dirt and oil in their fur.

25. LLama

Image source/Hello Homestead

Llamas are often recruited as therapy animals, which makes them surprisingly a really good family pet. They are usually loyal, comforting and generally low maintenance, making them not a bad choice as a pet after all. One thing that may shock you is that a llama can rival guard dogs in their ability to ward off predators, you never know when you need protecting!

26. Two-toed sloths

Image source/slate

Don’t let these irresistible looking creatures fool you into thinking they will be a breeze to look after – they are far from it. They are high maintenance creatures that are accustomed to their natural wild, tropical habitats, which are hard to duplicate by most pet owners.

27. Boa constrictor

Image source/Metro

The name does sound quite menacing, but when properly cared for a boa constrictor can be rather gentle. By properly cared for, if you can provide custom enclosures with simulated tropical conditions and a diet consisting of pre-killed rats weekly, you should be able to look after one, if not you could be on the menu!

28. Fennec fox

Image source/PetHelpful

Anybody wanting an odd and exotic pet that is also extremely cute, then it’s hard to go wrong with a fennec fox. They are absolutely tiny, a fully grown fennec fox will grow to about the size of a Chihuahua dog. Despite their size, they are probably best left on their lead as they are very social animals and not as domesticated as dogs or cats.

29. Cockroach

Image source/Animal Club

For many people, cockroaches are pests. When you see them in your house your first reaction would be “get that away from me now,” however they are for some people considered an odd and exotic pet. Most commonly it’s the Madagascan hissing cockroach or the death’s head cockroach that are kept as pets.

30. Hedgehog

Image source/The Guardian

They may seem like an odd pet at first, but if you can train your hedgehog to accept handling and avoid rolling up into a spiky ball, they can be rather enjoyable. The biggest issue with owning a hedgehog is they’re nocturnal, meaning they are more awake at night than in the day. They can also transmit diseases to humans such as ringworm and salmonella – so be careful!

31. Bengal Cats

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Bengal cats are considered to be more ‘wild’ cats but they’re about the same size as a house cat. They do get on with other animals, too, which always a plus – but you should definitely keep them inside at all times. They’re also more expensive than a regular cat, understandably.

32. Pygmy Goat

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

These are just adorable, so who wouldn’t want one as a pet? Pygmy goats are great as pets compared to normal goats because they’re tidgy in size in comparison. They’re low maintenance as long as you have the space to keep them, like a farm and enclosure.

33. Bush Baby

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Bush babies are primates that live in trees, which you may have seen before with their huge eyes taken on night vision cameras due to their nocturnal nature. They’re about the same size as a squirrel, which can be a convenient pet-size after all. And they’re cute – and great if you have a garden full of trees!

34. Chestnut-Spotted Genet

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Genets may look adorable, but they’re not a pet you wanna try and cuddle. They have very specific needs, and they’re normally solitary animals so they like their own space. Also, small pets like hamsters will be a very tasty meal for them, so probably best to keep them separated…

35. Muntjac Deer

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

These cute deer actually only get as big as a standard dog, which is even more adorable. Their small size also means they can actually live indoors with you, too, if you have a spacious home. But of course you have to think about the droppings… so that’s on you.

36. Squirrel Monkey

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

If you’re looking for an energetic and fun furry companion that’s great at acrobatics, then a squirrel monkey would be a good (albeit weird) pet for you. Squirrel monkeys are great entertainment, but make sure you wanna be entertained for around 25 years, because that’s how long they’ll live for.

37. Kinkajou (Flower Bear)

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Even the name of this animal is adorable, and the bear itself is, too. You need to be able to commit to this one, though, as they have a life span of about 20 to 25 years. It’ll probably also take you that long to bond with the creature. They’re also nocturnal, so be prepared to be woken up at night.

38. Flying Squirrel

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Regular squirrel too boring for you? Want something that can soar across your living room? Well, flying squirrels can show off their glide skills while making adorable pets, but you’ll need to be ready to supervise them all the time – and have a lot of space for them to live their best flying life.

39. Mini Donkey

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Donkeys are adorable anyway, but a mini one? The sweetest and most cuddly pets for humans. But bear in mind the name ‘mini’ is a bit misleading, because we’re not talking micro pig, here, we’re talking about 3 foot tall and a hefty weight. They’d also prefer to have a mini donkey pal, too, so be prepared to get two.

40. Wallaroo

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Like wallabies? Love kangaroos? How about best of both with a wallaroo? This pet is a bit bigger than a wallaby but not as overwhelmingly large as a kangaroo. Perfect! They’re also great at bonding with their owners, so even better if you raise one from a baby – you’ll have a friend for life.

41. Piranha

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

A piranha? As a pet? The fish that’s been the subject of far too many flesh-eating horror movies? Yeah that one. What the horror movies don’t tell you is that piranhas usually only eat other small fish – just like other animals who eat their prey. They’re also low maintenance, so super easy as long as you don’t stick your arm in and tempt them…

42. Stick Insect

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Surely most kids have had one of these as a pet as part of a school project? But it’s a great weird pet option if you just want something that sits in a tank or box that looks like a twig (the insect, I mean, not the box). They can be brown or green.

43. Turtle

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Reptiles make wonderful (and weird) pets, if you’re into that sort of thing, and that definitely counts for the turtle. They’re great pets before of their small size, and the fact you know they won’t be bouncing off the walls. Although they’re low maintenance, you do need to know how to take care of them.

44. Hermit Crabs

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

These weird little pets are low maintenance if you make sure they have everything they need for living their best hermit life and then leaving them to it. This includes an aquarium with enough room for them to roam about, as well as the right levels of humidity. They’re cute though, right?

45. Green Iguana

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

Iguanas are great pets, and the green iguana in particular is a very striking one. You don’t see them that often as common household pets though like dogs or cats. They’re easy to have and they don’t make a fuss. But they will want to be your lifelong companion, and they crave human contact, so this is for the clingy and non-commitment-phobe people.

46. Bearded Dragon Lizard

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

If an iguana doesn’t cut it but you still like the idea of a lizard, how about a bearded dragon? All for the novelty of having a dragon and calling it Khaleesi, of course. This one of the more popular lizard pets, even if still a little weird, and they’re relatively easy to care for. Just get them the right enclosure and keep them toasty and warm.

47. Crocodile

Image Source / Crazy Rich Pets

This is one of the weirdest pets because… just… nope? Why would you want to risk them snapping your arm off? I mean, you can definitely keep a croc as a pet, just like you can an alligator, but it’s probably not the most ‘done’ thing. They require serious commitment, lots of food and – surprisingly – can be aggressive.

48. Degus

Image Source / Vets4Pets

It’s not surprising if you’ve never heard of this weird pet before, but it’s basically a cross between a Guinea pig and a hamster – which is adorable, let’s be honest. They need to have a degus fren, though, so make sure to get at least two. Males will fight though, typical, so get a male and female if you want this one. They’ll need a cage and some toys.

49. Millipedes

Image Source / AZ Animals

Yep. We said what we said. And that’s why it’s a ‘weird’ pet, but you do you. You can choose millipedes as pets, and they’re easy to care for as well as needing very little space. They’ll need the right kind of light and heat to keep them thriving, though, and it’s always best to handle them with gloves.

50. Pacman (Horned) Frog

Image Source / CBS News

Frogs are pretty cool pets if you’re into amphibians, but it’s still weird to tell people you have a Pacman frog when everyone else is showing you their puppy pics. The name ‘Pacman’ for this animal comes from the video game, naturally, because they have big mouths!